3 Reasons You Need a Warranty for Your Arcade Machine

It’s stressful when an item you own breaks down, especially an item as important as your Ms. Pac-Man cocktail arcade table. You might have a moment of panic if you realize the machine you invested your hard-earned money in is not covered under any kind of warranty. What would you do in that case?

Repairing a machine that failed due to poor workmanship on your own dime is not a very attractive option. The following three reasons reinforce why you always need to make sure any arcade machine you purchase is completely covered in case of any mechanical breakdown.

 1.      You Might Get Too Enthusiastic

If you go hard when you play on your machine, even the most durable parts might not be up for the abuse. Say a button gets stuck or a joystick becomes loose – you need the promise that your warranty will back you up and provide a solution sooner rather than later, so you can get back to what’s important: setting a new high score on your home arcade machine.

 2.      You Know You’re Getting a Quality Product

When a company provides a warranty with their product, especially one that spans multiple years, what does that say about the item you receive? You aren’t purchasing a high-quality arcade machine unless it comes with a warranty – a warranty that is comprehensive, fair and clearly laid out on paper for you to reference as need be. Don’t depend on promises. Invest in an arcade machine with proof of superior workmanship in the form of a secure, long-term warranty.

 3.      You Know You’re Dealing with a Customer-Focused Company

Warranties don’t only tell you something about the product you just bought. They also help you form a realistic picture of the character of the company’s owners and the culture of the organization – they care about your experience.

Companies that have devoted time and effort into developing a warranty program, providing repairs and sending out replacement parts know that arcade gaming isn’t just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle. You can’t have minor breakdowns interrupting your gaming party, whether it’s just you or you have a whole group of friends in the middle of challenging each other’s high score. You should get your money’s worth, and a company with a reliable warranty is your main ally in your home arcade gaming pursuits.

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