Super Xevious: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Released in 1984 by Namco, Super Xevious is considered to be the revamped and updated version of Xevious. The original Xevious was a huge hit at the arcade, but this never-ending title caused both players and arcade owners concern. For players, the original Xevious was a great arcade game because they could use their skills to extend play time. However, the game began to get monotonous. Arcade operators were not seeing as much of a return on their investment as they would have liked, so Namco introduced Super Xevious to the market just a year after the original was unveiled.

Super Xevious is a scrolling shooter. The objective is to shoot all enemy aircrafts that appear on the screen in order to gain points and advance to the next stages. Players have to fly over 7/10th of each area before the game allows them to advance. Super Xevious was originally produced as an upgrade to the stand-alone Xevious arcade game cabinet. Super Xevious resets after the final level is beat, sending players back to level seven.

Even though Super Xevious was sold by Namco as an improved version of Xevious in the arcades, it was marketed as a sequel within the home console industry. This game was developed for Namco by Dempa Shinbunsha. Designer Masanobu Endo also worked on Xevious. The theme music for Super Xevious was created by composers Junko Ozawa and Yuriko Keino. Super Xevious was ported for home use for the relatively short lived X68000 home computing system in 1987.


Game Play Overview

Super Xevious is vertically scrolling shooter, and allows one or two players to play. There are a total of 16 levels included in this title. Players navigate each stage while manning the Solvalou, which is the same powerful spaceship that took center stage in the original Xevious. There are also a number of special features and power ups available in Super Xevious that players can obtain throughout the game.

The Solvalou spacecraft comes equipped with weapons that emit powerful laser beams and detonate bombs. The directional keypad moves the Solvalou, while the other two buttons activate the bomb and laser attacks. Players must move quickly in order to hit enemy attackers and launch counter strikes.

The game begins with the invasion of the Xevious army, which belongs to an especially aggressive alien species. Only the Solvalou is capable of intercepting and thwarting this attack. Within each of the 16 stage in Super Xevious, players face groups of attackers coming from the ground, the sea and the air above.

Super Xevious is unique in that pilots of the Solvalou can choose either an offense or defensively based strategy. Not all enemies can be defeated, so players are constantly challenged while navigating through a moving minefield of opposing aircrafts. Another stark change to Super Xevious includes a group of new enemies that reset the players’ stats if they are eliminated. Since most Super Xevious players are after a high score, confrontations these select enemies should be avoided when possible.

Super Xevious is made up of a detailed and complex map, which becomes revealed as the Solvalou flies over new territories. With new each area that is discovered, there will also be enemies such as the Galaxian, the Heliocopter and the Bragza on the attack. The Solvalou must be lined up with enemies in the sky, and positioned overtop of ground opponents in order to destroy them.

When the last part of a level has been reached, the mothership emerges. The mothership will always manage to escape after a successful attack has been launched, but it will return at the end of each future stage. A number of opponents in Super Xevious have deceivingly powerful attacks and abilities that can leave players severely damaged or dead in seconds. Players have unrestricted laser ammo supplies.

In order to destroy enemies in the sky, players need to learn how to shoot and maneuver at the same time. Eliminating ground and sea enemies requires pilots of the Solvalou to quickly move in and out of danger. All opponents that can be destroyed have a point value. An additional 10 points are earned for each enemy strike that is destroyed by the Solvalou’s weapons.

Approximately 25 different types of enemies are present in Super Xevious. Many of these opponents head off with players in the air. Shooting the Brag Zakato earns players from 600 to 1,500 points. The Toroid are a smaller enemy group, but they become more powerful as the game progresses. The Jara are known for their unique, staggered attack patterns, and the Zakato are known for dropping powerful bombs.

The Kapi fly swiftly and attack aggressively, but they are still easier to defeat than the Terrazi. Brag Spario are similar to suicide bombers, exploding upon impact. Garu Zakato has a multidirectional weapon, so players must be very aggressive in order to avoid damage.

On the ground, enemies consist of moving vehicles armed with weapons, stationary military bases, bonus targets and the mother ship. Although many enemies on the ground can shoot at the Solvalou from almost any angle, players must be directly above to land a successful strike.

