Mr. Do!’s Castle: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


As the original Mr. Do! was both a fan favorite as well as a commercial success, game developer Universal was quick to release a highly anticipated sequel. Mr. Do!'s Castle also called Mr. Do! Vs. Unicorn in Japan, bears little resemblance to its predecessor. Originally, Mr. Do!'s Castle was to be named Knights Vs. Unicorns. The game layout is completely different, but some of the characters and objects from Mr. Do! were implemented.

Mr. Do!'s Castle is a platform styled game, released in 1983. Universal created Mr. Do!'s Castle and Taito distributed the arcade version of the game. Coming out on the Atari 2600, the Atari 5200 and the Commodore C64 ports of Mr. Do!'s Castle were published by Parker Brothers about a year after the original release. Later, a port for the Sharp X68000 gaming computer was released by Micomsoft. Sony also released a port for the MSX, which is a gaming system that was popular in many European nations.

After Mr. Do! and Mr. Do!'s Castle came Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride and Do! Run Run in 1984. The last title in the Mr. Do! series was Neo Mr. Do!, which was released in 1996. Both one and two player modes are available on Mr. Do's Castle.


Game Play Overview

There is an infinite number of level is Mr. Do!'s Castle, which means that the main objective for players is to gain the highest score. Mr. Do travels across platforms, climbs up ladders and uses his large mallet to find and destroy blocks that contain treasures. Each level is completed by grabbing all of the cherries that are housed in random blocks.

As Mr. Do works to complete his mission, he will be hunted down by unicorns. These enemies start off traveling at about the same speed as Mr. Do, but they become much faster if you linger on a level too long. Unicorns can be destroyed with Mr. Do's mallet, or they can fall into traps set by Mr. Do.

Like in Mr. Do! unicorns come in three different varieties. At the start of every stage, Mr. Do will need to avoid five red unicorns. When they are struck with Mr Do's mallet or fall into a gap, they become angry and turn green in color.

Green unicorns move much faster than blue unicorns. When green unicorn becomes totally enraged, it turns blue. Blue unicorns are indestructible. Both gaps and Mr. Do's mallet attack have no effect on blue unicorns. Even if you manage not to make any red or green unicorns angry, they will eventually morph into blue unicorns. Spending too much time on any stage can also cause green and red unicorns to turn blue.

Blue unicorns also have the ability to create more blue monsters. Approximately every 30 seconds, there will be double the number of blue unicorns on the screen as there were before.

The 'extra' feature, which was very popular with arcade games of its time, is also included in Mr. Do's Castle. In order to get an extra man, Mr. Do will need to turn the unicorns into alphamonsters. Alphamonsters hold one letter each.

Platforms can be altered by destroying blocks, and some ladders can be moved. This may be done so that Mr. Do is better able to evade his enemies, or so that he can reach different parts of the castle. On each level, there are exactly five unicorns.

Blocks come in four different varieties. Skull blocks can be used to kill unicorns as well as make it more difficult for them to get to Mr. Do. Cherry blocks, of course, house the cherries that Mr. Do needs to complete every stage. Fill blocks are created when a unicorn becomes trapped in a gap, but it eventually able to escape. Fill blocks don't hold any special powers.

Key blocks come in threes. They are connected to a special feature that allows Mr. Do! to get an extra man. Mr. Do will need to break all three key blocks in order to transform all remaining unicorns on that stage into alphamonsters.

Mr. Do must travel up six floors, not including the very top of the castle, in order to break all necessary blocks. Some parts of the castle cannot be reached unless Mr. Do pushes a ladder over. This can only be done if he is standing on the floor where the top of the ladder ends.

Unicorns can be trapped between blocks several levels below if all of the holes are correctly lined up. When a unicorn falls down one level, Mr. Do is rewarded with 500 points. Knocking a unicorn down two levels below yields 1,000 points, and knocking a unicorn down three levels will earn him 1,500 points. Trapping a unicorn within a gap four levels below is difficult, but it will give you 2,000 points.

Green and blue unicorns are worth two and three times as many points, respectively. Unicorns can also be destroyed with blocks, but only after they have been trapped in a gap. Multiple unicorns can fall into the same hole.

