Super Breakout: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Super Breakout is the sequel to Breakout, which is another popular arcade puzzle themed game. First debuting in 1978, Super Breakout and its predecessor was created and distributed by Atari. While both games are very similar, Super Breakout gives players three distinct game modes to choose from.

In between the release of Breakout and Super Breakout, another version of the game called Breakout Deluxe was made available. After Super Breakout, a 3-D version called Breakout 2000 was released on home video game consoles. The latest Breakout sequel came out in 2011 specifically for mobile phones and similar portable devices.

Because Super Breakout was releasing when the very first home gaming consoles were popularized, the game was ported to many different systems. The Atari 2600 was the first console Super Breakout was ported to, followed by the Atari 5200, the Atari XEGS and the Nintendo Game Boy. Other systems that Super Breakout appeared on include; the Sony PlayStation, the Nintendo Super NES, the Sega Saturn, the Microsoft Xbox and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

Up to two players can play Super Breakout by taking turns.


Game Play Overview

There are three main modes in Super Breakout. In Progressive mode, players have to destroy ascending layers made up of multiple bricks. As soon as one layer has been completely eliminated, another will appear in its place. This mode of play is continuous.

Double Breakout mode features two player paddles. You are given two balls at the beginning of each game. Two different brick layers appear on the screen, and you will need to clear them all in order to proceed.

Cavity Breakout mode has two small gaps which allows players to reach the top of the screen rather easily. This mode also gives players the opportunity to play with as many as three balls on the screen. These extra balls are housed in bricks that must be broken with one of the active balls.

Each brick is assigned a color as well as a point value. When there are two balls in play, the value of each brick destroyed is doubled. Because more than one ball is not available in Progressive mode, there is no double brick bonus available.

Bricks closer to the top of the screen also have a lower point value than those that are closer to the bottom. Orange bricks are worth seven or five points in Cavity Breakout and Double Breakout modes. Green bricks are worth three or one points in the same modes. Their point value is twice as much when two balls are present.

Progressive Breakout mode features yellow, green, orange and blue bricks. Yellow bricks are worth a single point while blue bricks are worth seven. Green bricks are valued at three points, and orange bricks have a five point value.

Special Features

The extra ball bonus is featured only in Cavity and Double Breakout modes. During Cavity Breakout mode, there will be several times in which special blocks that house extra balls appear.

There is also a double brick valuable bonus that can be earned whenever more than one game ball is on the screen. Players receive double the amount of points they normally would when two balls bounce around the board. In Cavity Breakout mode, you can get up to three balls on the screen, which will enable you to triple your score.


Bricks – Individual bricks coming in a multitude of colors make up the boards in Super Breakout. All bricks must be hit with an active ball in order to be destroyed. Balls are hit with paddles, which are controlled by players.

Paddles – At the bottom of the screen, there will either be one or two paddles. These paddles are manipulated with the directional arrows.

Extra Ball blocks – Some bricks will release an extra ball when hit with a ball. These extra ball blocks are extremely valuable.

Layers – When bricks are arranged into groups, they are referred to as layers. Players often clear a small column within these layers in order to more quickly complete screens.

How to Play Super Breakout

Only the left and right arrow keys are used in Super Breakout. You can only beat Super Breakout in the Cavity and Double Breakout game modes. By contrast, Progressive mode can go on forever. This makes earning the most points the main objective of the game in Progressive mode.

Game balls earn players points by breaking bricks, but it is the paddle that sets them into motion. Hitting a ball in the middle of the paddle will cause it to go up perpendicularly, while tapping a ball with the end of the paddle will send it toward the side. Once you learn how to manipulate balls by hitting them with certain areas of the paddle, it will be much easier for you to target bricks.

The way that players approach Super Breakout varies, depending on which mode is selected. In Double Breakout mode, the maximum number of points that can be earned is 2,694. Cavity Breakout mode has a 3,384 point maximum. In order to win the game in either of these modes, you will need to retrieve the second ball as soon as possible.

Additionally, losing a turn while in the middle of the game during these modes will cause you to receive a lower score. Remember that Cavity Breakout mode gives players the ability to play with as many as three balls on the screen. It will be difficult to keep all three balls in play for an extended period of time, so go for bricks that have the highest point value first.

Double Breakout mode gives players access to two paddles, which can be adventitious to those who are new to the game. There will be less empty space at the bottom of the screen for game balls to fall through, making it easier for you to preserve lives. However, Progressive mode is the only game setting which will allow you to earn a score higher than the standard amount.

Hints and Tips
- Focusing your eyes on the screen will become increasingly difficult as more balls come into play. Try to send the game balls hurling into opposite directions so that they will come in contact with the paddle at different times. This will give you more time to react.

- Progressive mode is largely viewed as the most difficult game setting in Super Breakout. If you want to get the most points and learn how to handle balls that move with increasing speed, start here first.

- Bricks on the lower levels are worth the most points, but they are also the most dangerous to destroy. As soon as the game ball hits and destroys a brick, it goes reeling back in the opposite direction. Stay alert and be prepared to quickly re-deploy the game balls while talking the first few bottoms rows of bricks.


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