Vs. Pinball: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Also known as just Pinball, Vs. Pinball is a game that was developed and distributed by Nintendo in 1984. This classic arcade game combines all of the elements normally seen in standard pinball machines, but with several twists. Players are able to play a total of three various screens, including a bonus stage that features Mario and Pauline of the famed Mario Bros. series.

Vs. Pinball was released in the United States in 1985. All ports for Vs. Pinball are licensed by the Nintendo company. The original arcade version only allowed for one player at a time, but the Nintendo Entertainment System port allowed for two players to play by taking alternating turns.


Game Play Overview

Players control a set of dual flippers. At the start of Vs. Pinball, the ball can be launched at varying speeds and velocities, depending on how long the player holds down the action key. The left and right flippers are situated toward the bottom of the screen. A barrier that helps to prevent the game ball from falling through the bottom may or may not be present, depending on the type of actions the player has performed.

Vs. Pinball is a standard pinball game in many ways. On the other hand, this title contains many additional elements that make things more interesting. The game ball can be catapulted through the topmost portion of the screen, where a second alternative screen awaits. This screen has unique visual elements, but all other features will be exactly the same.

Players earn points by hitting the game ball with the flippers, which causes the ball to hit bumpers, go through tunnels and activate other bonuses. Each time that the game ball comes in contact with a different element, points are earned. Players have to learn how to aim for different parts of the game board in order to maximize their scores and avoid having the ball fall through the bottom.

Special Features

When the game ball makes its way through a special portal at the top of the screen, a bonus stage awaits. This stage features two previously unseen characters in Vs. Pinball, Pauline and Mario. Pauline paces back and forth across a makeshift bridge made up of tiles that disappear when the game ball touches them. Players control Mario, who holds a board above his head.

When a large gap has been made in the tile bridge, Pauline will fall and it is Mario’s job to catch her. You must move Mario back and forth underneath Pauline in order to prevent her from falling to her doom. In addition, Mario keeps the game ball alive by using the board to keep the game ball alive. Should either the game ball or Pauline fall to the ground, the bonus round will end. At that point, players will be returned to the standard Vs. Pinball screen.

Extra lives are earned at 50K intervals.


Flippers – The two movable fixtures at the bottom of the screen control the game ball, and essentially, earn players points. Use the flippers to hold the game ball steady when preparing for a shot as well as hit the ball to prevent against losing a turn.

Game ball – As long as the game ball is in play, you are safe. When it falls to the bottom and disappears, a turn will be lost.

Launcher – Launching the game ball at a good velocity and speed puts players at an advantage. A poor launch can mean the end of a turn quickly.

Bumpers – Bumpers appear in several areas of each screen. In order to earn points, you must hit bumpers and perform various actions.

Tunnels – Sending the game ball through tunnels can help you to earn points, access different screens and visit the bonus stage.

How to Play Vs. Pinball

Playing Vs. Pinball is essentially like playing any other arcade machine or arcade themed game. Two flippers are used to manipulate the game ball, and player scores are increased when the ball hits different actions. A round of Vs. Pinball ends when the ball goes through one of the three holes at the bottom of the screen.

As players learn how to perfectly angle their shots, hitting desired marks becomes easier. When all three turns are used, Vs. Pinball ends.

Hints and Tips
- Control the direction that the game ball goes in by holding it with the flippers. If the game ball lands on the left flipper, it will be easier to make shots that go toward the right. The game ball can be sent toward the left when it lands on the right flipper.

- Avoid hitting the ball errantly, as it may cause it to go dead center and fall down the hole in the middle of the screen. Always angle your shots so that you have a better chance of it hitting a bumper or landing on one of the flippers.


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