Frogger: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Although the objective of Frogger is very simplistic, this arcade game has gained an enormous following over the last 30 years. Robert Papas was just a teenager when he authored the iconic game. Konami then developed the game before transferring publishing rights to Sega. A partnership was formed between Sega and Gremlin Industries to mass produce thousands of Frogger arcade machines.

After Frogger's official unveiling in 1981, other game developers began to release their own versions of this arcade classic. As with most other arcade games developed at the time, Frogger is available in both one and two player modes. The first Frogger port became available on home computers, with another port for the original Atari 2600 becoming available soon after.

Frogger was released for the Commodore 64, Intellivision and several other Atari home video game consoles by the mid-1980s. Parker Brothers, Sierra, Coleco and Cornsoft purchased development rights to Frogger, which allowed them to port the video game to even more computer systems, arcade machines and home gaming consoles.

In 1984, the first sequel named Frogger II – ThreeeDeep! was released. Although many other ports and clones were developed over the years, the next official Frogger sequel was not produced until 1997. This remake is also named Frogger, but multiple changes were made. The next Frogger sequel to emerge was Frogger 2 – Swampy's Revenge. Next was Frogger – the Great Quest in 2001, with Frogger's Adventures – Temple of the Frog coming out in the same year. The latest sequel in the Frogger series is Frogger – Hyper Arcade Edition.


Game Play Overview

The objective of Frogger is to assist frogs across a busy, multi-line highway, a highway median, an embankment and a treacherous river. At each stage, there are unique challenges and obstacles for players to work around, including the fact that Frogger has no physical defenses. Each stage is laid out exactly the same way, but the number of opponents, speed and level of difficulty changes.

Only the first 10 levels in Frogger are relevant when it comes to formulating a strategy. After you finish levels one to five, you should be able to identify the pattern that is established within the next five stages. This pattern cycle will be used throughout the remainder of Frogger.

Cars are the biggest enemies of Frogger, but they are not the most dangerous. Each stage has five lanes of traffic that players have to hop across in order to get to the first safety zone. Snakes and crocodiles also periodically appear on the highway.

Median that separates the highway from the river is regarded as a safe place for you to gain your bearing, but do note that there are also snakes that patrol the area on a regular basis. The river section of each level houses the most numerous enemies. Because Frogger is not able to swim, you must hop and aim to land on the backs of floating turtles as well as logs. Touching the front of any crocodiles and immediately cause a loss of life. Snakes must be avoided entirely.

Every time that you escort a frog safely to the swamp, you will have one less 'space' available. Within the swamp, there are five rectangles capable of holding a single frog. Keep this is mind as you navigate the river area so that you do not get stuck.

Because Frogger has infinite game play, your main goal will be to gain as many points as possible. Frogger earns points finishing each level, moving toward the swamp and eating flies. No points are awarded for evading enemies.

The main control in this game consists of the directional keys and the action button. Frogger will hope when the action key is used. The default number of allotted lives at the start of each new game is three. However, some arcades were able to reset the default number of extra men given to five, seven or 256, respectively.

Special Features

On certain levels, there is a lone, purple lady frog sitting on one of the logs in the river. If you move toward him, he will hitch a ride on your back until the stage is complete. This action earns players an additional 200 points.

The extra time bonus is given when player complete a level without letting the time clock run out. The total number of seconds remaining is multiplied times 10 to get the final bonus amount.

Frogger rewards players with 1,000 for every stage they successfully finish. Each fly that Frogger snags will earn you 200 more points. Extra lives are awarded every time you score 20,000 points. This bonus is inexhaustible.



Frogger – Frogger is the main character, but he actually represents an unlimited number of frogs that you must lead to the swamp.

Turtles – Although turtles aren't really an enemy, they can cause you to lose a turn if they go below the surface. Use turtles to get from one point to another, but don't get complacent.

Snakes – Snakes are a crafty, fast moving enemy group. Watch out for them lurking on logs as well as the median.

Crocodiles – These enemies have a tenancy to spontaneously appear at various points in the game. While crocodiles don't really attack Frogger, making the slightest contact with the head area always results in instant death.

