Crush Roller: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Crush Roller also goes by the name Make Trax. Japanese developer Alpha Denshi created this game in 1981. A slight modification was made to Crush Roller a short time after it was released which allowed players to move more quickly. This game was dubbed Make Trax Turbo. A home version of Crush Roller was made available for the Japanese version of Super Nintendo, Super Famicon in the mid-1980s.

Because there is a North American, a European and a Japanese version of Crush Roller, there were multiple publishers. Williams was responsible for the U.S. version of Crush Roller while Exidy and Karateco published the version made for European audiences. Lastly, Kural Samno released the Japanese version of Crush Roller, known as Make Trax.


Game Play Overview

There are two main enemies and one secondary set of enemies that makes appearances at random. There is no real main character in Crush Roller. Players are equipped with a paint brush and two paint rollers that run horizontally and vertically. Each stage consists of a different maze. The object of the game is to paint over all of the paths in each maze without running into any of the opponents.

Although there are only three enemies in Crush Roller, they are fast, efficient and cunning. The two enemies that you will encounter most often are two gold fish. One is yellow and the other is blue. As you make your way down paths with your paint brush, the goldfish will approach, attempting to corner you.

The secondary enemy group are; mice, tires, invisible feet, birds, cat and kittens. They will not all appear on the same stage, but they all wreak havoc in the same manner. Secondary enemies can create tracks on freshly painted areas of the board, making players go back and redo the same areas again and again. All of your opponents can be defeated by running them over with either one of your two paint rollers.

Two player mode is available in Crush Roller, but one player mode remains the most popular. Each player is given three attempts in which to clear all of the boards.

Special Features

The paint brushes main attack is the crush move. Players are only vulnerable when an enemy attacks from behind. The yellow and blue goldfish re-enter the game after being defeated, but secondary enemies don’t always re-spawn. A single extra life is awarded when you reach a score of 10,000 points. Bonuses are also given depending on the total number of enemies killed on every level.

In some versions of Crush Roller, there are points that players can use to teleport to different parts of the board. These points are completely random.


Goldfish – These two enemies emerge from individual aquariums, chasing after the paint brush at each turn.

Paint brush – This is the main ‘character’ in the game.

Paint rollers – Two rollers, one going up and down and the other going left to right, control the climate of Crush Roller.

How to Play Crush Roller

Each level starts off with the board being completely clear. You can move the paint brush freely, attaching either of the two available paint rollers at will. When all of the paths have been covered in paint and are free of blemishes caused by secondary enemies, the next stage will commence. There are a total of nine stages in Crush Roller.

The only way to score points is to destroy enemies and paint areas of the board. You can defeat the goldfish multiple times over. Secondary enemies usually only make one appearance per stage.

Level 1
The two goldfish and the kitten are the enemies present in stage one. The kitten can be found in the bottom left corner.

Level 2
On level two, you will face the mouse in addition to the two attacking goldfish. The mouse is positioned toward the bottom half of the screen, nuzzled in a small hole to the right.

Level 3
Stage three is completed the same way as previous levels. This time, a bird leaves his resting place, on the top right side of the screen. He will have to be destroyed if you want to get a perfect score.

Level 4
On the right side of level four, there is a broken down car. At some point, the tire will come loose. Roll over the tire and paint the rest of the board to make it to stage five.

Level 5
Similar to the kitten, the cat is slightly faster. Use a paint brush to roll the cat over and keep the goldfish at bay.

Level 6
Stage six includes the final secondary enemy. This opponent cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, he can be identified by the telltale footprints that he leaves in his wake. As soon as you see a set of footprint emerging, come up behind the invisible feet and progress with the rest of this stage.

Level 7
After the end of the sixth level, the appearance of secondary enemies becomes randomized. Additionally, players are able to score more points as they make their way through the game.

Level 8
On level eight, you will have numerous opportunities to score bonus points. After the first two enemies are defeated, you will get 9,000 for each subsequent kill.

Level 9
This is the final round of Crush Roller. Only one opponent has to be defeated in order to activate the 9,000 point per defeat bonus.

Hints and Tips
- Because enemy goldfish work together as a team, you will be able to progress faster if you take them out at the same time. Every time a goldfish is defeated, you will be given a few seconds before they come back.

- Use the structure of the maze to your advantage. Although the color of each stage may change, the basic layout will remain the same. If you see both of the goldfish coming at you at the same time, use a side path to get out of the way.

- Learn and identify each of the secondary enemies’ entry points. You will not to have to anticipate when they will make an appearance if you know exactly where they come from.

- It is much easier to take out enemies by running them over with the paint brush that goes from left to right. For whatever reason, players are more at risk when they travel up and down.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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