Pooyan: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Developed by Konami and manufactured by Stern Electronics in 1982, Pooyan became moderately popular. Meaning 'little pigs' in Japanese, Pooyan is a one or two player game that is somewhat of a cross between a shooter and a puzzle game. Pooyan was originally released in 1982 in arcades, and multiple home gaming console versions were also ported to various systems.

Ports for Pooyan became available the Commodore 64, Atari 8-bit, Atari 2600 and other home consoles in the early 1980s. Homage was paid to Pooyan in one of the Metal Gear Solid titles in a stage that bears great similarities to the original game.

Some of the music produced for Pooyan was written by Felix Arndt. Datasoft was the publisher for numerous Pooyan ports.


Game Play Overview

The story behind Pooyan includes a family of pigs and a group of sneaky wolves. Mama Pig, the main character in Pooyan has to stop the wolves from kidnapping her last child and get her missing children back. Wolves rarely directly attack Mama Pig. Instead, they usually use balloons and rocks to cause players to lose a life.

Players control Mama Pig and her bow and arrow. As wolves approach while riding balloons, the bow and arrow can be used to pop them and send wolves crashing to the ground. If too many wolves are allowed to approach, a large boulder will be pushed atop of Mama Pig and the level will end.

Pooyan is an infinite play game, and there are technically only two different levels of play. Round one consists of the wolves attacking from above, and level two features wolves attacking from the bottom of the screen.

All of the action in Pooyan takes place on the side of a cliff where Mama Pigs and her little pooyans live in relative peace. Mama Pig moves back and forth across the screen in a cable car. Wolves ride in balloons, climb ladders and try to sneak up behind Mama Pig.

There are two bonus levels in Pooyan that appear in an alternating pattern. During these rounds you cannot lose a life.

Special Features

Players can use the meat toss special feature only they have completed two different tasks. First, multiple pieces of meat must be collected by Mama Pig. After arriving at the top of the screen, you will be able to execute this special feature, which both destroys your enemies and awards you bonus points.

When a piece of meat is chucked out, wolves instinctively loosen their grip and dive after the meat. Enemies that are destroyed in this manner yields players


Mama Pig – Mama Pig has two advantages in Pooyan. The bow and arrow that Mama Pig comes equipped with will allow you to shoot at obstacles, enemies and bonus items. The cable car that transports Mama Pig across the screen helps players to avoid enemy attacks.

Pooyans – These non-playable characters control the cable car and generally aid Mama Pig.

Special Wolves – It will take several hits from Mama Pig's bow and arrow in order to pop the balloons that special wolves fly with. Special wolves are the most dangerous enemy group in Pooyan.

Wolves – The wolves attack Mama Pig in an attempt to steal her last piglet. Wolves can be distracted with meat and killed with the bow and arrow.

Bonus Icons – Large pieces of fruit and pieces of meat can be collected for bonus points and special features. Collecting a fruit icon will give you 200 points, while meat can be used at a later time to destroy your foes.

How to Play Pooyan

With only two regular rounds and two alternating bonus levels, Pooyan is an infinite play game that is extremely predictable. Wolves only attack in a few different ways, and points are earned only earned when they have been stopped and killed.

Move up or down in order to prevent wolves from attacking. Hitting the fire button will cause Mama Pig to shoot an arrow.

Level 1
On level one, you will need to look toward the sky in order to see approaching wolves. Try to keep the cable car toward the top of the screen in order to hit wolves furthest away. Prevent wolves from landing on the ground in order to protect against being bitten and losing a life.

When this stage has been repeated several times, a special wolf will emerge and throw fruit bonus icons. You can collect bonus points by shooting an arrow directly into the fruit.

After you have defeated all remaining wolves, you will proceed to round two.

Level 2
During this stage, enemies will approach from below instead of above. It will be much more difficult to shoot wolves on balloons as some will be hovering near the bottom. The wolves will use ladders in order to get to Mama Pig, launching surprise attacks and biting whenever possible.

Other wolves will attempt to crush players with a giant boulder. Four wolves need to reach the top in order for this to occur.

There will be a single special wolf that appears on this board toward the end. You will know that it is the special wolf by way of the flashing balloon that he rides on. Start shooting at him immediately until you hit him multiple times.

Bonus Level 1
The aim of bonus round number one is to keep attacking wolves from getting to the top. After a number have reached the top of this stage the round will be over. Your only weapon will be meat, which can be utilized to cause wolves to leap to their doom.

Bonus Level 2
A total of 20 fruit, worth a total of 4,000 points, are chucked out by wolves lined up on the left side of the board. Your job is to shoot the fruit as quickly as possible.

Hints and Tips
- Fruit is important, but it can also cause you to lose a life if you are not careful. Shoot any fruit that blocks your line of sight, but always go after wolves before attempting to collect a bonus.

- Special wolves are the most difficult enemy to defeat, so they should always be killed first. Unless another wolf is mere seconds from landing, try to defeat all special wolves immediately.

- Players are able to shoot two arrows before the attack button becomes temporarily disabled. As soon as one or more of the arrows disappears, you will be able to shoot again.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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