New Rally-X: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Technically, New Rally-X is the sequel to New Rally, a racing game authored by Namco. In reality, New Rally-X is the new and improved version of New Rally that was created to solve many of the issues that arcade game players complained of. Released in 1981, New Rally-X wasn't much better received than its predecessor.

When the original New Rally first came onto the market, Namco was able to create a big buzz. Unfortunately, the game wasn't able to live up to the expectations of its fan base. Many people did not enjoy New Rally simply because it was too difficult to play. The number of enemy cars was excessive, even on lower levels, which is a factor that made it nearly impossible for gamers to progress.

With New Rally-X, Namco introduced better music, sharper graphics and most importantly, fewer enemies. However, most fans had already abandoned the game by the time that Namco introduced these crucial changes. In fact, New Rally-X was not even ported to a home video gaming console until the 1990s.

New Rally-X was first featured in a classic collection of Namco games for the PlayStation in 1995. After that, New Rally-X ports also appeared on the PSP and the Xbox. There were also numerous versions of New Rally and New Rally-X that were ported to home video game consoles in Japan.

An updated version of New Rally-X can be found on Windows Live. This new version of the game also features player achievements, which help users to earn gamer points. This is a feature that was not present in earlier versions of the game.

New Rally-X and New Rally runs on the same hardware that powers Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. Toshio Kai is responsible for the music heard in both New Rally and New Rally-X. This game is available in either one or two player mode.


Game Play Overview

In New Rally-X, players navigate a small, blue colored car through a maze while avoiding obstacles and other enemies. The objective is to pick up a series of 10 flags of various types. You will be racing alongside other cars that are only interested in tripping you up. Touching an enemy vehicle will cause you to lose a turn.

You will need to avoid enemy cars, parked or in motion, in order to remain alive. There will also be large boulders that appear within the maze. Players have to maneuver around boulders as well as parked cars in order to prevent against a loss of life.

All of the enemy cars in New Rally-X are red in color. They also move a lot faster than the player car. However, enemy cars are unable to take turns very quickly, so you can potentially shake a group of fast approaching enemies off by taking a winding route.

There is also a weapon of sorts that players can use to keep enemy cars from crashing into them. The smokescreen feature can only be used a limited number of times as it quickly burns off fuel. However, employing the smokescreen will cause your foes to slow down substantially and become confused for a few moments.

There are three different types of flags in New Rally-X. Standard flags don't give you any special bonuses, but they do help you to advance toward the end of each stage. Regular flags are also worth 300 to 1,000 points each.

Special flags are marked with a capital letter 'S' to distinguish them from other flags. These flags will increase the value of all future flags collected by two-fold. Lastly, there are lucky flags which are flanked with a capital letter 'L.' Lucky flags give you a point bonus depending on the amount of fuel left in your tank. The lucky flag also automatically gives you a full refuel.

You will be able to keep track of all of your enemies as well as the position of all remaining flags by referring to the radar on the bottom of the screen. The radar does not monitor stationary hazards such as boulders or parked cars, but it can help you to locate flags that are out of your line of sight.

There are 14 unique rounds in New Rally-X, not including challenging stages. Challenging stages are identical to the regular levels, except there are no hazards.

Special Features

Both the lucky and the special flags yield additional points, but the lucky flag will also refuel your tank. These flags do not show up nearly as often as the standard flags, but you can expect to encounter them at least once per round.

The smokescreen is also an important feature in New Rally-X. By pressing the action button, a trail of smoke will exit the tailpipe on your car, rendering your enemies defenseless. Try to reserve the smokescreen attack for emergency situations only.

The first extra life is earned when 20,000 points are earned, and a second life becomes available once your score reaches 80,000 points.


Flags – Regular, lucky and special flags must be collected in order to go to the next level in New Rally-X. In total, 10 flags must be picked up on each stage.

Player car – The player car looks similar to enemy cars, except that it is blue in color. The player car moves slower than its opponents, but it does have the advantage of handling sharp turns more efficiently.