Special Features

Super Xevious includes quite a few special features that enhance game play. Within each level, any number of hidden enemy Sol Towers can be shot at for extra points. There are also special flags that yield both 1,000 additional points and an extra turn. There are also two unique power-ups in Super Xevious. The first is the Super Zapper. The Super Zapper enables players to shoot down previously impenetrable obstacles, which makes game play much easier.

There is also the companion to the Solvalou, named the Phantom. The Phantom flies just behind the Sovlalou, helping players to acquire more boosts and take out foes. All special features in Super Xevious are hidden and completely randomized, so players must rely on exploring the entire game map in order to locate them all.


Solvalou – This is earth-based aircraft that players man as they take on the Xevious army. The Solvalou has a primary weapon used for close combat as well as bombing capabilities.

Super Zapper – The Super Zapper gives the Solvalou’s laser weapon almost unlimited power. Difficult enemies are eliminated within a few shots, and indestructible obstacles

Flags – Special Flags are hidden, but when found, players earn extra points.

Air Enemies – All flying air crafts are air enemies in Super Xevious.

Phantom – Players can round up the Phantom, which gives support to the Solvalou.

Ground Enemies – Any structures or moving vehicles that appear on the ground or sea are ground enemies. Most have the ability to fire, so they should be destroyed on sight.

How to Play Super Xevious

Each stage, or area, in Super Xevious is comprised of a small section of the map. Although the game loops indefinitely, the game is complete with the 16th level. Players will come across different enemies as they go through the map as the scenery will change and the game’s difficulty increases. There are four separate areas within each stage, with the last one including battle with the Andor Genesis mothership.

Area 1
This portion of the game isn’t very challenging, but players still need to be ever aware of enemies.

Area 2
There will be multiple ground enemies, including Grobodas and Lograms, roaming about. Rely on the bomb attack in order to eliminate opponents beneath.

Area 3
Enemies from the ground and from the air will fire upon the Solvalou in rapid succession. Keeping damage to a minimum will be helpful as the Andor Genesis mothership awaits in the next area.

Area 4
A few flying enemies will need to be dispatched before the Andor Genesis mothership appears. Bombs are the most powerful weapon against this enemy.

Area 5
Within this area, a body of water will be encountered. When land is reached, this section is complete.

Area 6
A limited number of flying opponents will emerge, making the laser the best weapon for getting to the end of it unscathed.

Area 7
A sparse desert will appear below the Solvalou on this stage. Several air enemies will attack, but there will be many more military bases on the ground.

Area 8
Area 8 features nothing but stationary land targets. This is a good area to rack up points.

Area 9
This part of the game holds a great number of enemies. They will be coming from land and air, so players have to keep moving and shooting. The Andor Genesis mothership will appear again at this culmination of this area.

Area 10
There will be a route marked for players to follow along on this stage. A few land enemies will appear, but most attacks will be air-based.

Area 11
A few fast moving enemy ships attack in stage 11, but the majority of the alien attacks will be on ground.

Area 12
Area 12 has a fairly even mix of land and air attacks. The landscape is almost mostly flat. Special features can be found on this board.

Area 13
This area has a large amount of enemies to deal with. Players will spend most of their time defending off aliens while flying over a body of water.

Area 14
Players face off against the Andor Genesis mothership not once, but twice in Area 14.

Area 15
Enemy military bases, Sol Towers and other non-moving targets make up the majority of opponents on this level.

Area 16
Skilled players should have no trouble getting to Area 16, but they can easily get stuck if they have not learned how all enemies attack. There will be few moments when players are not under attack, from enemies on the ground and ships in the air.

Beyond Area 16
Although Super Xevious is the upgraded version of Xevious, the game operates in the same way as the original. After the final Andis Genesis mothership appearance, players return to the beginning of Area 7. The same enemy aircrafts and bases will appear in the same places, but everything will move along at a more challenging speed. Players that want to keep playing and adding to their scores will have to be especially careful of the new, score-resetting enemies in Super Xevious.

Hints and Tips
- Shoot and steer the Solvalou at the same time. In fact, players can use either of their two weapons in conjunction as they bob and weave between enemies.

- Identify all enemies that reset scores from the beginning. It can be easy to get a little overzealous and start shooting at everything, but sometimes caution pays in Super Xevious.

- If 70% of an Area has been cleared, players can move onto the next stage if they die in combat. This is a good tool to use if you get stuck on a level.


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