Sega’s Newest Arcade Game: Daytona USA

It’s one of the classic arcade game machines from the 90s and it’s back. Sega is producing a brand new Daytona USA racing arcade cabinet and racing fans everywhere are rejoicing. The latest installment, Daytona 3 Championship USA, is going to shock you with its amazing design, but only time will tell if it draws as large a crowd as its predecessors when it hits arcades. Continue reading

Study Shows Video Games Have an Influence on Teen Behavior

Want another reason to buy your teen a classic game like a Ms. Pac-Man arcade game? A new study released by researchers at the University of Nottingham shows that when teens play modern video games that have drug and alcohol references, it increases their chances of smoking and drinking. Not only are classic titles like Ms. Pac-Man just that – a classic – it won’t have the kind of detrimental effect that researchers claim titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty are causing. Continue reading

When Was the First Video Game Created?

<“”>That Pac-Man cocktail table for sale brings back memories…distant memories. In fact, you may realize that Pac-Man was one of the first video games you ever played. That is true for many people since Pac-Man was one of the first classic arcade machines to gain worldwide fame. Continue reading

Will Video Game Voice Actors Go on Strike?

Video game voice actors have some serious complaints about how they’re treated and paid. The complaints are so serious that it could affect the production of all video games that have gone into production since February 2015. If SAG-AFTRA, the video game voice actor worker’s union, doesn’t reach an agreement with industry developer giants, they may decide to go on strike. Maybe you should buy that Pac-Man arcade game for sale – you may need it sooner rather than later. Continue reading

Battlezone Reimagined in Virtual Reality

One of the first upright arcade machines to grab the attention of many, Battlezone, is now making a comeback on a new, modern platform: virtual reality. It’s only fitting, since the game is considered the first “virtual reality” game ever created because of how its viewed while playing, with the gamer’s face placed inside of goggles to see the game. Continue reading

Doom Adds an Arcade Mode – It’s a Hit

Upright video game machines were (and are) your first love, and that’s why you will love the latest Doom update. It makes you feel like you’re back in a darkened arcade racing for the next high score on the leaderboard. Doom has offered hours of entertainment to gamers for years, but now it’s upping its own game. Continue reading

Video Game-Like Surgical Training App That Works

Who knew that popular cocktail arcade games from the 80s would be influencing modern medicine in 2016? Video game technology continues to have an impact beyond its own industry. The latest development is a surgical training app that helps medical professionals practice the skills and techniques that could someday save the life of a real patient. It’s called Airway EX. Continue reading

The First Skill-Based Gambling Machine Makes Its Debut

It looks like an upright arcade machine, but it’s more than just that. Danger Arena, the first skill-based video game, is set to premier in Atlantic City this fall, and developers are hoping it’s a hit, especially with a certain demographic: young adults. After years of developing the game and submitting plans to review boards, the time has finally arrived – the time for casinos to take the next step and modernize their entertainment offerings for Gen-X and millennial adults. Continue reading

A Fruit Ninja Movie in the Works

It was never as popular as some of the top classic arcade machines from the 1980s, but mention Fruit Ninja and it’s likely that most people in the room will know which game you’re talking about. The game, initially released in April 2010, is one of the most downloaded games of all time with over 1 billion downloads. Continue reading

Classic Arcade Gaming…While You Shop for Eyeglasses!

When was the last time you visited an eyeglass store and they had a Pac-Man arcade machine waiting and ready for you? The answer is probably “never.” It’s rare that you look forward to a trip to purchase new glasses, but at Warby Parker’s new annex in Portland, Oregon, you might change your mind. Continue reading

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