Enemy vehicles – Enemy vehicles are red, fast and extremely dangerous. The more cars that are present on a board, the more difficult it will be for you to complete. There is no way to destroy enemy cars, which means that you will need to work hard in order to avoid them. Enemy cars can also turn into parked cars when they become stunned after they run into boulders and other hazards.

Boulders – Boulders appear at random, and they are lethal to the player car. These large rocks can also be used to put enemy vehicles temporarily out of service. Boulder will not appear on your radar.

How to Play New Rally-X
Use the directional keys to move the player car and round corners. Refer to the radar on the bottom of the screen to find missing flags and evade enemy cars. You will also need to keep a lookout for boulders as they can appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Periodically, players will be given a break in the form of challenging stages. These rounds should be used to earn extra points, but remember that you can still die by running off of the track.

Round 1
The first level of New Rally-X is simple to complete. You will only have to do battle with a single enemy car, so you will probably not need to use the smokescreen attack. Use this time to learn how to handle sudden turns as well as how to evade oncoming boulders.

Collect the 10 yellow flags to move on to level two.

Round 2
This level will have a slight increase in the number of enemies pursuing you. There will be two cars following behind the player vehicle at all times. Even though you will be outnumbered, this is still a fairly manageable amount of cars to deal with. As long as you have plenty of fuel left in your tank, you will be able to use the smokescreen button to take care of enemies that come to close.

Round 3 – Challenging Stage
During the first challenging stage, you will need to familiarize yourself with each turn in the maze. The only thing that can prevent you from obtaining a perfect score is if you fuel out of fuel or crash during a turn. Look at your radar screen often so that you can keep track of all of the flags.

Round 4
Round four features three enemy cars. These cars will likely try to crash into you while taking turns, so be extra cautious. Grab all 10 flags so that you can move on.

Round 5
Again there will be three cars chasing after you. By now, you should have figured out exactly how much fuel the smokescreen attack burns off. Make sure that you don't miss any flags while going around the maze the first time so that you are able to conserve fuel.

Round 6
During round six, you will have to deal with four enemy vehicles. Continue to refer back to the radar as often as possible so that you are able to keep track of any enemies that are not on-screen.

Round 7 – Challenging Stage
This is another challenging stage where players are able to take a break and focus on earning the maximum number of points. Take all of your turns carefully and lookout for lucky flags that will help you to earn a fuel bonus.

Round 8
There are four enemy cars in round eight. If you are using the smokescreen feature on a regular basis, you will have to find and obtain lucky flags. This will prevent you from running out of fuel and being hit from behind.

Round 9
This is where New Rally-X starts to get very difficult. You will be severely outnumbered with five enemy cars on the track. You may end up burning off more fuel than you want to by taking a looping path, but you will usually be able to find enough lucky flags to make up for your reduction in fuel.

Round 10
Again, there will be five cars on the screen. Drive carefully and maneuver turns thoughtfully to stay alive.

Round 11 – Challenging Stage
Focus on getting all of the flags the very first time that you go around the maze to get the highest score possible.

Round 12
Six cars will pursue the player vehicle during stage 12. It will be fairly difficult to complete a level without losing a turn, but with enough practice, this will become easier.

Round 13
There is the same number of enemy vehicles on level 12 as there are on level 13. With six cars in pursuit, you will need to start using boulders and even parked enemy vehicles to keep your foes from knocking you out of the competition. Try to use the smokescreen attack when you have a large group of enemies on your tail.

Round 14
From level 14 on, you will encounter no more than seven cars. Even still, this is an extraordinary number of enemies to thwart.

Hints and Tips
- If your enemies are close enough behind you, there is no limit as to the number that can be stunned with the smokescreen attack. Although you want to be conservative, don't risk getting killed just to conserve fuel.

- During the first few stages, it will be easier for you to collect special and lucky flags. You can always go back over another part of a maze where you missed flags with ease when you only have two or three enemies to contend with.


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