Rally-X: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Rally-X is a racing themed arcade game developed by Namco in 1980. Co-published by Namco and Midway, Rally-X is one of the earlier racing games introduced to arcades. This title only allows for one player game play.

There was one sequel to Rally-X, titled New Rally-X, which was released a year later. Rally-X had port developed for the Nintendo Game Boy, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PSP and the Microsoft Xbox 360.


Game Play Overview

The objective of Rally-X is simple. On each level, there are 10 individual flags that players must pick up. Points are awarded in 100 point intervals, increasing with each consecutive flag collected. At the end of each stage, bonus points are awarded to players that have fuel left over in their tanks.

Levels are made up of orange tracks, and all barriers are bright green. The blue player car emits a cartoon-like smoke from the tailpipe when a special move, such as a sharp turn or a 180 is performed. Enemies consist of opposing race cars, parked cars and rocks. Enemy race cars will chase you throughout each stage, but rocks and parked cars remain stationary.

The single most helpful tool to players in Rally-X is the game map. This map is situated at the bottom of the screen; showing players where all flags and enemy race cars are currently positioned. Flags appear as yellow blips on the map, while enemy cars are small red blips. Whenever a flag is picked up, the corresponding yellow dot will disappear on the map.

The game ends when a player runs out of turns.

Special Features

In Rally-X, there are two special features that can be utilized. The first special feature is the smoke screen power, which is used to confuse and disorient enemy cars. Lasting only momentarily, only use the smoke screen feature when you are certain that you will crash.

Special flags are marked with a large, capital red S. Collecting a special flag will double the number of points you would have picked up if it had been a normal flag. Additionally, all remaining flags collected until the end of the stage will also yield double points.


Parked cars – Similar to enemy race cars, parked cars are also a nuisance to players.

Rocks – Rocks can appear randomly anywhere in Rally-X. Avoid crashing into them as it will cost you a turn.

Player car – The player car is blue and capable of making quick, sharp turns. Be mindful of your actions as taking too long to complete a track will drain your fuel.

Special flags – Special flags help players to earn extra points.

Enemy cars – The number of opposing race cars that appears on each level will change, depending on what point you are at in the game. Enemy cars chase the player car with the intent of crashing into it.

Flags – Collecting flags earns players points and helps them to be promoted to the next stage.

How to Play Rally-X

The down, up, left and right arrows are used to control the player car while the action button activates the smoke screen feature. Each time the smoke screen power is used, a portion of the player car’s fuel tank is depleted.

The first level starts off with stage one, which includes two enemy race cars. Each time all 10 flags are picked up, the player will advance to the next level. This continues until the end of stage three, after which a bonus round will be played.

During bonus rounds, all moving enemies disappear. Players must still collect the 10 flags present, but they are less likely to run out of fuel as there will be no reason to use the smoke screen power. More opposing race cars will appear until the end of stage 14. After that, there will be no more than seven enemy cars present on any given level.

Hints and Tips
- Do not abuse the smoke screen feature. It might be easier for you to evade enemy cars by sending a puff of smoke reeling into their windshields, but you will almost certainly run out of fuel before getting all 10 flags.

- Pay close attention to the map on the bottom of the screen in order to keep track of your foes. Not all enemies will be posted on the map, but at least you will know the position of the most dangerous opponents.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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