The End: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Released by Konami in 1980, The End is an outer space themed first person shooter. This simplistic arcade game was made in the same tradition as other Konami classics such as Galaxian. The background music that plays in the very beginning of the game is a variation of the theme music from the popular TV show, Bonanza.

The End arcade machines were manufactured and distributed in the United States by Stern Electronics. There is only one known copycat version of the game, titled Omega. The End is a one and two player game.


Game Play Overview

The objective of The End is to prevent alien invaders from picking up the blocks that make up three small squares. When alien enemies take away enough blocks to create the word “End,” the game will automatically be over.

Unlike other space themed shooters of its time, The End allows players to launch multiple, simultaneous shots. Additionally, both players and enemies move at a speed that is quite fast, compared to other games.

There are no individual levels in The End, but the game does progress in a unique manner. At the top of a screen is an alien mothership that both shoots and regenerates alien attackers as they are killed off. If all enemies are defeated before the dreaded word is spelled out, players get to participate in a bonus stage.

Enemies are worth different amounts of points. The purple aliens are worth 40, while red enemies are worth 60 points. Yellow and purple attackers are valued at 80 points, and purple and red aliens have a 120 point value. Blue aliens are worth 200 points and 100 points. More points are awarded during the chance levels, which occur periodically. The End cannot be beaten.

Special Features

The chance stage comes up after you have defeated all aliens on certain levels. Each enemy killed during the chance stage yields more points. In the second part of the chance stage, the alien mothership disappears and opponents attack rapidly, coming from the top of the screen.


Aliens – The brightly colored, fast moving icons that resemble insects are alien attackers. They fly and grab blocks in an effort to spell the word “End”.

Blocks – Three blue squares make up blocks that separate the player ship from the alien attackers. Their goal is to take the blocks away and spell out the name of the game.

Player ship – The blue and red spaceship toward the bottom of the screen is the player ship. It can move left and right as well as shoot upward.

Alien mothership – Within the upper portion of the screen resides the alien mothership. It will regenerate new attackers to replace some of those killed off.

How to Play The End

The player ship cannot move beyond the bottom of the screen, but it is capable of going back and forth. When the blocks start getting carried off by aliens you will need to shoot them before they reach the top. You only have until the word “End” is spelled out completely before the game is over.

Each time that all of the aliens onscreen are killed off, a new, fresh set of squares will appear. However, the attackers will just pick up where they left off, continuing to spell out the words. Each new set of squares represents a new round.

The Chance Time stage gives players a chance to earn more points. Unfortunately, chance stages are fast and fleeting. Eventually, all players either run out of lives or the aliens complete their task and spell “End.”

Hints and Tips
- Always protect the blue squares. Each time that an alien attacker swoops down to attack, it will be going after a block. You can shoot them before or even after they take a block, just make sure that the do not make it back to the top of the screen.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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