Super Zaxxon: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


In 1982, Sega authored and published the premiere isometric shooter of its time, titled Zaxxon. A number of sequels, including Super Zaxxon, which debuted in 1982, were subsequently created. In reality, Super Zaxxon is simply a modified version of the original, featuring improved graphics, more challenging levels and additional player abilities.

Because Super Zaxxon never became as popular as the original, the only home gaming system this title was ported is the Commodore 64. After Super Zaxxon came out, Sega followed-up with Zaxxon 3D in 1987, and Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000 in 1995.

Super Zaxxon supports both one and two player game play.


Game Play Overview

Part of what makes Super Zaxxon stand apart from most other outer space themed games of the early 80s is both the isometric game play as well as the unique point of view of gamers. The player ship moves from left to right, dodging obstacles, picking up fuel and shooting enemies. Two main stages make up Super Zaxxon, with two sub-sections built in to help break up the action.

Points are earned when an enemy is destroyed or the player ship is refueled. Sometimes, the same opponents within the same enemy group can be worth differing amounts of points. For example, Planes that have just taken off from the runway can be worth 100, 150 or more points. By contrast, planes that have not left the ground are only worth 50 points.

Cannons, which can be gray or green, are worth between 200 and 500 points each. Rockets are valued at 150 points each when they have been launched from the ground. Rockets that are already in the air are worth 200 points. Picked up a fuel drum adds 300 points to the player’s score.

Towers have a 1,000 point value, and satellites are worth 300 points each. The final boss, when defeated, yields between 200 to 1,000 points.

Special Features

Zaxxon, the name of the main boss, comes armed for battle with a missile gun. Destroying his missile before he is able to send it off gives players the chance to earn more bonus points.


Barriers – These are the force fields that suck the player ship into oblivion. Similar to a black hole or a dead star, avoid barriers at all costs.

Rockets – This enemy flies in the sky, and can also be launched from below. Shoot the player ship’s gun in order to earn points and prevent rockets from harming you.

Player ship – Navigate the player ship through space while avoiding dangers and obstacles, and you will eventually meet with Zaxxon.

Walls – Made up of bricks, walls with amazingly small holes will attempt to block you from progressing. Move the player ship so that it travels through these narrow gaps.

Towers – Towers never fire toward the player ship, but simply coming in direct contact with them will cause players to lose their lives.

Cannons – These are rapid firing guns that can take you out within seconds. Add to your score when you annihilate them.

Fuel drums – The player ship runs on fuel, which is depleted simply by flying. Learn to identify fuel drums quickly so that you can complete your task.

Satellites – This is another inanimate object in Super Zaxxon that poses no immediate threat. However, it is best to shoot satellites on sight.

Enemy ships – Enemy ships will shoot and follow the player ship until the stage is completed or they are destroyed.

How to Play Super Zaxxon

The player ship can move in all directions, and the fire key sends bullets flying from the front tip of the vessel. There are two main levels in Super Zaxxon, with the first actually being more difficult to defeat than the second. Immediately after the first level is a transition into outer space. There, the player ship will do battle with 25 enemy space ships. After the second stage has been completed, players face Zaxxon.

Stage 1
During this stage, you will have to move the player ship up and down, left and right, with quick flicks of the finger in order to avoid walls, satellites and towers. There will be few enemy ships on this level. Your main enemies will be rockets, mainly those emerging from the ground.

In addition, walls will appear seemingly out of nowhere. As you progress through this level, the gaps between them will become less and less forgiving. Some walls will have enough space overhead for you to successfully navigate the player ship.

Outer Space
After level one is complete, a fight with 25 space enemies will commence. This part of the game ends once all enemies have been defeated.

Stage 2
Stage two is very similar to stage one, with the majority of players finding that it is much more simple to navigate. Again, walls will be the main threat. In addition, you will no longer have to watch out for rocket appearing below the player ship. At the end of this level, you will transition to the final boss fight.

Zaxxon Fight
For most players, fighting and defeating Zaxxon takes mere moments. If you react quickly enough, you will be able to eliminate this foe before he becomes a real threat. Otherwise, take note that every missile he fires off will be a direct hit.

Shoot Zaxxon six times with your gun and he will explode. Immediately after taking out Zaxxon three times, the game will begin again from the first level.

Hints and Tips
- If you shoot every fuel drum that you see, you will never have an empty tank. Targeting all fuel drums might take some additional effort, but it will also allow you to better focus on taking out enemies.

- Walls and other stationary objects can cause players to lose quite a few lives if they are not paying enough attention. While walls cannot be shot, you can become quite skilled at flying through them. In the case of towers and satellites, simply shoot them as soon as they appear.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.


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