Do! Run Run: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Do! Run Run is the fourth installation in the Mr. Do franchise. This 1984 game was developed by Universal. It is a puzzle themed platform games that features the infamous Mr. Do.

Although Do! Run Run is a sequel; it came to the arcade as an expansion kit. This move was initiated by Universal because of limited resources due to the volatile state of the industry. Ports for Do! Run Run were made for the Atari ST and the Commodore Amiga.

A sequel to Do! Run Run, Neo Mr. Do! debuted in 1996. This game allows one or two player game play.


Game Play Overview

Players control a clown-like figure as he complete mazes by eating dots and other symbols. Alphamonsters are Mr. Do’s primary enemy, and he is given two different ways to deal with them. Powerballs can be rolled into foes, which take them out immediately and yield players between 500 and 3,000 points. Logs also kill alphamonsters, earning players 1,000 points. As an added benefit, logs are capable of defeating multiple opponents at once. The maximum number of enemies that a single log can take out is five, yield players a cool 5,000 points.

When alphamonsters attack Mr. Do, they are sometimes flanked by three smaller monsters. These monsters can also be defeated with the powerball and the log. Another type of enemy in Mr. Do are the green clams that are particularly adaptable. You will need to time your attacks precisely in order to take them out. There are also snakes that magically transform into shooting flames, so make sure that you constantly move around.

At the start of each board, the screen is filled with dots. These dots are worth 10 points apiece. As Mr. Do walks, a line forms behind him. When the end of this line is connected, dots turn into fruit. The first type of fruit that appears are cherries, which have a 20 point value. After cherries come apples, which are worth 40 points. When apples turn into lemons they are worth 80 points. Lastly, the highest valued fruit are pineapples, worth 160 points each.

Special Features

Randomly appearing diamonds, which are worth 10K, sometimes appear in Do! Run Run.

Collecting the all letters in the word ‘extra’ will earn players an additional life. These letters only appear on areas of the board where the line has been traced.


Mr. Do – The main characters and the game, Mr. Do’s only goal is to eat fruit and dots until he clears each stage.

Fruit – Many of the icons that appear in Do! Run Run are fruit. They need to be picked up by players to get a higher score.

Alphamonsters – Alphamonsters mainly attack players, but they can also help them to gain extra turns.

Diamonds – Only seen on occasion, diamonds are worth 10K points.

Logs – This is one of the weapons that Mr. Do can use to destroy alphamonsters. Logs roll, taking down as many as five opponents at a time.

Powerballs – This is Mr. Do’s primary weapon, but it is quickly exhausted. Only one monster can be eliminated per powerball throw.

How to Play Do! Run Run

Playing Do! Run Run is simple. The joystick or directional keypad is used to move Mr. Do around. Use the action key to fire his weapons. While consuming dots, look at the paths that you are taking in order to keep track of the line tracing behind Mr. Do. When the time is right, you can start connecting these lines and increase the point value of remaining dots.

Alphamonsters will attack somewhat suddenly and infrequently, forcing you to use the powerball and log attack. After you have used the powerball once, you will need to pick up another 16 dots before it will become active again. The other two main enemies, clams and snakes, will constantly patrol the screen in an effort to kill Mr. Do.

Players have many opportunities to turn dots into fruit with a higher point value, as well as earn extra lives. However, you must always be mindful of the enemies directly around you. Utilize logs whenever possible so that you can conserve the powerball feature. As the stages progress, all enemies will start to move faster. It will be harder to dodge their attacks and more difficult to clear stages.

Hints and Tips
- Logs are found randomly on every stage of Do! Run Run. You can use them to squash alphamonsters, but they can’t be carried around.

- While tracing lines and converting dots into fruit will help you to score more points, staying in the same area for too long can prove fatal. Multiple monsters will close in on you, either cornering you or forcing you to use the powerball attack. To prevent this, trace lines and quickly move on.


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