The AbleGamers Charity Is Making a Huge Difference The AbleGamers Charity Is Making a Huge Difference

What if you weren’t able to join in when all of your friends were beating the high scores on the local arcade’s cocktail arcade machine? Kids (and adults) with disabilities experience this feeling each and every day when their limited mobility prevents them from participating in the exciting hobby of gaming simply because they can’t work the controls. It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing, but there’s a charity that’s making a major difference in thousands of lives: AbleGamers. Continue reading

Four New Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees Announced!

Looking at cocktail table arcade games for sale? Why not purchase a cabinet that can play at least two of the four latest games inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame? Continue reading

You Can Help Science: Play This Video Game to Help Build Models of Neurons

It might not be one of your favorite classic cocktail arcade games, but it’s exciting to play all the same. “Mozak” allows you to have a hand in the scientific mapping of the brain’s neurons. Instead of relaxing in front of the TV at night, try your hand at tracing the shape of a brain neuron instead. Continue reading

“World of Warcraft” Can Make You Better at Your Job

You weren’t imagining things. All of the teamwork it took to beat the next level of your childhood friend’s multi-player tabletop arcade games was good practice for the “real world” of everyday work. In fact, official studies now show that certain video game skills translate well to work life. In particular, playing “World of Warcraft” online can have positive repercussions for your career. Continue reading

World Video Game Hall of Fame 2017 Finalists Announced

Chances are you played at least one of these games on a cocktail arcade table back in the golden age of arcade games. The Strong Museum has announced the finalists for this year’s class of impactful video and arcade games, set to be inducted into the museum later this year. But the finalists aren’t limited to decades ago – more recent games may have a place in the hall too. Continue reading

University of Utah Joins Ranks of College E-Sports

All the time your kids spent playing your classic “Ms. Pac-Man” cocktail arcade game might pay off. College bills aren’t getting any lower, but the gaming scholarship opportunities just keep expanding. The University of Utah is the latest school to offer a scholarship to students who are demonstrably good at e-sports, the next frontier of collegiate gaming. Continue reading

“Tetris” Might Help Prevent PTSD in Trauma Victims

Looking for an arcade machine for sale? Make sure you buy a cabinet that allows you to play “Tetris.” It may do more than entertain you. Playing “Tetris” right after you’ve experienced anything traumatic could drastically reduce the intensity of your future memories of the event. “Tetris” essentially hijacks your brain’s ability to store traumatic memories, making them less likely to reappear and cause emotional stress. Continue reading

Top Video Game Billionaires: What’s Their Next Money-Making Opportunity?

Back when classic arcade machines used to rake in the cash, gaming executives likely never believed the industry could produce billionaires, but they believed wrong. Continue reading

Grab Your Phone: “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” Is Now Mobile

Notoriously difficult upright arcade machine “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” is now playable on your iOS or Android smartphone, anytime, anywhere. Capcom is taking advantage of the reemerging popularity of many classic games and releasing some of their best titles in modern formats. Obviously, “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” made the list. Continue reading

Atari’s Classic Arcade Games Are Becoming Board Games

Nothing beats besting your high score on cocktail table arcade games, but once you’ve had your fill, you don’t have to leave the game itself behind. You can break out a different kind of tabletop game – a board game – based on one of your favorite classic Atari titles. Continue reading

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