Mr. Do!: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Universal's 1982 arcade release of Mr. Do! became extremely popular for a number of reasons. Mr. Do! came in two different varieties. Tens of thousands of arcade machines and conversions kits were sold, making this one of the most lucrative games of its time. When a Mr. Do! conversion kit was installed on a compatible arcade machine, arcade parlor operators were able to offer their patrons a wider variety of games at a fraction of the normal price.

Although there are many similarities between Mr. Do! and Dig Dug, another maze themed game developed by Namco in the same year, had enough unique features to stand out on its own. After the success of Mr. Do! game developer Universal created three more titles in this series. Mr. Do's Castle was released a year later, and two more sequels, Do! Run Run and Mr. Do's Wild Ride, were debuted in 1984. A revised version of the original Mr. Do! called Neo Mr. Do! came out in 1996 for the now defunct Neo Geo home gaming system.

In addition to being ported to home video game consoles such as the ColecoVision and Atari 2600, Mr. Do! also became available for the Game Boy portable gaming device. Mr. Do! can be played with either one or two players. Taito, another company based out of Japan, published Mr. Do! Kazutoshi Ueda worked at the lead designed on this game.


Game Play Overview

Similar to Dig Dug in terms of layout and overall feel, Mr. Do! features a clown as the main character, who has to collect items and make new paths on a two dimensional game board. Players are able to gain more points by completing tasks with higher levels of accuracy. Mr. Do's main weapon is a bouncy ball, but he can also pick up red apples to use against his enemies.

You cannot beat Mr. Do!, but you can get the highest score. Opponents can not only cause Mr. Do to lose a turn, they can also destroy bonus items. For this reason, you will want to learn all of the boards and score points before you lose out.

Mr. Do can perform two basic actions. When the direction keys are used Mr. Do will move up, down, left or right. As he moves, he will automatically start to dig if there is not an existing tunnel for him to do down. The other action that Mr. Do can execute is his primary attack. Anytime the fire key is executed, Mr. Do will send his bouncy ball straight into his foes. Although powerful, the bouncy ball attack can only be used once every couple of seconds.

Your immediate goal will be to collect cherries, which are always grouped together on different parts of every board. Since your enemies are capable of destroying cherries and other bonus items, you will need to be conscious of the amount of time that you spend digging. Bonuses will be given to Mr. Do when he picks up at least eight cherries in a row without stopping or losing a turn.

There are only two main types of enemies that Mr. Do needs to watch out for, and they are visually very similar. Both look like crudely drawn dinosaurs, but only one has the ability to dig new tunnels, go after Mr. Do and cause his bonus items to disappear. Red dinosaurs cannot make new tunnels, but they do have the ability to turn into blue dinosaurs, which do make new paths.

One of Mr. Do's secondary enemies is called Alphamonsters. They resemble televisions, but they have two small feet and a single letter of the alphabet will always appear on their 'screens.' Another secondary enemy, known as munchers, is blue in color with big mouths and big, blinking eyes. Neither of these opponents will make more than a couple of appearances on any level, but they are capable of causing lots of chaos.

Munchers always come in threes, and they are flanked by a single Alphamonster. Munchers don't normally go after Mr. Do, but they can kill him just as easily as his other enemies. Alphamonsters and munchers work together to prevent Mr. Do from earning the extra bonus that comes up at the end of each round. In addition, they destroy the extremely valuable golden apples.

Unlike dinosaurs and drilling dinosaurs, munchers cannot be defeated individually. You will either need to take out the Alphamonster or kill all three munchers in order to get them to stop destroying your apples. Alphamonsters are directly tied to the extra life bonus.

Golden apples are Mr. Do's secret weapon. He can dig tunnels and lead paths directly beneath these massive apples, causing his enemies to be squashed when they attempt to pass underneath. There will be about six apples on each board, but sometimes munchers can be transformed into apples at the end of a level.

Basic game play is divided into 10 rounds and four different status possibilities. Your status will change, depending on the number of points you have accumulated and bonus items you have collected. Once you go through the first 10 levels, the game will continue in the same pattern.

