Crash: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview


Crash is a racing themed arcade game, created and published by Exidy. Released in 1979, Crash is one of the earliest racing themed games released in the United States. Edward Valeau is credited as doing all of the lead programming as well as designs for the game. In part, Crash is also a maze themed title.

Crash is a one and two player game.


Game Play Overview

In crash, the mission is to collect all dots dispersed in each maze, and avoid getting crashed into by enemy cars. The number of enemy vehicles present on each level can vary. Like games such as Super Pacman, the maze itself never changes.

There are a total of five lanes that wrap around the screen. The inner lanes are more narrow, and thus, more difficult for players to navigate. The outer lanes contain more dots and take longer to complete. The player car always originates at the bottom of the screen, giving players the option of taking virtually any route at the onset of the game.

Each level is completed when all dots are cleared. Bonus points are also awarded when a stage is completed. Each dot collected by the player car is worth 10 points.

Special Features

A special bonus is given at the end of each stage. The amount of points awarded varies on many factors.


Dots – Within each lane there are a series of dots that have to be collected by players.

Player car – This is the car that players control in order to play Crash.

Jam cars – Enemy vehicles, or jam cars, drive around the screen in pursuit of the player car. If these two vehicles collide, a crash ensues and the player loses a turn.

How to Play Crash
The only basic controls needed to play Crash consist of the directional keys. You can move up, down, left or right with a joystick or the direction arrows. When a lane is chosen, you must continue along its path until you reach a gap. There are a total of four gaps in Crash. They appear in the middle of the screen, on the top and on the bottom, and also on the left and right sides.

However, jam cars can also switch lanes when they reach a gap. You will have to make swift movements in order to prevent an enemy vehicle from slamming into you.

Hints and Tips
- If a jam car is traveling in the opposite direction of your car, it will attempt to switch into your lane and cause a head-on collision. These are virtually impossible to avoid unless you are able to reach a gap first. Try switching to a lane that is either closest to the inside or furthest on the outside of the board.

- The more jam cars present, the more crashes that are likely to happen. Making quick movements will allow you to collect more dots, but it will also give your enemies more opportunities to crash into you. By clearing each lane one by one, you might have a better chance of escaping your foes.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the information shared on this classic arcade game.

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