Use Arcade Games to Boost Employee Morale

Are your employees dragging their feet on Monday morning? Even after a rested weekend, you simply don’t see a spark in their eye. No one is excited to get back to work and tackle the new projects on your company’s agenda. How can you turn your employees’ negative attitudes around and put a smile on their faces? Continue reading

Play “Pong” While You Wait to Cross the Street

Your morning walk to work just became a bit more interesting if you live in Germany. The last time you played “Pong” with this many people was probably in a multi game arcade. Now, instead of a boring wait until the traffic light changes in your favor, you can challenge strangers to a friendly round of the classic arcade game. Continue reading

Career Path: Arcade Game Tester?

Let’s face it, video games are not going away. From the advent of classic arcade games, to current modern technology, gaming holds its own place in cultures across the globe. Contrary to what you might believe, arcade games are staying relevant as well, with custom arcade machines being conceived and built constantly. If you enjoy games, arcade games specifically, you could join the ranks of specialists charged with fine-tuning arcade games before they hit major markets. Continue reading

Sony PlayStation Turns 20 Years Old

On December 3, 1994, Sony changed the video game world forever. The original PlayStation was released 20 years ago this week, prompting a worldwide fascination with the gaming system and forever altering the landscape of video games. Whether you grew up playing upright video game machines or classic arcade games, you most likely remember the day you played Sony’s new creation for the first time. Continue reading

National Video Game Arcade Museum is Coming to Nottingham

Whether the general populace wants to admit it or not, video games have become a firm part of modern culture. So much time has gone by, that countries all over the world are dedicating funds, research and property to the promotion of remembering what these video games represent and how they have progressed to this point. From upright arcade machines to cocktail arcade games to the Playstation or Xbox machine sitting in your living room, video games have come a long way. Now Nottingham is gearing up for their first video game museum, called the National Video Game Arcade, set to open in March 2015. Continue reading

10-Player Duel Arcade Game Cabinet Comes to Portland

Have you ever wanted to play nine of your friends at a classic arcade game but never got the chance? Maybe that’s because you didn’t realize a 10-player custom arcade machine cabinet even existed. Josh DeBonis and Nik Mikros, designers of the game Killer Queen, originally debuted the game in 2010 at the Come Out and Play Festival. Since then, they released the game in arcade format and designed a mega-way to link you and your friend – and eight other friends – on the same game. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Invest in Arcade Games for Your Business

If you own a bar or restaurant, you’re constantly looking for ways to make your joint stand out. The fact is that potential customers have a wide array of options when it comes time to choose where they go to eat, connect with friends and spend their free time. Why should they choose your place? With many chain restaurants beginning to install tabletop arcade games and other types of games at each table, it might be time to think about getting in on the action. Here are three of the top reasons you should buy classic arcade games for your business. Continue reading

Atari’s Newest Release: Ready to Play ‘Atari Jackpots?’

Atari is at it again, and no, they have not released any new upright arcade machines. After their latest bankruptcy filing, which took place last year, they’ve decided to go a new route, creating an online casino game which is accessible through social and mobile platforms. Continue reading

“Luigi’s Mansion” is now an Arcade Game in Japan

If you’ve been hoping for another dose of Mario and Luigi in the form of an arcade machine or arcade cocktail table, all you have to do is hop a flight to Japan. While Nintendo is behind the Luigi’s Mansion series, originally published on GameCube, Capcom has developed Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, marking the first time the company has developed anything for the series. Continue reading

Concept “Tappers Arcade Bar” Could Soon Be Coming to Indianapolis

Jeff Moulton and Austin Howard have been collecting any and all upright and cocktail table arcade games for sale that they can get their hands on. The result? Moulton’s living room is chock full of classics like Ms Pac-Man and Space Invaders, and he’s constantly on the lookout for more. Continue reading

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