Super Bagman: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Super Bagman is the 1984 Valadon Automation sequel to the moderately successful Bagman. Licensed to Stern Electronics for manufacture and distribution.
This game also goes by the name of Gilligan’s Gold 2. Super Bagman is a scrolling platform game that was ported to the ZX Spectrum, amongst other home video game consoles. This is a two and one player game that is not widely known outside of Europe.


Game Play Overview

The Bagman, who is represented by a figure that resembles an escaped convict, works to collect bags of gold that are scattered all over an underground mine. In order to get credit for each bag of gold, players must make their way to the top of a screen where a Wheel barrel awaits. Each bag successfully collects yields 500 points.

Two patrolmen, who can travel up and down ladders and escalators, pursue the bagman at his every move. Only a single bag of gold can be carried at once, and players move noticeably slower when they are weighed down with gold.

Each stage in Bagman is broken up into three screens, which run horizontally. Players can move from screen to screen simply by moving to the left or right. Bags of gold can be dropped if a pursuing patrolman comes too close, or if they want to squash a patrolmen that is coming up a ladder from underneath.

Special Features

The timer bonus in Bagman runs down from the start of each level. After enough time has lapsed, the timer will reach zero. Pickaxes are laid out randomly on each stage, giving players the ability to whack patrolman and chip away at walls. Behind some of the walls lie special money bags. Pickaxes can also be picked up and dropped at random.

Guns are another type of weaponry that can be used to temporarily thwart the efforts of patrolmen. Shooting them with the gun will stop them in their tracks, but only for a short period. Eventually, your gun will run out of ammo and disappear.

Special money bags are blue and yield bonus points. They can only be obtained if you hack away at a wall and place them in the wheel barrow.


Gold – All bags of gold have to be placed in the wheel barrel at the top of each level in order to get credit for them.

Bagman – The Bagman is the main character in the game. He has multiple weapons and modes of transportation at his disposal in order to complete his task.

Wheel barrel – The wheel barrel can be moved right and left, but it will always remain at the very top of the stage.

Guns – Guns appear once per level, coming with only a few bullets each.

Axes – Pickaxes serve two purposes. First, they can be used to gain special money bags. Secondly, they can knock out patrolmen and prevent them from hurting the bagman.

Elevators – Elevators go from the ground floor to the topmost platform very quickly. Jump on them to evade the patrolmen, or to get bags of gold to the top fast.

Patrolmen – Two swift patrolmen follow the bagman on each and every level. They can never be completely eliminated, but you can slow them down with a number of tools.

Escalators – Like elevators, escalators are another form of transportation that players can benefit from. Escalators are most useful for moving from lower to upper platforms.

Ladders – Ladders are the only fixed mode of transportation that is completely safe to travel on. Players can freely move up and down on ladders as long as there are no patrolmen looming.

Carts – Moving strictly from left to right, or right to left, carts are lightening fast. They can just as easily help the bagman as they can hurt him.

How to Play Super Bagman

In Bagman, players can move in all four directions, jump and swing with the action buttons. If the gun feature is active, players will shoot at patrolmen instead of taking a swing at them.

There is no set time limit in Bagman, but players that collect all bags of gold the most quickly earn a timer bonus. The objective is to get all bags of gold into the wheel barrel, which can easily be transported by players. Bagman would be a simple game to complete if it wasn’t for the fact that bags of gold are quite heavy.

Under normal conditions, players move at about the same pace as patrolmen. However, as soon as a bag of gold of is picked up, they slow down considerably. This allows patrolmen that were several platforms above or below to close in within seconds.

A stage is cleared once no more bags of gold remain. Blue bags of gold do not have to be collected in order to progress. In addition, escalators, elevators and carts can crush players can cause them to lose a turn. Make sure that you time all jumps and movements so that you can stay alive.

Hints and Tips
- Carts move quickly, and can take you from one screen to the next extremely quickly, but they can also run over you as well. Make sure that you jump off of the back of the cart, or grab the railing that runs in the ceiling in order to prevent this from occurring.

- Because players move slowest when they are weighed down with bags of gold, it is best to drop all of the bags to the bottom platform on each screen before attempting to make it to the top. Once the guards have been knocked out or otherwise incapacitated, the bags of gold can be transported with relative ease.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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