4 Interesting Video Game Careers

There’s a reason your Pac-Man arcade cocktail table keeps your friends busy for hours – it’s a classic. It has an exciting draw that keeps you and your pals coming back for more, ready to top the latest high score.

Have you ever wanted to create a game that draws the player in and entertains them for hours? Do you have an amazing game idea you believe could be a major success? Maybe it’s time you made a career change.

The video game industry is enormous and lucrative. With passion and drive, you could succeed at doing a job you love and making an admirable salary while you do it. Here are four video game careers that may interest you:

1. Video Game Designer

Video game designers make an average of $85,000 per year. Typically, they work in teams, creating concepts, plots and characters that make up video games. They share their vision with programmers, artists and musicians, helping make their ideas come to life.

2. Video Game Programmer

Video game programmers earn about $73,000 on average. They are usually in charge of code development. They are in charge of the technical side of the game’s design, usually specializing in one aspect.

3.Video Game Producer

The producer is the manager of all the team players. They are usually supervising the process of game creation, making sure every project is completed on time and troubleshooting any issues that come up during the process. They make an average of about $73,000 per year, but like all video game careers, the potential to make six-figures is well within reach.

Video Game Concept Artist

Do you want to be the one in charge of creating the graphics and visuals that make up a video game? Become a video game concept artist and you’ll make about $55,000 when you first start, but potentially six figures once you have a few years of experience.

You can follow your dreams and make video game creation your career. Working in an industry with revenues that are constantly expanding, jumping five percent in 2015, job security likely won’t be much of a problem.