Robotron: 2084: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Robotron, more frequently known as Robotron: 2084, was developed by Vid Kidz in 1982. The game was manufactured by Williams Electronics. Co-designers Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar, took notes from previously designed outer space themed games as well as popular culture to come up with the concept for this title.

Because Robotron: 2084 became very popular with arcade gamers, Williams Electronics eventually commissioned a total of three sequels. Blaster was produced in 1983, Robotron X debuted in 1996, and Robotron 64 came out in 1998. When Atari bought the rights to publish home versions of Robotron: 2084, the title was ported to many of its home systems. The Atari XEGS, Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 are just a couple of the home gaming consoles it appeared on. Robotron: 2084 also appeared on the Sega Genesis, Nintendo SNES, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

This title enables both one and two players to play while taking alternating turns.


Game Play Overview

The story behind Robotron: 2084 centers on robots and the fate of humanity. After robots have turned against their creators and killed the vast majority of all human life, a single human is left to restore order. Luckily, this human also comes equipped with heightened power that enables him to take on robots and other artificial life forms.

Your goal is to find the single human family that remains, and rescue them from the clutches of these killer robots. Although there are only three members of this family, you can save them multiple times over. A variety of robot types will attempt to stop and destroy you at every turn in Robotron: 2084.

Hulks are the most powerful of all robots in the game, and they are totally indestructible. Shooting hulks will inhibit their movements, but they will come after you soon after they are hit. Their main objective is to hunt down the three members of the human family, so you can usually prevent them from attacking by moving out of their way.

Grunts specifically target players, but they are not well equipped. They are easily eliminated with a single shot. Grunts have a 100 points value.

Brains are dangerous for two reasons. First, they can quickly kill players with an electricity-based attack as well as missiles. Secondly, brains have the ability to turn the last human family members into what are known as progs. These progs will turn on the player and attempt to kill him. Destroying a brain will give you 500 points. Killing a prog yields 100 points.

Tanks are a type of stationary robot that shoots large bullet shells at players. They are created by quarks; therefore it is in your best interest to destroy quarks as soon as they become visible. Tanks are worth 200 points, and their bullets shells are valued at 50 points each. Defeating a quark will earn you 1,000 points.

Sphereoids look like large vibrating circles. These enemies do not attack directly, but their spawn, evil enforcers, can zap you with great ease. Shoot both of these foes on sight. Blasting an electrical current that comes from evil enforcers has a 25 point value, and enforcers themselves are worth 150 points each. Sphereoids have a 1,000 point value.

As players rescue members of the last human family, their scores will increase in 1,000 point increments. Rescuing a single family member yields 1,000 points. After that, the next family member yields 2,000 points. The maximum that you can earn by rescuing family members is 5,000 points.

The only weapon that players have available is a laser gun. This weapon cannot be lost or destroyed, and its laser beams are inexhaustible.

Special Features

Extra turns become available for every 25K points that you earn.


Tanks – These immobile enemies shoot bullet shells, but they can be shot down with the player’s laser gun.

Family members – Similar in appearance to players, family members are scattered around the screen. Make direct contact with them in order to save them.

Player – This is the only human figure in Robotron: 2084, besides the last human family. He comes armed with a laser gun and the ability to jump high.

Grunts – The basic enemy of players, grunts have to touch you in order to kill you. Keep them away by shooting them.

Progs – Progs are members of the last human family that have turned against the player. They cannot be saved, only destroyed.

Sphereoids – While they will never attack players directly, sphereoids are capable of creating a massive amount of damage. Sphereoids create evil enforcers, who relentlessly attack players.

Brains – Brains don’t appear that often in this title, but they are lethal. Dodge their attacks and shoot them before they eliminate you.

Hulks – These foes cannot be stopped, only avoided. Make sure that you save all humans present before they are captured by hulks.

Evil enforcers – While their main objective is to attack you with electricity, evil enforcers can also kill you with their touch.

How to Play Robotron: 2084

There are no definitive stages in Robotron: 2084, only waves. During the first four waves, evil enforcers, sphereoids, grunts and hulks will be your primary enemies. They tend to be spread out around the screen, with both evil enforcers and sphereoids tending appear around the outskirts.

Hulks will be your only enemy during the fourth wave. During the fifth wave, you will encounter brains for the first time. They will continue to appear every five boards from now on. On the seventh wave, tanks will start to emerge. The ninth wave is extremely hard, being comprised of only grunts. While these enemies are not hard to deal with individually, they become dangerous when they appear in groups. This cycle will continue for the duration of Robotron: 2084.

Hints and Tips
- Develop a pattern for dealing with waves that are made up of only one enemy group. Keep moving during waves where there are multiple kinds of opponents.

- Brains are capable of turning harmless humans into progs. Not only can progs attack, this action will also lower your score. Seek out and destroy brains quickly.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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