Mappy: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Mappy became an overnight success when it was originally debuted by Midway Games in Japan in 1983. However, Mappy never became a big hit in other countries, including the U.S. Even so, the rights to Mappy were purchased by Namco and the game was then ported multiple home console gaming systems.

The first sequel to Mappy, named Mappy-Land, came out in Japan three years after the original. In addition to being included in several video game collections published by Namco, three more sequels came out over the course of the 1980s and the 1990s. While most of Mappy's ports and sequels are only available in Japan, Namco made the game accessible to U.S. audiences as recently as 2010.

The next Mappy sequel to emerge was Hopping Mappy. Another sequel, Mappy Kids came out as a home console only based game. Lastly, Mappy Arrangement was featured by Namco in one of their collections of arcade hits.

Ported to the Famicom first, Mappy was then put out on the MSX and multiple PC gaming computers. Mappy has been ported to the PSP, the Nintendo DS and the original PlayStation, either as a standalone game or as part of a larger collection.

Made to run on the same computer components and hardware that was used to create Pac-Man, Mappy has a noticeable different theme and feel. In addition to the differences in layout, Mappy also has its own unique theme music. Nobuyuki Ohnogi composed the music to Mappy.

The title Mappy comes from a play on the word 'mappo.' In Japan, referring to a police officer as a 'mappo' is considered to be rude by most. Because the main character, Mappy, is dressed up like a law enforcement official, it is safe to assume that the design was not a coincidence. Mappy is a platform game and supports two player modes.


Game Play Overview

Playing as the main character Mappy, your mission is to patrol all levels of each individual house. On every level, there is a new house. This continues for 16 levels, with the same stages repeating in a pattern until the 256th board is reached. At this point, players can continue to play Mappy, but they will start over from the beginning.

Mappy himself is characterized as a mouse, who himself is personified. Mappy's uniform is that of a police officer, lending to the game's ideas that he is a patrolman of sorts. His number of lives remaining is represented by shield icons, which appear on the bottom left hand side of the screen. Although not much background information is given, it is known that Mappy's job is to pick up personal possessions that have been pocketed and scattered about by a criminal cat syndicate.

Each house is divided into six floors, not including upper level attics that become included in the game during later stages. Mappy has several defenses, but his most powerful allies are the heavy metal doors. These doors will send a strong gust of wind right into your enemies, which will stun them and boot them out of the house for good.

Wooden doors also serve as an excellent defense for Mappy, however temporary. When you walk past a wooden door and hit the action key, it will knock your enemies out and prevent them from moving for a few seconds. In their stunned state, Mappy's enemies will be unable to harm him, even as he goes past them.

Mappy's enemies consist of goros, gosenzos and meowkies. Meowkies are numerous, and seen on almost every floor of every house. Goros, however, are considered to be top level bosses, so they will be seen with less frequently. Finally, gonsezos only make an appearance in the game if you do not complete a level by the time the timer warning starts to go off.

Meowkies are pretty predictable, but they aren't your standard lot of brainless enemies. First of all, meowkies can and will pursue Mappy, even after he ascends or descends a platform. Mappy moves around by walking left and right. When he gets to a trampoline, he can jump on it in order to go up to higher platforms.

Mappy has a certain number of times that he can utilize each platform before he either needs to take a break or risk losing a turn. When a trampoline is colored green, Mappy can jump on it up to three times without taking a break. Yellow trampolines can be jumped on once before they turn red, and blue trampolines yield two more turns.

When a trampoline is red, this indicates that it is about to break. You can avoid breaking red trampolines by jumping on a nearby platform, or not jumping on the trampolines multiple times in a row. If you choose to jump on a trampoline again, without a break and while it is red, Mappy will likely lose a life. The exception to this rule comes in when there is another trampoline situated directly below. You will still break through the red trampoline, but you will stay alive.

Mappy can also jump from upper level platforms as long as there is a non-red colored trampoline underneath of him. Landing on another platform or the solid ground will also cause Mappy to lose a life. There will be an even number of loot icons on each board, as they are always grouped in pairs. Each one of these icons is also assigned a point and multiplier value.

