Pinball Action: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Released by Tehkan in 1985, Pinball Action is a simplistic arcade video game that simulated classic pinball games. A sequel named Super Pinball Action came out in 1991.

This game was not ported to any home gaming systems until almost 20 years after its original release. The Sony PlayStation 2 and the Microsoft Xbox both featured a collection of Tecmo games that included Pinball Action. One or two players can play Pinball Action at a time, taking turns.


Game Play Overview

Pinball Action is played just like you would any other pinball game. Directional keys replace flippers, and three distinctive screens give players more variety. The game itself is themed around casino games and bowling. Poker, slots and bowling themed backgrounds appear during the course of the game, depending on which level you are currently playing.

Players get points for keeping the pinball alive and hitting certain objects.

Special Features

Extra men are earned at 70K and 200K, respectively. These are the only two opportunities available to earn extra men in Pinball Action.

There is also a special shake feature that can be used to prevent the pinball from falling into the gutter. The number of times that players can utilize the shake feature is also limited.


Pinball – The small, silver ball that moves across the screen is the pinball. This is the most important element of Pinball Action.

How to Play Pinball Action

Game play in Pinball Action is simple enough. Hold down the action key to launch the ball, and then use the left and right directional keys to keep the pinball in play. The longer that you hold the action button, the more powerful your pinball’s launch will be. You can only launch the ball at the beginning of each board, or after you lose a turn.

Although the themed backgrounds help to break up the monotony of Pinball Action, they serve no other practical purpose. You will need to practice timing your hits, cradling the pinball with the flippers and develop a soft touch in order to become good at this game.

There are no official high score records for Pinball Action, but it is possible to earn more than 1 million points.

Hints and Tips
- Try to hit the pinball into the objects that yield the most points. You will learn how take better aim and hit the mark each and every time, with practice.

- Earning extra turns will give you a bigger safety net. Try to increase your score quickly so that you will be able to make more risky moves during the game.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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