Video Games to Be Used for Vision and Concussion Testing

Back in the 80s, no one thought the popularity of the local cocktail arcade games would lead to advancements in vision technology, but here we are. This year, a company called RightEye LLC is presenting new software that allows doctors to use PC games to track patients’ eye movements and quickly identify vision deficiencies. The software is also able to tell whether or not a patient has had a concussion. Continue reading

Are Your Video Game Systems Snooping On You?

This will make you long for the days when you could just slide quarters into cocktail table arcade games and not have to worry that your personal privacy is compromised. Video game companies are using your playing and purchasing habits to track information about you. While they say it’s just for marketing purposes, the depth of their knowledge about you might make you cringe. Continue reading

“The Legend of Zelda” is 30 Years Old This Year

Not to make you feel old, but The Legend of Zelda was released 30 years ago this year. If you can’t think of any vertical arcade games you love more, you aren’t alone. The title is arguably one of the most well-known Nintendo game of all time, and it’s definitely one of their most long-lasting and profitable franchises ever released, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. Continue reading

Today’s Generation? Nearly All Kids Play Video Games

Were you one of the only kids in your class to have their name on the leaderboard at the local arcade’s Pac-Man arcade table or cabinet? If the current generation of young adults and children were transported back to your time, this probably wouldn’t be the case. In today’s world, video games aren’t a niche hobby – they are played by almost every single kid and teen in America. Continue reading

4 Tips to Up Your Pac-Man Score

You notice that shiny, polished Pac-Man arcade game for sale, and you can’t help yourself – you’ve got to add it to your entertainment room. But don’t let your friends come to visit and embarrass you with their skills. You should hold the highest score on your own Pac-Man machine, don’t you agree? Continue reading

3 Reasons You Need a Warranty for Your Arcade Machine

It’s stressful when an item you own breaks down, especially an item as important as your Ms. Pac-Man cocktail arcade table. You might have a moment of panic if you realize the machine you invested your hard-earned money in is not covered under any kind of warranty. What would you do in that case? Continue reading

Hooters and Namco: A Not-So-Unlikely Partnership?

With the influx of “barcades” all over the world, it was only a matter of time until Hooters cashed in on the trend. Wait – Hooters? The restaurant catering to a clientele that loves American fare from burgers to hot wings? The chain that is mostly known for its staff of “Hooters girls?” Continue reading

Musical Arcade Games: An Addictive Combination

When you view available arcade games for sale, there’s no doubt you look for all of the old classics you used to love as a kid – Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and more. After all, they are deemed “classics” for a reason. But in more recent decades, some arcade games have varied from traditional themes by adding musical components. And there is no doubt that these games have been quite the success – they flourish today in arcades all over the world, and new titles are being released all the time. Continue reading

PAX South Comes to San Antonio, TX

If you’ve ever spent hours playing any game, from a Pac-Man cocktail table to a PC game to a virtual reality headset, you’ve definitely heard of the convention called PAX. Maybe what you didn’t know is that PAX South is happening in San Antonio, Texas, from January 29th through the 31st, and it’s an event you don’t want to miss. Continue reading

2016 is Ubisoft’s 30th Anniversary Year

Ubisoft might never have influenced or contributed to the cocktail table arcade game selection at your local neighborhood arcade growing up in the 80s, but by the 90s? Ubisoft began building their mega-hold on the ever-expanding video game industry, forming the beginnings of their development and publishing empire. Today, they are the third-largest video game company in operation. Continue reading

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