Special Features

The cherry bonus comes in when at least eight cherries are collected by Mr. Do in a row, without stopping or getting killed by an enemy. Normally worth 50 points each, an additional 500 points will be awarded whenever Mr. Do gets the cherry bonus.

Like other games created by arcade game developers in the 1980s, there is a feature that allows players to collect letters, and attempt to spell out the word 'extra.' This is the only way that you can accumulate an extra life in Mr. Do. Although alphamonsters and other hazards will stand in your way, you will have a chance to collect a single letter every 5,000 points or so. When this happens, you will also be advanced to the next board.

Bonus food items come up on every level of Mr. Do! Starting on the first level, next food bonuses are revealed every one to two boards, all the way until the 22nd stage. Food items include milk cartons, sandwiches, pancakes, burgers, candy bars and ice cream sundaes. These bonuses will range from 1,000 to 8,000 points, so it will be adventitious for you to collect them whenever possible.

Apples are normally used to defeat enemies hot in pursuit of Mr. Do, but other times they reveal the diamond bonus. If you manage to dislodge a golden apple that holds the diamond bonus, you will get 8,000 points added to your score and you will immediately be sent to the next level.


Food icons – There is a total of 12 different food items in Mr. Do! These bonuses appear in a set order until you get to the 22nd level.

Diamonds – Diamonds are rare, but they also have a high point value. All diamonds are hidden inside of golden apples.

Dinosaurs – These enemies chase down Mr. Do! going down paths and sometimes making their own tunnels. Standard dinosaurs will come after Mr. Do, but they are easily stopped by a complex maze. However, drilling dinosaurs are capable of carving out their own trails, thus easily sneaking up on and attacking the protagonist.

Mr. Do – Mr. Do is a happy-go-lucky circus clown that spends his days collecting cherries and avoiding dinosaurs.

Alphamonsters – Coming either at the end or the beginning of a stage, alphamonsters only become aggressive toward Mr. Do when he doesn't have the bouncy ball in his hands. Alphamonsters are the key to gaining extra men.

Golden apples – Mr. Do is able to push these large fruit into the mouth of any adjacent tunnel and crush his enemies below. Golden apples can kill several enemies at once, but they can also crush Mr. Do if he is not careful.

Bouncy ball – Mr. Do carries a bouncy ball that he can use to take out his enemies, one at a time. Some enemy groups will retreat while he holds the ball, but they will quickly pursue him each time that he launches an attack.

How to Play Mr. Do

Every stage in Mr. Do! has a set of unique tunnels that can be used, altered or expanded. Some paths will not lead you directly to cherries, while others will cause golden apples to drop if you are not careful. For the most part, you will need to dig new tunnels in order to get away from your opponents. As they will greatly outnumber Mr. Do! it is not suggested that you rely on the bouncy ball as your first line of defense.

Using the up, down, left and right directional keys, you will automatically start to dig as soon as you get to a part of the board that doesn't already have a tunnel dug. You will only need to worry about the digging dinosaurs changing the tunnels around, so use this information to your advantage.

Level 1
On level one, there is a small, circle shaped tunnel in the bottom left hand corner. This tunnel continues around the outer right side of the screen, and then comes down in the middle. There are 24 cherries arranged into four groups of eight. Collecting eight cherries in a row is the key to getting the 500 cherry bonuses, so try to think of each group as a single unit.

Since Mr. Do will be starting off at the bottom of the screen, you should go through the circular tunnel just over to the left. By digging at the outer edge of the tunnel and going up, you should be able to collect the first group of cherries with no issues. Next, dig toward the right until you hit the tunnel that runs down the middle of the screen. The large body of grass to the right will contain two more groups of cherries.

By digging across and going up, you will both give yourself more escape routes and force your enemies to travel further distances before they get to you. The 1,000 point cake food bonus will appear in the middle, so pick this up as you make your way across the middle tunnel.

There will be two more groups of cherries on the grass to the left. Dig carefully so that you do not inadvertently dislodge the golden apple. Collect the last cherry or take out the last enemy on the board in order to advance.

