Van-Van Car: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Van-Van Car is a maze themed arcade game, created by Karateco in 1983. Game manufacturers May Day, Billiard Americain, Hopper, Gin Rummy and Taskete published Van-Van Car. One and two players can play Van-Van Car by taking turns.


Game Play Overview

Players control a race car, which navigates a maze in pursuit of stationary balloons. Enemies in this game are other race cars, which drop oil and attack the main character. Driving over an oil spill will result in the driver losing control and speeding up.

The time bar at the bottom of the screen tells players how long they will have before they automatically lose the stage. If all of the balloons are not popped by the time that the time bar runs out, a life will be lost. A turn will be lost if player collide into an enemy. Each player starts off with three lives.

As the game progresses, mazes become more intricate and more balloons are present. Each balloon popped by players yields 200 points.

Special Features

The main character has a limited number of shots that can be used to attack enemies. In addition when an enemy car is coming right at you or getting to close players have the ability to jump to escape.

Although players cannot control when and where oil spills will occur, they do give them an advantage over enemy cars. Driving directly over an oil spill will make it more difficult to control the car, but it also causes the car to increase in speed.

Near the end of the level the bonus balloon will appear. Popping this balloon ends the level while giving you bonus points for remaining balloons.


Balloons – These are the most valuable items in Van-Van Car. All balloons on each level must be popped before players can advance.

Player car – All vehicles in this game are identical. The player car normally travels at the same speed as enemies.

Enemy vehicles – Only a few enemy vehicles will appear on any given board, but it only takes one to lose a turn. Enemy vehicles can be destroyed and they also regenerate.

Oil – Oil slicks will periodically appear in the game, giving players the chance to make a fast getaway, if necessary.

How to Play Van-Van Car

In Van-Van Car there are either 12 or 14 different stages, depending on which version of the game is played. As player get to higher levels, the maze becomes more complex, and additional balloons and enemies appear. After the 12th or 14th stage has been completely navigated, the game resumes again from level 1.

The directional keys are the main controls in Van-Van Car, but players can also use the action keys to shoot missiles and jump. Van-Van Car is primarily a puzzle game, so paying close attention to the roadways is vital to survival.

Hints and Tips
- Pop the flashing energy balloon (E) and receive a missile for your car. Players can only carry one missile at a time. As a result be sure that before you pop the next energy balloon you discharge the current missile or you will waste the missile. Only use missiles when there is no other way to avoid a collision.

- Players are most vulnerable when going around turns. At times, the directional keys will not work as first anticipated, causing the player car to go left instead of right and vice versa.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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