There are five different pieces of loot that are featured in Mappy. The safe icon is worth 500 points, and the crude portrait of Mona Lisa is worth 400. Computer symbols can be picked up for 300 points each, and television sets have a total value of 200 points. Radio icons are worth 100 points.

Every time that you jump on a trampoline, you will get 10 points. The point values assigned to hitting meowkies with heavy metal doors also increases by the pair. The first two meowkies are worth 200 points apiece, and then it increases to 400 points each after that. Slamming a heavy metal door in the face of a goro will give you 1,000 points. Unfortunately, all enemies automatically regenerate after a couple of seconds.

Players start off on the bottom level of each house, on the right side. Note that Mappy scrolls vertically, so there will be areas of each platform that remain out of sight, no matter where you are on the board. Each stage is marked as complete after you have collected all of the lot assigned.

Special Features

There are multiple bonus stages and features in Mappy. The bonus rounds are standalone features that appear after the second round, then after third round after that. During the bonus stage, Mappy will still be jumping on colored trampolines, but there won't be many imminent dangers. His goal is to jump up and pop all of the red balloons, valued at 200 points each.

There will be a single enemy that appears during the bonus round, but he is rather unavoidable. One goro will appear toward the end of the bonus round, and you will need to use him to pop the final balloon. If you touch the goro, the bonus stage will end.

The given multiplier will also increase for each two pieces of stolen loot recovered. You can have as much as a 6X point multiplier in Mappy, which will take your total number of points earned and multiply it times six to give you your total reward. The standard arcade settings for Mappy give players an extra man at 20K points. After that, the next extra life will be awarded at 70K points.

On higher levels, you will start to get access to even more weapons and lines of defense. First, the attic level will be opened up to Mappy, and he will have a new area to retreat to. Next are the bell icons, which will give him 300 to 1,000 points for each enemy that he manages to stun. Lastly, there will be disappearing doors that can be used to freeze your foes and boot them to the platform below.


Mappy – The authoritative mouse that runs and jumps from platform to platform, reclaiming property stolen by his arch enemies. Mappy is dressed up like a police officer, but he has no official powers.

Meowky – The name of your main group of enemies, are the 'foot soldiers' of the cat gang. Meowkies can jump on trampolines and follow you to different platforms.

Goro – Only one goro will appear at a time, which is a good thing considering his stealth. This enemy group can and will go after Mappy, but they usually prefer surprise attacks.

Loot – All of the lost items that Mappy recovers are referred to as loot. All of these objects have to be in Mappy's possession before he can go to the next stage.

Trampolines – Trampolines are either red, green, blue or yellow. Each color indicates how many more times Mappy can use them before they are destroyed.

Doors – Doors come in three varieties. Wooden doors are used to momentarily stun enemies, while heavy metal doors literally sweep enemies off their feet. Disappearing doors are good for both stunning enemies and knocking them down to the next floor.

How to Play Mappy

Mappy is played by pushing doors opened and closed with the action button, and moving right or left with the directional arrows. You cannot make Mappy jump unless he is on trampoline, but he can move either left or right while still in the air. Coincidentally, Mappy cannot be harmed by his opponents, except gosenzos, while he is in the middle of a trampoline jump. If Mappy and his foes cross paths while they are both jumping on trampolines, they will simply go through one another and land on the platform.

Level 1
Stage one starts with one goro and three meowkies. All trampolines start off being green in color, and change depending on the number of jumps you take without breaks. There will be three main parts to each house, not including levels.

The middle column of platforms will be surrounded by two trampolines on the ground level. The leftmost column will have a single trampoline on the left side, and the rightmost group of platforms will have one adjacent trampoline on the right.

Mappy will jump approximately two to three levels for every jump. If he then uses the same trampoline again, his jump will be increased by an additional two to three floors. While the three meowkies and goro chase you around, you will utilize the trampolines, and catapult yourself toward the look. Get all of the loot in order to make it to level two.

