2013 Indiecade Gaming Expo Held in LA

Independent game developers will never have it easy, but the 2013 Indiecade Gaming Expo hopes to highlight a few clear winners. Some independent game makers that will be in attendance have no hopes of ever going ‘major,’ while others are looking to get noticed by a leader in the sector. In total, 150 new cocktail arcade games will be presented by their developers at a public gathering of thousands.

While the focus of the 2013 Indiecade Gaming Expo will be on independent developers, there will be a number of industry veterans in attendance. Developers will be competing across 10 categories, looking to be the most highly favored among their peers. Like any other gaming event, there is sure to be plenty of cosplay, networking, partying and brainstorming taking place. Since 2005, Indiecade has been hosted across numerous U.S. cities to help independent game makers brand themselves.

For participants, this may be a chance to formally introduce themselves to the indie gaming circuit. It is worth noting that not all in attendance are looking for kudos or profits. Independently produced games have been coming from around the corners of the globe since the early 1980s. Even the creator of ‘Tetris’ never believed that his math based computer game would become a marketable hit. At this independent gaming convention, the intangible came come to life.

The most unique draw of Indiecade is the way that developers engage with their audiences. Instead of erecting standard convention displays staffed by volunteers, it is the game developers themselves that wait to answer pressing questions. Some of them opt to cover the history of the game itself while others take attendees through a story of space and time in the present tense.

Finding a classic cocktail arcade game won’t be hard at the Indie Gaming Expo. Most indie game makers work solely on computer based engines, but there is still a small group of those that hope to recreate the old school arcade feel. Whatever your tastes may be, all lovers of independent game titles can learn a thing or two at future Indiecade Gaming Expos.