Older Adults Love Video Games Too, And It’s Not a Passing Fad

Recent studies show the number of aging adults that regularly play video games is gradually increasing, but the video game market doesn’t seem to realize it. Maybe they started gaming on a cocktail arcade table, but now they fully participate in console gaming as well. The only problem? Modern video games tend to cater to younger audiences, which make up a larger faction of the market. The preferences of older adults are typically ignored, but in time, as this demographic grows, it could cause a shift in the industry. Continue reading

GameStop is Expanding to the Publishing World

Even if all you play are cocktail table arcade games, chances are good you have heard of GameStop, one of the world’s premier video game retailers. The franchise currently runs over 6,900 stores in 14 different countries. Now, GameStop is expanding with the creation of GameTrust, an independent video game publishing label. Continue reading

Video Games Relieve Stress for Veterans

When active duty military members are engaged in team-bonding activities, they suffer less mental stress, one of the main contributing factors to developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Veteran Stephen Machuga knows firsthand the beneficial effects of having a video game hobby, and that’s why he founded Stack-Up.org. While it might not be possible to transport an arcade cocktail table to Iraq or Afghanistan, Machuga has a dedicated mission: supply soldiers with fun, exciting video games to help pass the time. Continue reading

Are Video Game Olympics a Good Idea?

Back when you held the highest score on the Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table arcade game, did you ever dream of becoming even greater? Sure, your friends admired your gaming skills, but did you ever want more notoriety? Today’s gamers have many chances to perfect their craft, compete against other top gamers and gain extensive fame, not to mention cash. Some of the most famous tournaments include the World Cyber Games, The International and the Halo Championship Series. But now, gamers have an opportunity to compete not for themselves, their team or their sponsors, but for their country. The eGames have arrived: The Olympics for video games. Continue reading

The eSports Industry Continues to Have Explosive Growth

Back when a multi game arcade was the latest invention in the gaming industry, it would have been hard to predict that someday there would be such an occupation as a “professional gamer.” But today, the eSports industry has grown by exponential margins, with the worldwide market projected to grow to $1.9 billion in 2018. Continue reading

2016 Finalists for Video Game Hall of Fame Announced

If you own a Pac-Man cocktail table, you can rest assured that you invested in a timeless title. After all, Pac-Man was one of the first inductees into the World Video Game Hall of Fame at The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York. But that was last year, this is now. The 2016 finalists have just been announced, and it’s a group of video games well-deserving of the honor. Continue reading

Video Games Are Effective at Teaching Children Civics Lessons

Your Pac-Man cocktail arcade table is beneficial for a great many reasons: it helps you unwind after a long day, it challenges your reflexes and it awakens your brain. But does it teach you about how the government works? If learning about the government sounds like a boring reason to play a video game, think again. 86-year-old Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court, and now, in her retirement, she’s determined to teach the next generation the principles of law in America. So far, it’s working. Continue reading

The Potential Benefits of Virtual Reality

Building on the popularity of the upright arcade machine that swept the world in the 1980s, virtual reality is the latest craze and the latest modern development to come to the gaming industry. It’s going to spark a wave of interest and there’s no doubt that the headsets will fly off the shelves, but many believe that virtual reality is useful for more than just entertainment. Continue reading

Are Episodic Games Good for the Industry?

The selection of upright arcade games for sale used to be your only option when it came to owning your own video game. That isn’t the case anymore. You can purchase one of many different gaming systems for your home, along with a wide variety of games from all different genres for your entertainment. From puzzle games to action games, there is always a title to keep you interested. But lately, the video gaming industry is moving down a different path. Combining a mixture of action with storytelling, games are becoming more like a television series: released in episodes. Is this format going to catch on and become the new normal? Continue reading

Is the Wii U Dying?

It doesn’t have the draw of a tabletop arcade game, but the Wii U did receive mostly positive critical reception after its 2012 release. Why are there credible reports published that Nintendo is considering discontinuing production? Is it time to say goodbye to your favorite Wii U titles and move on? Continue reading

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