Level 2
The pre-dug tunnel on this board will resemble a giant number two. Again, Mr. Do will be situated at the very bottom. There will be two groups of cherries directly above your head. If you follow the tunnel around, you will eventually need to return to the bottom, so choose a direction that will make collecting cherries easiest.

In total, there are 40 cherries for Mr. Do to add to his collect on this stage. Most of the golden apples are grouped at the top, so keep this in mind as you dig. The bonus food item on this level looks like a couple of cookies, and is valued at 1,500 points.

Level 3
Ironically, the tunnels on level three are also shaped to look like the number three. Again, the majority of the golden apples come very close to the top of the board. If you plan on using them to squash your enemies, try to start digging as far away from the golden apples as possible, and then make an abrupt turn left or right after you get close to them. Pick up the 40 cherries and the 2,000 point flan food bonus to wrap things up.

Level 4
Again, there will be 40 cherries separated into five groups of eight. Mr. Do will begin this board at the very end of the bottom tunnel. Be careful on this stage as a couple of the tunnels abruptly end. There should be a 2,500 point ice cream sundae food bonus that appears in the box in the middle, which is directly underneath a golden apple. While you won't squash the food bonus by moving the apple, you yourself can lose a turn.

Level 5
Stage five features a larger sized box in the center of the board where both monsters and food bonuses will emerge. Besides this 'box,' the remainder of the tunnels on this stage does not give Mr. Do much room to maneuver. Go for the three groups of cherries on the bottom first, and then follow the original tunnel around to the top. You can squish some of your enemies with the golden apples when collecting the last two groups of cherries quite easily. On this level, the food bonus looks like a hamburger and has a 3,000 point value.

Level 6
After you collect the two groups of cherries at the bottom of stage six, make sure that you dig going up and under one or two of the golden apples on the top. There will only be a small sized box in the middle for monsters and bonuses to emerge, however, it will also be very close to the tunnels you dig. Get the 42 cherries and then the hamburger bonus to wind up level six.

Level 7
From this point on, your enemies may be a little more aggressive, but they will not be able to move at a faster speed. There will always be 42 cherries, with the exception of levels that end with a numeral one. It may not be possible for you to get all eight cherries in a row each and every attempt, but you can still work to maximize your score. This time, the food bonus will be a layered lime cake worth 3,500 points.

Level 8
By now, you should notice a couple of different icons appearing next to your end level scores on the status screen. Whenever you see a cherry, you will know that all of the cherries were collected on that corresponding stage. Seeing a dinosaur means that you wiped out all of the standard enemies, and an Alphamonster icon means that you killed the special monsters. Additionally, you should have collected enough points to at least get one extra life.

Since there are four possible status screens that can appear in Mr. Do! the higher your score, the more opportunities for bonuses that you will get. Level eight also features the layered lime cake bonus.

Level 9
The play field on level nine will be yellow, with five out of six of the golden apples sitting high atop the board. Because of this, it is best to get the two groups of cherries nearest Mr. Do at the beginning of the stage, first. Collect the chocolate bar food bonus icon and add 4,000 points to your score.

Level 10
Stage 10 is the last original board in Mr. Do! and it is not without its challenges. There will be plenty of regular dinosaurs and digging dinosaurs roaming around, so use all of the golden apples at your disposal. It might be best to try to collect all of the cherries rather than trying to wipe out all of your foes.

If you are successful you will get a more detailed status screen at the end of this round. Not only will you be able to figure out what you exact status is, you will also see a point breakdown for each level. Mr. Do! doesn't end with level 10, but making it this far is quite a feat.

Hints and Tips
- Every time that you pick up one of the bonus fruit items, you will have to contend with munchers and the Alphamonster. Since all food bonuses are situated in the center of the screen, you should be prepared to deal with the monsters ahead of time.

- Each stage will end when either all of the cherries have been picked up by Mr. Do, or when all of his enemies have been killed. If you want to get the highest score possible, collect most of the cherries first, and take out the enemies closest to you with the golden apples.

- Golden apples will fall when you go to dig underneath of them, so make sure that you have a group of enemies coming close behind in order to prevent Mr. Do from being squashed.


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