Logs – Frogger uses logs of varying lengths to make it across the river to the bank.

How to Play Frogger

At the very beginning of the game, you should see Flogger positioned at the bottom of the screen. Going from top to bottom, there will be a five lane highway, a concrete median, a river and a swampy marsh. Car traffic will go from left to right, but enemies such as the crocodile will be moving in the opposite direction. On the river, the log, crocodiles and turtles will be floating from the right to the left. Use this information to your advantage during later stages where you will have fewer rectangles available to place your frogs.

There are three varieties of logs in Frogger; short, normal and long. As expected, longer logs are ideal because there will be more area for you to hop on. Be aware of the fact that logs are not safe spots to rest. Snakes can instantly appear on any log, at any time, including before, during and directly after you jump.

Turtles are useful 'stepping stones,' but they also come with risks. Some turtles periodically dive beneath the surface of the river, causing Frogger to drown and lose a life. You should observe each new group of turtles in order to determine which ones are divers.

Cars also come in three different versions. Slower cars usually travel in the same lanes, but this is not always the case. There will be more cars that move at a normal speed during the initial stages of Frogger, but as you progress they will become less numerous. Fast cars will re

There is an infinite number of stages on the original Frogger arcade game, but a specific group of four levels are used to establish a repetitive pattern. After you have completed the sixth through the 10th stage, you will learn what to expect on future levels.

Level 1
One level one, the first three lanes of traffic have three cars each that move at a normal speed. In lane four, there is a single fast moving car. You should move toward the right side of the screen so that you have time in case the fast car in the fourth lane suddenly makes an appearance. However, you do not want to put Frogger too close to the right as crocodiles occasionally come walking out.

Within the fifth lane of traffic will be two more regular cars. Hop over to the median can get prepared to deal with the first group of diving turtles. There will be four of them at the first part of the river. Three short logs wait at the second part of the river. Next, jump on one of the four longer logs floating by. Lastly, you will need to quickly jump on the back of one of the four diving turtles in the fourth lane before making your way to the three normal length logs. Hop on the bank and find your place in the swamp.

Level 2
Four cars traveling at a normal speed will appear in the first lane of stage two. The second lane also contains four normal cars. Move Frogger through the third highway lane with three cars also moving at a normal rate. The two fast cars in lane number four will present more of a challenge. Time your hope immediately after the second fast moving car is past Frogger. Make your way past the three normal cars in the fifth lane and take a brief rest on the median.

The first obstacle you will encounter at the river are three diving turtles. Once you have gotten past the diving turtles, you will need to turn your attention to the three short logs in the next area. Wait for the single long log to emerge in the third area.

The next part presents the most challenging portion of the game, thus far. First up are four more diving turtles. When you get past them, you will have to make a choice between the three floating logs of normal length. One of these logs will probably be a crocodile. If you most fast, you can avoid the crocodile, but if you wait too long, you will need to make a quick dash for the swamp.

Level 3
The third stage is where snakes make their first appearance in Frogger. The first and second lanes each have four cars that move at a regular pace. There are five cars in the third lane. In the fourth lane, Frogger should easily be able to hop between the two slow moving cars. Time your jump well to get past the three medium speed cars in the fifth lane of traffic.

After making a quick stop on the median, move quickly to avoid drowning on the back of one of the three diving turtles. Three short logs will be moving down the river slowly in the second part. After that, move to the long log in the middle of the river.

Another group of four turtles will be in the fourth part of the water. Lastly, three medium logs, a crocodile and a snake are located directly in front of the swamp. The best way to get past them is to wait until the crocodile and snake are both present, and then jump on an unoccupied log. After that, you should be able to finish this board out easily.

Level 4
The first three lanes on stage four have four cars apiece, all moving at a normal speed. There are three deceptively fast moving cars in the fourth lane of the highway. The last lane contains three cars of normal speed.

There will be several groups of turtles at the beginning of the river, with three of them being of the diving variety. Next, move Frogger to one of the two short logs. Again, there will be a single, longer log in the middle of the water. Try to avoid the three diving turtles that come up next, then use one of the two medium length logs to get to the swamp. Be careful and avoid the crocodile at the last part of the board that is cleverly disguised as a log.

