Microsoft’s Profits Are Dropping

Gamers today have more options than whatever upright arcade machine the arcade owner wants to purchase for their facility. Now, you can select not only the exact game title you want to play, but the platform you’d like to play it on. And sadly, it seems like some gamers are shunning Microsoft’s Xbox. Continue reading

Are You Obsessed with Pokémon Go Yet?

Have you been spending hours visiting all the Poke Stops in your area, hunting for the rarest Pokémon you can find? It may not be as timeless as a Pac-Man arcade table, but Pokémon Go is taking mobile gaming to a whole new level. Continue reading

Battlefield to Become a TV Series

Battlefield wasn’t conceived until a few decades after cocktail table arcade games were enjoying the spotlight, but it’s a classic first-person shooter series all the same. And now, Paramount Television has announced that they’re going to turn the game into a new series, shot for television. Since video game movies don’t always get rave reviews, would a TV show be a better fit? Continue reading

Finnish Video Game Program Helps Reduce Bullying in Schools

Video games play a starring role in our society today. Home consoles provide entertainment, custom arcade machines offer hours of fun and handheld mobile games help pass the time when you’re bored. But more and more, video games are evolving into helpful tools to make our society better as a whole. Continue reading

3 Items You Need for Your Arcade Game Room

Have you found an arcade machine for sale that you absolutely love? It’s finally time to start collecting cabinets and designing that home arcade you’ve been dreaming about for years. Turn your garage, spare room or finished basement into a classic arcade, and make sure you purchase these three items to add to the design: Continue reading

3 New Ways Video Games Can Be Used to Help

For many video game lovers, your dream is to find arcade game machines for sale, purchase your favorite, take it home and add it to your collection. You look at video games as entertainment, a way to relax after a long work week or a way to bond with family and friends through playing together. Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence Program ‘ALPHA’ Bests Air Force Combat Expert

You thought losing the highest scorer ranking on your Ms. Pac-man cocktail arcade table was disappointing. What if you were one of the top combat fighter trainers in the Air Force and you were beaten by a computer in a simulation training exercise? Continue reading

Warcraft Becomes the Highest-Grossing Video Game Movie of All Time

Didn’t hear much positive feedback from your buddies about the Warcraft movie? If you went, did you feel like you wasted movie ticket money and a Saturday afternoon? You wouldn’t be alone. Critics and moviegoers alike gave it overwhelmingly negative reviews, at least in the U.S. Continue reading

U.S. Navy Using Video Game Technology to Train Robots

Back when upright arcade machines were all the rage, it might not have seemed possible that similar technology would one day be used by the U.S. government to train robots. That would have seemed more like the plot line of a futuristic science fiction movie. But today, it’s actually happening – the U.S. Navy is using video game simulations to teach robots their manners. Continue reading

Play Mobile Arcade Games with Friends – Bet Real Money

GSN Games is about to change the way you play games on your mobile device by allowing you to play against friends for real money. There will no longer be a need to say, “Lunch is on me if you win!” You can put up the money right away, and winner takes all the spoils…well, except for the slight cut that will be paid to GSN. Of course, betting on video games isn’t a new thing – you and your pals used to bet constantly on who would leave the highest score on the Pac-Man arcade machine at your local arcade, but now video game betting is adapting to modern technology. You don’t have to meet your buddies at the arcade to get a tournament going – you can just open the “Sparcade” app on your phone. Continue reading

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