Kick Rider: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Kick Rider is a little known racing based arcade game produced and manufactured by Universal in 1984. No information on ports or sequels is available.


Game Play Overview

Players control a motorbike as they head down a complex track in a head-to-head competition. Players and opponents traverse the racetrack as they kick at each other. If you are kicked off of your motorbike or collide into an obstacle, a turn will be lost.

On each level, players have 99 seconds to complete the course. Players that do not complete a level within the given timeframe automatically lose a life. The track often splits and forks in different directions. Traditional cyclists, bushes, tires and cars can also appear in the middle of the road, causing players to move out of the way.

A large blue box containing a directional arrow appears to let players know which way they will turn next. This box also lets players know when the road will fork. The screen continuously moves, which helps to simulate action.

On the right side of each level, there is a progress meter that informs players of how much of the course they have completed. As they near the completion point, a new stage emerges. During the last few seconds of each round, a bonus stage begins. The player’s point of view changes during the bonus period.

Special Features

The special bonus period at the end of each stage gives players the opportunity to earn more points. The objective of the bonus stage is to avoid obstacles such as rocks.


Player – The rider on the red motorbike is the main character. Players control his movements with the left and right direction keys and kick with the action button.

Enemies – Other motorbike riders are your main opponents. They will attempt to cause you to fall off of your bike by repeatedly kicking you.

Obstacles – Anything that appears on the track is considered an obstacle. These obstacles cause you to lose a life if you come into contact with them.

Track – Follow the course while avoiding enemies and obstacles to increase your score.

Progress meter – This meter keeps track of how much of each stage you have completed.

How to Play Kick Rider

Kick Rider has many stages, but they are all made up of the same components. At the beginning of each level, all competitors will be positioned at the starting block. When the light turns green, you will begin racing. Other riders will kick at you and your motorbike viciously. You need to kick back and maneuver your vehicle in order to stay in the race.

After you have completed approximately 90% of the stage, you will be transitioned to the bonus area. You will need to move quickly in order to steer clear of obstacles. If you hit 10 or more obstacles, the round will end. However, if you can make it to the goal line while hitting less than 10 obstacles, you will move on.

Hints and Tips
- Kick as often as possible when enemies are near. As soon as they get close enough to your motorbike, they will do the same.

- The directional arrows are helpful, but not vital. Unless you are coming up on a fork in the road, you need to be more concerned with opponents and obstacles.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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