Liberator: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Liberator, created and manufactured by Atari in 1982, was inspired by a comic book named Atari Force. Published by DC Comics during the early 1980s, Atari Force featured heroes and heroines that battled space invaders and other equally sinister opponents. Programming and game designs for this title were performed by Dennis Harper.

While Liberator included many of the most popular themes included in 1980s games, such as superheroes and outer space villains, gamers did not take much of an interest in the game. Subsequently, no ports for Liberator were introduced to the masses until the 2000s. The first port for Liberator came out in 2004, for the Microsoft Xbox. Liberator was included in several Atari video game anthologies during this period.

One or two people can play Liberator by taking turns.


Game Play Overview

Players navigate a formation of four spaceships that make up the Atari Force. There are three main functions that can be controlled by players. The joystick moves the Atari Force around on the screen, while the two action keys activate the force field shield and the primary weapon.

While there are dozens of levels in Liberator, each stage is almost totally the same. The main objective of players is to defeat enemy bases, blow up missiles and avoid attacks launched by opposing spaceships. In total, there are 22 levels in Liberator.

Destroying a spaceship earns players 50 points. Starballs are worth 20 points. A total of 150 points are added to players’ scores when killer saucers are defeated. Blowing up a missile base is worth 100 extra points. Fireballs are valued at 20 points each. MIRVs, which only appear when a missile base is on the screen, have 10 point value. Satellites are worth 10 points each.

Special Features

The Atari Force shield can be utilized four times per level. This shield can be activated by selecting the action key. Afterward, a total of four hits can be taken before players become vulnerable to enemy attacks again.

An extra turn becomes available once player reach 30K points.


Atari Force – The four spaceships that constantly remain on the screen are operated by players, making up the Atari Force.

Planets – Each time a new level is reached, a new planet will appear. Some of these planets resemble planets within the Milky Way.

Missile Bases – Destroying missile bases is the main goal of Atari Force. Other enemies such as starballs and MIRVs all work to prevent the Atari Force from attaining their goal.

MIRVs – MIRVs are housed within missile bases, and are launched anytime the Atari Force begins to attack.

Enemy Spaceships – Along with missile bases, enemy spaceships are one of the main threats to Atari Force. Enemy spaceships can appear during regular levels or hyperspace missions.

How to Play Liberator

Each ship within the Atari Force is situated in a corner of the screen. These four ships work together to defeat all foes. As many as 12 shots from the Atari Force’s ships can attack enemies simultaneously.

On lower levels, only a few of the less threatening enemies will attack. Opponents, such as fireballs, will morph into starballs on higher levels. Starballs in particular are dangerous because they require four hits before they are destroyed.

As Liberator progresses, so do the number of missile bases on each stage. Standard missile bases will now be replaced with satellites. Flying saucers with unstoppable laser beams also appear. During hyperspace missions, enemy spacecrafts will simply try to destroy the Atari Force by exploding into them.

With 22 increasingly difficult levels to play, most people find it difficult to complete Liberator. However, once the first few levels are successfully navigated, it is easy to learn how to locate and destroy missile bases as well as other enemies.

Hints and Tips
- Shots from the Atari Force will not only destroy any enemy that it hits, but they also create collateral damage. Nearby opponents can be shaken or eliminated when they are close in proximity to explosions.

- After the force field shield has been destroyed, any shot taken from an enemy will cause players to lose a turn. Even though the Atari Force works as a team, all four ships can be blown up with a single shot.


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