10-Player Duel Arcade Game Cabinet Comes to Portland

Have you ever wanted to play nine of your friends at a classic arcade game but never got the chance? Maybe that’s because you didn’t realize a 10-player custom arcade machine cabinet even existed. Josh DeBonis and Nik Mikros, designers of the game Killer Queen, originally debuted the game in 2010 at the Come Out and Play Festival. Since then, they released the game in arcade format and designed a mega-way to link you and your friend – and eight other friends – on the same game.

The Revitalization of Arcade Games

The creators say that while the nostalgia of arcade games will never run out, arcade games must keep up with modern changes in order to survive. Modern gaming might take advantage of technological advances to deliver what arcade games cannot, but the arcade experience is still orginal and unique.

While online gaming has the ability to connect players to anyone else, anywhere in the world, this 10-player custom arcade machine represents a “coming home” of sorts. Players must meet their friends in-person to play this game, but once they come together, they don’t have to sit around and wait for their friend to finally beat their Pac-man level. Now arcade game enthusiasts can get in on the action together, at the same time.

So far, Killer Queen and its giant arcade machine has been received well at festivals and public game spaces all over. However, playing without one of the ten spots filled gives the rest of the players a feeling of loss. The custom arcade machine is currently at Portland’s arcade bar Ground Kontrol, where Portland-area residents can check it out. Just make sure to bring enough friends to fill the slots!

There are only a few of these 10-player Killer Queen cabinets, with the next closest one to Portland being east of Chicago. If you want a chance to experience what a 10-person arcade session feels like, plan your trip to play Killer Queen with your buddies.