Shao-Lin’s Road: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Considered by many to be the unofficial sequel to Yie Ar Kung Fu, another title by Konami, Shao-Lin’s Road combines martial arts with multi-platforms. This ‘beat ‘em up’ themed game follows a lone fighter as he battles hundreds of enemies and a handful of bosses. This arcade classic debuted in 1985.

The only ports that exist for Shao-Lin’s were for mid 1980’s home computer systems, but a version of the game in multiple Konami compilations. Finally, in 2010, Shao-Lin’s road appeared as a standalone game made available exclusively for Microsoft’s Game Room.

Shao-Lin’s Road also sometimes goes by the name of Kicker. This is a one or two player game.


Game Play Overview

There are five bosses in Shao-Lin’s Road. After a number of rounds, a new boss will appear. Each boss fighter comes equipped with a special skill set, but thankfully, you can take them out by jumping and kicking. Earn 200 points for beating up an enemy straight forward, or earn 500 points for defeating them with jump kicks.

Your standard attack is a simple kick. If an enemy hits you before he is defeated, you will receive damage. It only takes four enemy attacks for you to lose a life. Bosses are capable of delivering far more damage than regular enemies. At the end of Shao-Lin’s Road, a message that reads ‘Guts’ will appear once you have eliminated the last boss.

Special Features

Food bonuses worth a total of 1,000 points appear in a flash at random points of the game. You will need to quickly jump up and kick the plate of food in order to earn the points.

Power-ups come in two varieties. Death balls work similarly to boomerangs, allowing players to send it hurling into the air. You will need to pick the death ball up rather quickly in order to use it multiple times. Death balls are capable of taking out several enemies at once.

The lightning bolt power-up also works as a projectile, but you will only have a short period of time in which to use it. Additionally, the lightning bolt power can only be used on one enemy at a time.


Fighter – The main character is a male martial arts expert who kicks and jumps his way through each level.

Power-ups – Appearing randomly throughout the game, power-ups give you bonus points or special powers.

Enemy fighters – Every enemy in Shao-Lin’s Road will attack on sight. These enemies can come out of doors, jump down from ledges or appear from the outer edges of the screen.

Bosses – Five distinctive bosses appear in the game. Each boss has a special move or weapon that makes him or her especially dangerous.

How to Play Shao-Lin’s Road

Although there is a total of 18 levels in Shao-Lin’s Road, the main area of focus should be on boss fights. The first three levels consist of moderately paced action, with enemies jumping and kicking from every angle. Some levels will only consist of one platform while others will be multi-tiered.

Shao-Lin’s Road can be beaten, but most players are more interested in earning a respectable score. If you make it past the fifth boss, you will reach the end screen.

Hints and Tips
- Remember to kick while you jump. The jump kick is your most powerful weapon.

- Power-ups are helpful, but they can also be distracting. Never turn your back on an enemy in order to go after a power-up.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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