Level 5
On stage five, the first traffic lane has five normal speed cars. There are four cars in the second lane, and another five in the third lane. All cars in these lanes move at a normal pace. Move past the four slow vehicles in lane four, then jump away from the three normal cars in the fifth lane.

Only two diving turtles appear in the first area of the river. Next up are two short logs, then one long log and three move diving turtles. The last part of the river has nothing but crocodiles, so you will have no choice but to land on one of their backs. Try to stay as far away from the head as you can, but don't get to close to the tip of the tip either. After you have found a safe spot on one of the two crocodiles patrolling the water, you can finish this level out.

Level 6
It will be easy for you to work past the first three lanes of traffic on level six, as all contain three normal moving cars. Just one slow moving car travels in the fourth lane. The last two cars are positioned in the fifth lane, and they also move at a normal rate of speed.

The river portion of this stage is completed by evading the four diving turtles at the beginning, then using one of the three shorter logs and three longer logs moving in the center. The last two areas have an additional four diving turtles and two medium sized logs. Within the very last part of the river, there will be a floating crocodile. Jump on his back or avoid him altogether in order to make it to the bank.

Level 7
Level seven starts off with four normal speed cars in the first, second and third lanes. Within the fourth lane are two faster moving cars. The last lane of the highway has three more regular cars.

Stay away from the three turtles that dive near the edge of the river. Hop on one of the three shorter logs, then head for the long log that travels in the middle of the water. Within the last group of turtles, there will be five that dive. Finally, you will need to use the two medium sized logs or the back of the single crocodile to get to dry land. There will also be two snakes moving around in this area, so move quickly.

Level 8
Move past the first two lanes of traffic. Both have four cars that travel at a normal speed. In the third lane, there are five more regular vehicles. The fourth throughway is home to two fast cars. Navigate Frogger across the fifth and final lane of highway traffic while avoiding the three normal speed cars.

By now, you should have encountered plenty of snakes slithering on the median. They will continue to spawn at random throughout the rest of this game. When the coast is clear, leave the median and land on one of the 'safe' turtles. There will be three diving turtles within this area.

Three of the shorter logs will be up next, then one long log. Just past the single log is an additional group of diving turtles. There will be four in total. Frogger will only have one medium log or a single crocodile to choose from at the edge of the water. After that, you can jump to the swamp and officially finish level eight.

Level 9
Time your jumps to make it beyond the first lanes of highway traffic. This will be simple enough as there are four normal cars in each of these lanes. Four fast cars constantly zip through the fourth lane, so jump as soon as you see an opening. At the fifth lane, you will see four normal speed vehicles.

When you get over the median, there will be three diving turtles moving down the river. At the second part, two short logs will go floating by. Position yourself to get to the single long log moving just avoid the two short logs. Hop over the three turtles that go underwater, use the medium log or the crocodile to make it to the end of this level.

Level 10
Stage 10 is the last board on Frogger that has a unique enemy pattern. Five cars moving at a normal rate of speed appear in the first lane. Next are four vehicles traveling at the standard rate. In the third lane, another five normal cars will go by. There will be four slow cars in the fourth lane, which can make progress a little tricky. Once you have made it on the other side of the fourth lane of traffic, you can safely get past the last four normal cars.

There will be just two diving turtles at the start of the river portion of this stage. Two short logs, a long log and three more diving turtles come up after. Wait for the crocodile to swim down the river, get on his back and then navigate the final frog to his home in the swampland.

Hints and Tips
- Although the highway is especially treacherous, there are a few areas where Frogger can find shelter. If you jump between each lane, you can't get run over while you rest on painted lines.

- At the first part of the river on every level of Frogger contains diving frogs. Don't jump from the median too fast or else you risk losing a life.

- Crocodiles are dangerous, but they are also useful. As long as you land on their backs, you won't be harmed.

- Snakes are the only enemies present on the median, but they can appear in an instant. Never spend too long in this area or else you risk being forced to make a hasty and poorly timed jump.


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