Amazon Acquires Curse; Facebook May Join the Gaming Sphere

Back when a tabletop arcade machine was the latest and greatest addition to the local arcade, could you ever have imagined a world where you could talk to your friends while sitting on your couch, beating the next level with a handheld controller and watching the game unfold on your TV screen? Continue reading

Online Gaming Is Better Than Social Media

You may think your Ms. Pac-Man arcade game is the best game you’ve ever played, but don’t begrudge your children time spent gaming online with friends – it has positive correlations to academic performance. Continue reading

Nintendo NX Set to Premier March 2017

You have to spend a considerable amount of time narrowing down your choice of upright arcade games for sale, but Nintendo is banking on the fact that you won’t think too hard when the new NX console is released – you’ll just buy it. Continue reading

Pokémon Go Creator Speaks of Futuristic Contact Lens Video Games

It’s not every day you hear an experienced video game creator tell the public that someday they will play video games just by opening their eyes, but that’s what John Hanke said at VentureBeat’s GamesBeat conference. Back when the Pacman arcade machine was the latest and greatest game you’d ever played, this would have been hard to even envision, never mind believe. But now, it’s coming closer to a reality and Hanke says it will happen in his lifetime. Continue reading

Ubisoft Has a New Movie in the Works: The Division

When you sit down to play tabletop arcade games, you’re probably not picturing how gameplay would translate to a movie theater…but most everyone at Ubisoft Motion Pictures is. Ubisoft has just announced that their film adaptation of The Division is going to star Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain. Reviews of past works have shown that critics and moviegoers alike don’t typically love movies based on video games, but Ubisoft is looking to buck the trend. Continue reading

Video Games Can Improve Your Driving Skills

Don’t talk yourself out of buying that Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table for sale – splurge and enjoy. Why? Because it turns out that playing video games isn’t a time-wasting activity like many would have you believe. In fact, researchers are finding new benefits of video gaming all the time. The latest study shows that playing certain types of games can help gamers improve driving abilities. Gaming can keep you safer on the roadways – that’s a definite plus. Continue reading

Gambling and Video Games: Should It Be Legal?

Southern California police are cracking down on “slaphouses,” where people sit down at multi game arcade machines and bet thousands of dollars into the wee morning hours. There is a prevalence of alcohol and drug use as well. Orange County’s Little Saigon, a Vietnamese community, contains dozens of these homes. They get their “slaphouse” name from the sound of the gambling gamers banging their hands on the buttons – a sound so loud it can be heard outside. Continue reading

Do You Want to Go to School for Video Game Design?

You could stock your game room with all the arcade games for sale you can find, or you can indulge your love for gaming and get a degree in video game design – or you could do both. Recently, the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute announced their new major: video game production. Continue reading

Microsoft’s Profits Are Dropping

Gamers today have more options than whatever upright arcade machine the arcade owner wants to purchase for their facility. Now, you can select not only the exact game title you want to play, but the platform you’d like to play it on. And sadly, it seems like some gamers are shunning Microsoft’s Xbox. Continue reading

Are You Obsessed with Pokémon Go Yet?

Have you been spending hours visiting all the Poke Stops in your area, hunting for the rarest Pokémon you can find? It may not be as timeless as a Pac-Man arcade table, but Pokémon Go is taking mobile gaming to a whole new level. Continue reading

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