Level 2
Level two will again have three main columns in the house. Mappy will need to avoid the single goro and the three meowkies that have been assigned to this level. There will be a single trampoline over to the far right, on the second level from the top. Level two is slightly more difficult than the first board, but not by much.

Level 3 – Bonus Round
Mappy will be over to the right, and hop down on a trampoline. Move the directional keys from left to right in order to navigate Mappy toward the red balloons. There will be 16 balloons to collect, but be careful not to fall through the red trampolines. You will have until the song ends to complete this stage.

Level 4
From level four on, the number of meowkies present on each stage will increase periodically. The arrangement of this level will be slightly different, however, you will be able to complete this stage as normal. In addition, you will now have access to the attic level. Although there will never be any loot items hidden within the attic, you can use this platform as a temporary place of refuge.

Level 5
The meowkies and goros will be moving more quickly from this point on. You may also encounter a goro or two that stops moving and elects to hide behind a loot item. If there is a heavy metal door nearby, you can open or close it and send all enemies on that platform to momentarily disappear.

Level 6
There will still be a total of five enemies chasing after Mappy. This is the last board you that you face before the next bonus stage.

Level 7 – Bonus Round
This is simply a repeat of level three. Unlike regular game boards, the layout will be exactly the same. If you manage to pop the balloon holding the goro, you will get 2,000 extra points.

Level 8
Now, you will have five meowkies and one goro lurking within each house. Your enemies will also be moving more quickly. If an opponent gets too close and you cannot outrun it, look for a trampoline and jump down onto it. This will prevent you from losing a life.

Additionally, the bell icon will be introduced on this level. Bells work like heavy metal doors, sending enemies flying into the air and awarding you with bonus points. On this level, you will also encounter the 'hurry' time warning if you don't get all of the loot in time. When the word 'hurry' flashes across the screen, an image of a cat will appear, surrounded by a bubble.

At this time the gosenzo will leap into the screen and go after Mappy. The reason that the gosenzo is dangerous is that he can defeat Mappy at any point, including while he jumps on the trampolines.

Level 9
On level nine, you will still have plenty of bells to pick up, but you will also have to contend with the gosenzo in addition to a goro and multiple meowkies. Increase your chances of survival by moving quickly. You may need to forgo the multiplier bonuses in order to do this, but this is still more important when it comes to conserving lives.

Level 10
The same number of enemies that you faced on levels eight and nine will be present on this stage. Use the bell symbols that have been strategically placed on select platforms to render your enemies harmless and collect all of the loot.

Level 11 – Bonus Round
This is another repeat of the same bonus stage seen on levels three and seven. Use the trampolines to move across the board and go for the 5,000 point bonus at the end.

Level 12
In addition to bells and attic access, Mappy will now be armed with a third type of door. These doors will be extremely useful when Mappy is being pursued by multiple opponents. There will now be six meowkies, one goro, and possibly, one gosenzo on every level.

Level 13
By now, you will pretty much be running for dear life between trampoline jumps. Mappy's enemies will be leaping and pouncing at a very fast rate, so get whichever loot icon is closest to you.

Level 14
Level 14 will have the same number of enemies as there were on the previous two levels. It will also be harder to get multiplier bonuses. The disappearing doors will help you to get your opponents off of your trail.

Level 15 – Bonus Round
Use the trampolines to pop red balloons for 200 points and pop the cat balloon for an extra 2,000 points. Pop all of the balloons on the bonus stage for a 5,000 point bonus.

Level 16
Level 16 marks the last original board in Mappy. This will be a tough board to beat, as there will be seven meowkies and a goro walking around at all times. Use the bells, disappearing doors and attic wisely and you will go even further in the game.

Hints and Tips
- While the same 16 boards will continue to be repeated, the number of enemies that Mappy faces will differ. He will always have one goro and seven meowkies to battle in each house after from level 16 on.

- You do not have to be directly next to a door in order to open it. If you have enemies close behind you, start to tap the action key in advance so that the door opens more quickly. Remember that the slamming door attack cannot harm Mappy.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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