3 Surprising Ways Video Games Could Help You

Have you been considering taking advantage of the many cocktail table arcade games for sale and outfitting your game room with a new addition? Don’t hold back. There are many interesting benefits you could enjoy from playing video games, and these top three advantages might surprise you:

1. Gaming Can Increase Coordination

According to a recent study by Australian and Chinese scientists, regular action gaming improves brain activity in the regions associated with hand to eye coordination. They compared the brains of casual gamers with hardcore gamers and found that those who played more on a regular basis over a period of time had better attention spans and better coordination, along with an increase in grey matter in the insular subregion of the brain.

 2. Games Can Encourage Kids to Eat Healthy

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior showed that kids who played serious video games aimed at encouraging fruit and vegetable intake responded to the training. The study tested 400 fourth and fifth grade students by having them play a serious online video game for six months. Participants reportedly ate more vegetables at dinner and more fruit during breakfast, lunch and snack time.

 3. Certain Games Can Help You Find a Job

A new tech startup called Scoutible is launching games that may help you find a job. The games supposedly assess your strengths and help businesses hire staff that fit job descriptions. The mobile games are based on scientific research and algorithms, testing for certain qualities such as fast mental processing, emotional intelligence and more. Scoutible has gained $1.5 million from Mark Cuban for startup costs and is in talks with major companies. You might get to play a mobile game at your next job interview. Who thought a job interview could be fun?

Games are constantly evolving to solve problems and issues in the world. In modern times, games are not solely meant for entertainment. What will video games be able to accomplish next?