4 Arcade Game Documentaries You Should Watch

Documentary makers have made movies on just about every subject imaginable. Not surprisingly, some of those who grew up playing upright and tabletop arcade games have turned their attention to this subject matter.

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Space Invaders Extreme Coming to Steam

If you’re a fan of retro games you probably already know this is a big anniversary year for Space Invaders, the iconic arcade game. That's right, one of the most famous upright and cocktail table arcade game titles ever made is almost 40 years old. To mark the anniversary, the original developer of Space Invaders, Taito, is releasing the brilliant game Space Invaders Extreme on Steam.

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Major 1980s (and older) Game Anniversaries Taking Place in 2018

We’re into 2018 now so it’s time to have a look at the big anniversaries of classic games that will be taking place over the next year, particularly those from the 80s (or older). With the increasing demand for upright and cocktail table arcade games for sale, you might still be able to play some of these titles the way you remember them from the arcades of your youth.

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Star Wars Arcade Games of the 1980s

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is undoubtedly the movie event of the festive period. Do you remember the great Star Wars upright and cocktail arcade games you used to play back in the 1980s, though?

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5 Facts about the Latest Game Franchise to Turn 30 – Final Fantasy

Back in 1987, you may have been playing a Pacman cocktail arcade game or your favorite game on your NES or Sega Master System. Your fellow gamers in Japan, however, were getting their first chance to play a game that would turn into a franchise that, to date, has lasted three decades – Final Fantasy.

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There’s a 12-Game Classic Street Fighter Collection Coming in 2018St

Over the course of 2017, we've seen increasing numbers of upright arcade games for sale, reworked for modern consoles. It looks like 2018 is going to start in a similar way with the announcement that a 12-game Street Fighter collection is being released. It will be available in May 2018. Continue reading

Mega Man Celebrates 30th Birthday with a Flurry of Announcements

This December, the classic Mega Man video game franchise turns 30. That fact in itself is enough to spark bouts of nostalgia if you remember leaving the arcade and your favourite vertical arcade games to go home to your NES to play a few hours of Mega Man.

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8 Facts You Might Not Know About Pong

Long before you could sit down for some chillout time at a MS Pacman cocktail table or go on some Galaga adventures to test your shooting skills, there was a game called Pong. It’s one of the most important games in the history of gaming, and this week it turns 45.

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The Growing Trend of the Arcade Bar

Back in the 1980s when we were growing up, the arcade was a place children and teenagers went. Roll forward to 2017, and the concept of playing cocktail arcade games is taking on a very literal meaning. In cities across the US, there are increasing numbers of a new type of bar opening up – the arcade bar.

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Play Barnstorming and Other Atari Classics in Call of Duty

Given the popularity of classic arcade games at the moment, companies are bringing out lots of new products to get a share of the audience. This includes relaunches of classic consoles as well as new upright and tabletop arcade game machines. The Call of Duty game franchise is doing something completely different, however – classic games within a game.

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