15 Ways to Know That You're an '80s Kid At Heart

It's hard to believe that the upcoming graduating class of 2014 was born in 1992 or even later. For the generation that calls themselves 80's kids, it's a harsh reminder that time stops for no one. But that doesn't mean you can't be nostalgic and think of all the awesome times you had as a kid, remembering the days when you played Atari and watched network television, praying for the day your parents finally got cable.

Newer generations won't understand the excitement that comes with fast-forwarding through the Pizza Hut commercials when you pop in your favorite kids movie on VHS, but for a true 80s kid, those moments are what made life worth living.

Below are 15 ways to know that you're a true '80s kid at heart.


  1. You know the words to the Ninja Turtles theme song by heart
  2. You had Kirk Cameron posters on your wall
  3. You rocked the Casio watch like fine jewelry
  4. Lisa frank was your spirit animal
  5. No lunchbox was complete without Ecto-Cooler
  6. You tried (and failed) to pull off hammer pants
  7. You know only the cool kids had trapper keepers
  8. MTV actually played music videos
  9. You go through at least three cans of hair spray a week. The bigger, the better.
  10. The day wasn't over until you've tried to beat your PacMan cocktail arcade table score at least once
  11. The Never Ending Story taught you about loss
  12. You wore a member's only jacket on class picture day
  13. You remember the great VHS vs. Beta debate
  14. You remember when early Nickelodeon was all about the slime
  15. Michael Jackson and Madonna collaboratively ruled your world

What is your most memorable part of the '80s?