Space Invaders Deluxe: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Space Invaders Deluxe is considered both an updated version as well as a sequel to the 1978 Taito arcade classic, Space Invaders. Also known as Space Invaders II, Taito included a number of improvements that helped this sequel to stand out from the original. Distributed in the US by Midway Games, Space Invaders Deluxe is a space themed third person shooter that is historically recognized as the first title to feature an animated interlude. Designs and programming for this game was performed by Tomohiro Nishikado.

Although Space Invaders Deluxe was quite the hit in arcades, ports were not developed until 2003. A ColecoVision home version of the game came out in 2003, and a port for the Sony PlayStation 2 was developed in 2005. The latest version of Space Invaders Deluxe came out in Japan in 2006.

Space Invaders is the first title in this series, with Space Invaders II and Space Invaders Deluxe often being used synonymously. In Japan, this title was released as Space Invaders II. Return of the Space Invaders premiered in 1985, with Space Invaders ’91 coming out in 1990. A special version of this game was included in the Space Invaders 25th Silver Anniversary, which was released in 2003. Space Invaders Revolution, Space Invaders Evolution and Space Invaders Extreme came out in 2005 and 2008, respectively. The last installation in this series was released in 2009, titled Space Invaders Extreme 2.

Either one or two people can take part in Space Invaders Deluxe.


Game Play Overview

There is no end to Space Invaders Deluxe, and players only advance to the next level when all enemies within a formation have been defeated. In order words, it is up to you to keep track of when a level begins and ends as there will be no formal transition. At the start of the game, a small player ship as well as 55 foes will appear on the screen. These enemies will be arranged into a rectangular shaped group at the top.

Opponents come in two main categories, and there are three sub-categories within one of these enemy types. Flying space ships only attack periodically, and they are worth 50 to 300 bonus points. The other enemy group is called invaders. They come in the big, medium and small varieties. Surprisingly, the smallest enemies of this group are worth the most, at 30 points per hit. Medium invaders are valued at 20 points each, and large invaders have a 10 point value.

In Space Invaders Deluxe, players may only have a single shot present on the screen at one time. This makes things more difficult as multiple foes attack at once. The player ship is restricted to left and right movements alone, which makes maneuvering and evading enemy attacks quite challenging at times.

Special Features

Players can earn a quick 50 to 300 points by shooting down opposing flying space ships. There is no way to determine when or where they will show up, so always keep your eyes peeled.


Invaders – This is the main group of enemies that attack players in Space Invaders Deluxe.

Player ship – Toward the bottom of the screen, the player ship is placed in a somewhat fixed position. Players can shoot at alien invaders and move out of the way of their attacks.

Flying space ships – Only appearing at random, flying space ships help players earn higher scores.

How to Play Space Invaders Deluxe

Space Invaders Deluxe can be played until the player exhausts all lives available. As soon as one group of enemies is eliminated, another will appear to take its place. The end goal is to conserve lives and earn the most points possible. Because only one shot can be fired at a time, players have to be very strategic with their shooting.

While only one or two enemies usually attack at a time, each one of the five rows of foes move in opposite directs, working to confuse the eye. When less than half of the original enemies remain, their attacks will become more furious. Expect large groups of invaders to come swooping down at one time.

Taking out the last handful of opponents will always be the hardest part of every stage. You will need to time each bullet fired, waiting until the invaders have gotten as close as possible to the player ship. After a round has been completed, the next group of invaders will move and react even faster than the last.

Hints and Tips
- Although players are only capable of firing one shot at a time, this hindrance can actually become helpful at time. When enemies come close enough, you can take them out in quick succession, activating something similar to rapid fire ability.

- Don’t move to the far side of the screen if you are facing a particularly furious attack from enemies. Instead, quickly move from left to right, going close to the outer edges. Always give yourself enough time and space to move back to the center.


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