Gridlee: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Also known by the name ‘Pogoz,’ Gridlee is an extremely rare arcade game. In fact, the game never officially made it to the mass production process. As a result, only a few prototypes are in existence. The release date for Gridlee is 1983.

Gridlee was developed by Videa. This small company made several other rare arcade games before being purchase by another company approximately one year after it was founded. Music and sound effects created for Gridlee is credited to Howard Delman. Ed Rotberg performed the programming for this game, while Roger Hector was in charge of creating its video graphics.

While no ports were developed for Gridlee, it can be downloaded and played online. This is a one and two player game.


Game Play Overview

The premise of Gridlee is to collect as many different colored bouncing balls as possible while navigating a grid-like playing field. Within each stage are a number of enemies and obstacles. Players are equipped with a weapon that can be used to shoot foes.

Whenever an opponent steps on a square within the playing field, it immediately becomes a hazard. For whatever reason, players are not permitted to step on these squares without losing a life. Thankfully, these ‘charged square’ are only a danger momentarily.

There are two main types of enemies in Gridlee, consisting of Yumperz and Fergies. A secondary enemy, named Igor, is also capable of causing issues for players. This opponent leaves residue within the playing board, leaving players stuck if they don’t watch their step. Igor only appears on occasion.

Players earn 200 points for Yumperz that are defeated, and 400 for all Fergies destroyed. The bouncing balls, which come in green, red and white, also have specific point values. Earn 1,000 points for each white ball caught, 500 for green balls, and 100 points for red balls.

Special Features

Extra lives can be earned every time players score 10K.


Igor – This red colored opponent mainly stays in the air, touching down only to leave sticky residue on the grid.

Main character – The unnamed main character in the game catches balls with his head and walks around the grid.

Yumperz – One of the two main enemies of players, Yumperz cause parts of the playing board to be dangerous at times.

Fergies – Fergies look somewhat like frogs, bouncing on different parts of the screen until they are shot or disappear.

Charged squares – Any part of the board that enemies touch becomes a charged square. For a second or two, these parts of the playing area become lethal.

Balls – Three different colored balls appear on each level, allowing players to earn points.

How to Play Gridlee

Gridlee is extremely simple to play. By moving left, up, down and right, players can navigate the board and add to their scores. Enemies can be tracked by watching their silhouettes. Additionally, all enemies appear at the very back end of the board at the start of each stage. This allows players to track their movements and keep tabs on their positions at all times.

Enemies can be killed off by shooting the main character’s weapon, but only while they are mid-flight. Charged squares can easily be identified by the glowing white color that they turn. As soon as these squares turn blue again, they are safe to walk on. The objective of Gridlee is to earn a high score.

Hints and Tips
- The easiest way to avoid opponents is to track their shadows. Their bouncing movements can make it difficult for players to know exactly where they will move next, so rely on the dark silhouettes that they cast instead.

- On higher levels, enemies move fast, creating many charged square as well as chaos above. Utilize the main character’s rapid-firing abilities in order to keep them at bay.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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