Splat: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Splat! is a fairly unsophisticated but fun title created and published by Williams Electronics. Debuting in 1982, it wasn’t ported to a home console until 1997, starting with the Sony PlayStation. Subsequent ports for the Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox became available several years later.

This is both a one and two player game.


Game Play Overview

Splat! is an arcade food fight, of sorts. After selecting a character, players are able to battle head-to-head against a friend or the computer. There is a food generator at the top of the screen that is connected to two conveyor belts. As the food goes down the conveyors, it falls into the air. Players must catch this food in order to throw it at their competitors.

Food that falls to the ground cannot be reused. When a player scores a direct head shot, the opponent becomes incapacitated. A new head can be obtained, giving the player an additional turn.

Special Features

Splat! does not contain any known special features.


Player – Three characters named Marc, Harry and Tanya are available at the start of the game. Once selected, one of the two remaining characters will have a food fight with the player.

Food generator – All food used to hit opponents comes from the food generator. From there, it slides down the conveyor belts.

Food – Food icons have varying point values, with some objects apparently causing more damage than others.

Heads – After getting hit with a piece of food, a player’s head can be ‘lost.’ It is only when his head is found that the player can continue lobbing pieces of food at his opponent.

How to Play Splat!

Both the directional keys and the action keys are used in Splat!. Players have a fairly free range of motion. While you can move to any part of the screen, food can only be thrown left or right. Several enemies such as bananas and corn will periodically enter the game, armed with two pieces of food. They will seek out both players and their enemies.

Splat! ends when a player has exhausted all lives and permanently lost his head.

Hints and Tips
- Moving around the screen is essential in Splat!. Staying stationary will allow your opponents to score a direct hit.

- Try to stay underneath the two places where the conveyors dump food. This will allow you to attack more frequently.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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