Stargate: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Officially recognized as the sequel to Defender, Stargate is another Vid Kidz creation. Released in 1981, Stargate was manufactured by Williams Electronics. This title is also known as Defender II. Both Larry DeMar and Eugene Jarvis again joined forces to design Stargate as they did on Defender.

This scrolling outer space shooter is the second of three sequels in the Defender franchise. Strikeforce came out in 1991, and Defender 2000 was released as a home port only in 2000. Stargate was released on the Atari 2600 and 5200, the Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Xbox and multiple other platforms.

Stargate is a one and two player game.


Game Play Overview

A race of alien beings, wish to take over earth. As they invade the solar system, players are to engage them. Your secondary goal is to save and rescue as many humans as possible. Players can pick up humans on the ground, or prevent a lander from whisking them away. In either case, humans must be safely placed on the ground or they will be destroyed.

The standard laser attack can be used at will, but a more powerful weapon named the smart bomb can only be used sparingly. Every time 10K points are earned, a single smart bomb will be awarded. When activated, the smart bomb will decimate all visible foes.

The Defender player spaceship can be driven in all directions, including reverse. Pressing the hyperspace button will get the Defender out of immediate danger, but players are not able to control where it ultimately ends up. The hyperspace button should only be used in times of extreme distress.

There are 15 separate types of enemies in Stargate. Landers, a group of aliens that appeared in the original title, have the most damaging capabilities. Their main goal is to steal as many humans as possible in order to turn them against the Defender. When humans are transformed into mutants, they will attack. Destroy a lander will yield 150 points.

Mutants have a 150 point value. Like other alien invaders, players must eliminate any human that has been turned into a human. In order to prevent humans from being turned, shoot the landers carrying them away before they are able to make it to the topmost portion of the screen.

Yllabians almost always come after the Defender in groups. Generally, they will pursue the player ship while only firing off a few bullets. Earn 200 points for every yllabian eliminated.

The firebomber twirls in the air, causing chaos in the sky. These opponents will attempt to confuse the eye by inching forward slowly and sporadically. Although they will only rarely launch an attack, you should add 250 points to your score for each firebomber destroyed.

While pods have the highest point value, they are also the most difficult opponents to shoot down. Pods contain swarmers, which are another enemy group. When you go after a Pod, expect multiple swarmers to be released. Pods are worth 1,000 points.

Always attacking in groups, swarmers can easily overwhelm players if they are not eliminated quickly. Earn 150 points for every swarmer that you kill.

Baiters are swift, but they are more likely to follow the Defender than actually attack. In most cases, they only become a factor when players take their times clearing a wave. They have a 200 points value.

Munchies are worth 50 or 200 points. Their appearance is reminiscent of Pacman, but that’s where the similarities stop and end. These enemies generally attack in formations.

Mine laying bombers will also show up fairly frequently in Stargate. You will almost always have to deal with them individually or in threes. Bombers have a 200 points value.

The dynamo enemy group can shoot, but they most serve as an obstruction in the sky. Their missiles are worth 100 points, and dynamos themselves are worth 200.

Protecting and rescuing humans’ yields points as well. If you see a human that needs to be rescued, you will get 250 points for picking it up and dropping it on the ground. Performing a more skilled landing and actually placing the human on the ground earns players 500 points.

When a lander has grabbed a human, you will need to carefully aim and shoot the enemy. Picking up a human the first time will yield you 1,000 points. The point value for rescuing humans from landers continues to increase in 500 point increments.

Special Features

The invisio cloaking feature will allow you to attack enemies head on without fear of sustaining any damage. Unfortunately, this feature does not last a long time, so you need to be highly selective about when and where you choose to utilize it.

Destroying a pod with a smart bomb is considered to be a special move, which yields players a bonus worth 1,450 or 1,600 points. A bonus is also given when a wave concludes. The amount of points rewarded depends on the number of humans that have been saved.


Enemies – Swarmers, landers, pods, munchies and other foes will go after the Defender or humans in Stargate. Your mission is to destroy your opponents while gathering as many humans as possible.

Defender – The ship that players pilot is named the Defender. You can shoot its laser gun or drop smart bombs on your enemies.

Smart bombs – This powerful weapon is limited. The more points that players earn, the more smart bombs they will have at their disposal.

Humans – Humans are defenseless in this game, unless they are turned into mutants. Pick up humans when you see them and save them from landers.

How to Play Stargate

Although Stargate is not an exact replica of Defender, the game play is extremely similar. Players can move through a scrolling world that contains enemy ships and humans. Stargate is divided into waves, where different groups of enemies as well as humans will appear.

At the beginning of each wave, anywhere from 15 to 25 enemies will be present. As players destroy their opponents and move through the scrolling world, more will appear. Pods, by far, are the most dangerous enemy, so don’t hesitate to use a smart bomb if needed.

You will know when a wave has ended because an end wave bonus will be calculated and awarded. There are 11 main waves in Defender, but it is possible to go higher.

Hints and Tips
- No more than four laser beams can be shot in succession. Once one of those four beams have disappeared or hit their target, you will be able to fire again.

- The invisio cloak feature has limitations, however, more uses can be obtained by increasing your score. Just like smart bombs, you can get more invisio cloak turns for every 10K that you earn.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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