Special Features

Diamonds will not appear on every stage, but they are worth 8,000 points each. There is no way to make more diamonds appear; they randomly show up on some stages, sometimes more than once.

Alphamonsters, which give Mr. Do the chance to earn an extra life, can only be unlocked with the key blocks. On every level, there are three key blocks. When Mr. Do has smashed the first block containing a key and collected it, the other two blocks will start to blink and flash. Once Mr. Do has all three keys in his possession, a door at the very top of the screen will suddenly open. Within this door is the shield icon.

After the shield icon has been picked up, all of the unicorns will be morphed into alphamonsters. As Mr. Do only needs to collect the letters that spell out the word “extra,” any additional letters left over will be used to help him score a second extra life.


Shield – Shields appear after three key blocks are collected. When the shield is activated, unicorns magically turn into alphamonsters.

Unicorns – In Mr. Do's Castles, unicorns can either be red, green or blue. Red unicorns always appear at the start of each stage, but they can change color depending on how angry they become.

Alphamonsters – Alphamonsters only appear after all three key blocks and the shield icon has been collected. Unicorns turn into alphamonsters, which give Mr. Do an extra man.

Mr. Do – Mr. Do is the only playable character in the game. He is armed with a heavy mallet, and his mission is to collect cherries held within blocks.

Cherries – Blocks holding this fruit are always marked with a cherry icon.

Blocks – All bridges and platforms are made up of rectangular blocks. Mr. Do can break these blocks with his mallet, or push them through a hole to defeat his enemies.

Diamonds – Diamond icons sometimes appear when a block is broken, but this bonus is very rare.

How to Play Mr. Do!'s Castle

Every level in Mr. Do!'s Castle start with five red unicorns 'parachuting' onto the top of the castle. Mr. Do simultaneously appears on the bottom floor, in the middle of the screen. Players have a few seconds to start going up ladders and breaking blocks before they are chased by the unicorns. When all of the blocks marked with a cherry symbol have been broken and collected, or all of the unicorns have been destroyed, you will progress to the next board.

When a block is struck by Mr. Do's mallet, it falls down to the next floor, leaving a wide gap. These gap are not harmful to Mr. Do, as he will safely fall to the next floor if he attempts to walk over a hole. Unicorns hit with Mr. Do's mallet are not killed, but they are temporarily stunned and knocked back a distance. Only one unicorn can be hit at a time with the mallet, so building traps and dropping blocks is Mr. Do's best defense.

You can kill a unicorn one of two ways. Unicorns that are trapped in holes can easily be smashed with a block. You will simply need to be one or two floors above, and knock down a block that is directly overhead of the trapped monsters. Otherwise, you can smash a block over the head of unicorns that are traveling on the floor below you.

Mr. Do can make certain floor inaccessible to enemies by knocking out all of the blocks. Although he will not be able to use that platform anymore, all of his foes will become trapped if they attempt to follow him. Any monsters that become trapped in a partially destroyed floor will be killed when he hits the last block.

While Mr. Do cannot die from even a fall from the top floor, both alphamonsters and unicorns are lethal. A single touch from any of his enemies will cause you to lose a turn. However, you can use just about any surface to knock your opponents out. Use holes, ladders or even your mallet to render them defenseless.

When you have either taken out all of your enemies or collected all cherry blocks, you will automatically travel to the next level. Mr. Do can collect letters to spell out the word extra by smashing alphamonsters with his mallet. Whenever a new letter is collected, a new flag bearing that letter will fly above the castle. You can get an unlimited number of lives while playing Mr. Do, but ultimately, the player with the highest score wins.

Hints and Tips
- As unicorns can be killed in groups, it is best to try and trap several monsters before dropping a block on them. Not only will you be able to take out more of your foes at once, you will also get a bigger bonus.

- Time is not your ally in Mr. Do!'s Castle. Unicorns become faster and more powerful the more time that you spend on any given level. Although you will want to kill your opponents as quickly as possible, don't forget that transforming them into alphamonsters is the only way for you to get an extra man.

- While you don't need to get all of the cherries to complete a stage, this is one of the easiest methods for you to score the most points. When you only have a couple of enemies in pursuit, start targeting all of the blocks that have cherries in them. If you haven't already used the shield, you can go after the key blocks, get the shield and then then turn the remaining unicorns into alphamonsters.


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