Donkey Kong 3: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


The first inception of Donkey Kong 3 appeared in arcades in 1983. Although it is the third release of a very popular video game series, its reception was very poor. This may be because Donkey Kong 3 is a shooting game, which is a drastic departure from the theme and basic premise of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior.

In addition to changing the color of the iconic Donkey Kong logo, video game developer Nintendo decided to introduce a new main character. Donkey Kong himself again plays the role of the villain, while a newly introduced character named Stanley takes center stage.

Donkey Kong 3 was made available for the Japanese version of the original Nintendo video game console as well as the PC first. In later years, Donkey Kong 3 was included in multiple video game anthologies before finally being remastered for the Nintendo Wii. Hirokazu Tanaka composed the background music in Donkey Kong 3. This game was produced and distributed by Nintendo.


Game Play Overview

Players control a character named Stanley, who is an exterminator by trade. Stanley's job is to protect the flowers that grow in a green house. Donkey Kong stands atop of a three tiered platform and climbs up vines, launching attacks at Stanley while various insect attempt to invade and destroy the flowers. Different kinds of bugs are set at each level, but Donkey Kong is always the cause of their invasion.

As Donkey Kong launches angry attacks at Stanley, a new wave of invading insects will appear on the screen. Stanley's only defense is a bug sprayer, but he will occasionally get access to a super charged version of the same weapon. This weapon can be used to kill off invading bugs and push Donkey Kong to the upper and outer limits of the screen, where he will be less of a threat.

Besides Donkey Kong, all enemies are insects. They include; queen bees, moths, beebombs, vine- eaters, beetles, creepy crawlers and butterflies. All enemies can be destroyed with the bug sprayer or the super sprayer, but some will take more hits than others.

Donkey Kong 3 is a one or two player game. An eight directional keypad and the action button are used to move the main character and shoot his primary weapon. When playing in two player mode, each player alternates taking turns. There are only three main levels on Donkey Kong 3, but game play is infinite. After all three stages are completed, the game will continue to cycle through them until the player ultimately runs out of lives.

Special Features

The Super Spray is most important special feature present in Donkey Kong 3. Players can get this special feature only once for every one of Stanley's lives. This special feature is simply a more powerful version of the standard bug sprayer that Stanley carries. You can see the Super Spray entangled in one of the vines at the start of the game. As Stanley attacks Donkey Kong, he will retreat to the vines in an attempt to avoid his bug sprayer.

The Super Sprayer becomes active after Donkey Kong knocks it down. Players will have a limited amount of time to bombard their enemies with this hyper-weapon. Although you can only use the Super Spray once per attempt, the good news is that it can be carried over into the next level if it is activated toward the end of a stage.

There is also a bonus point feature that is unlocked at the end of each round where all plants have been successfully defended against. Players get extra points for this accomplishment.


Queen bees – These are arguably the strongest enemies in Donkey Kong 3. Because queen bees break up into smaller enemies when shot, you will have to contend with two rounds of attacks for every queen bee that you encounter.

Beebombs – When a queen bee gets past you and is able to eliminate a flower, a Beebomb will emerge. Beebombs have a distinctive bomb styled attack, which should make it easy for you to defend against.

Vine eaters – You can't destroy these opponents with your primary weapon, but you can prevent them from appearing by keeping your eyes peeled on the time clock. After it runs out, several vine eaters will appear and consume two vines.

Donkey Kong – Donkey Kong controls the number of insects that attack and he also is capable of launching coconuts at Stanley.

Creepy crawlers – This is another enemy group that seems impervious to the bug sprayer. However, creepy crawlers are momentarily stunned when they are hit. Try to keep them from making their way to the vines, where they become a major distraction.

Stanley – Stanley is the exterminator set with the task of battling Donkey Kong and various bugs simultaneously.

Moths – When a moth attacks, it will either direct its attention toward the main character or one of the flowers. You will need to use your best judgment on when to attack because moths are very unpredictable.

Beetles – This flying enemy is hard to dodge, so attack whenever you see one emerging.

Super Spray – The Super Spray is a special weapon that should only be used when you are being bombarded by attacks from enemies. This weapon can only be used for a short period of time.

Butterflies – This seemingly innocent foe packs quite a punch in Donkey Kong 3. Luckily, you will know exactly when the butterfly will attack because there will be a short delay before it comes right at Stanley.

How to Play Donkey Kong 3

Players can't beat Donkey Kong 3 as the three primary levels just continue to repeat until you give up or run out of turns. The game grows harder as gamer’s progress, with enemies growing more aggressive. There are no extra lives that you can earn in the classic arcade version of Donkey Kong 3.

Round 1 - Blue
At the beginning of this stage, players start off being positioned very close to Donkey Kong himself. He won't attack, but it is still best to move away and use your weapon first. With Donkey Kong distracted, you can start to get a feel for the layout and start taking out the handful of enemies that will come out one at a time.

For all said purposes, the first stage in Donkey Kong 3 is more of a primer than anything else. You won't see any of the major enemies and Donkey Kong's attacks will be weak and half-hearted. With the exception of moths, every enemy group moves and attacks in a set pattern. If possible, don't use the Super Sprayer just yet. The round will end after you have successfully defended the greenhouse against all attacks.

Round one will repeat a couple of times, with more types of opponents coming out. The Blue stage will become harder and harder to complete, then you will be moved on to the Grey round.

Round 2 - Grey
The Grey stage looks and feels similar to the Blue stage. You will be able to move Stanley around just as you did before, but there will be a slight variations in one of the platform, forcing you to maneuver a bit in order to make it to the other side. New opponents will continue to attack, and you will need to learn how to handle being attacked relentlessly. This is the perfect time to focus your attention on Donkey Kong so that you can get the Super Sprayer.

Donkey Kong 3 will continue to repeat back and forth between the Grey and the Blue stages until you finally get to the Yellow stage.

Round 3 - Yellow
In the 'final' round of this game, Stanley will come face to face with Donkey Kong and his powerful attacks. You will also have to battle with bugs that are constantly trying to get your flowers. They will be less interested in attacking Stanley himself, but the game will end quickly if you don't prevent them from stealing all of the plants in the greenhouse.

Armed with a healthy supply of coconuts, Donkey Kong will be moving up and down the vines while launching coconuts at you and the beehive. Since you can't shoot the coconuts, you will need to avoid them. Use the directional keys to get Stanley out of the way until Donkey Kong calms down and goes back to attacking the beehive.

This round ends when Donkey Kong has no option but to move up the vines, where the beehive will fall onto his head. After the Yellow stage is over, the game will continue with players alternating between the Blue, Yellow and Grey stage. The best player is the one that gets the highest score.

Hints and Tips
- Donkey Kong is just as annoyed with the invading insects as Stanley, so use this to your advantage. He won't be able to destroy insects directly, but he can be positioned to trip them up and block their path. If you see a group of indestructible bugs coming your way, try to coax Donkey Kong in their direction with a few hits from the bug sprayer.

- Stanley cannot evade coconuts and use his primary weapon that well at the same time, so choose one or the other. If Donkey Kong is throwing coconuts at you, it is more important that you dodge and weave the attack than to go after other enemies at the moment.

- Time your usage of the Super Spray. At maximum, you can only use this weapon three times per game. However, if you accidentally cause Donkey Kong to knock one down, don't let it go to waste.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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