Disney Resorts Are Closing Down Arcades

Looking forward to taking your kids to a Disney resort for some spring break fun? You’ll have to do without the arcade games. Every arcade on each Disney resort is closing permanently. Even popular favorites like Pacman cocktail arcade and Frogger are all being shut down and shipped out, with arcade employees transferred to other posts around the resorts. Why the sudden change in Disney’s on-site arcade offerings? Continue reading

Remember Your Favorite MS-DOS PC Game?

Back when “3D” was an exciting game description, you whipped out your box of floppy disks after a long day of school and started playing your favorite PC games. Maybe you forsook arcades and put up your Pacman arcade game for sale in favor of the latest and greatest console in the video game sphere: the PC. If you want to take a look back at how different gaming was just a few decades ago, visit the Internet Archive’s newest project. Continue reading

Do You Miss “Flappy Bird?”

The 2014 mobile application game sensation is about to take the form of many upright arcade games, premiering as a 91 inch arcade cabinet. The 42 inch screen and solo red button will enable players to guide flappy bird through the mazes of pipes. Bay Tek Games, a Wisconsin video game manufacturing company, acquired the rights to the addictive, viral game, but the jury is still out on when the arcade-version of “Flappy Bird” will reach public release. Continue reading

Shock Pop Comic Con Comes to Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your comic and gaming loving lover? Buy tickets to the upcoming Shock Pop Comic Con in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and you will gain access to over 2,000 square feet of multi game arcade fun. Shock Pop comes to town on February 13-15, with tickets starting at $30 per day or $60 for the entire convention. Continue reading

Detroit Puts a Signature Spin on the Latest ‘Barcade’

As you sat and daydreamed in your high school classroom, maybe you dreamed about conquering your friend’s recent high score on the local Ms. Pac-man cocktail arcade game instead of sitting through your boring third period English class. Now you can travel back in time and play many classic arcade games in the halls of Detroit’s latest ‘barcade’ set in an abandoned high school in Corktown, the city’s oldest neighborhood. Continue reading

Why Are Classic Arcades Better Than Modern Games?

Just because you are alive today in 2015 doesn’t mean you have to forsake your classic arcade cabinets and cocktail table arcade games for futuristic online game play. While modern gaming has taken great strides in the last two to three decades, it’s still exciting to pop a few quarters in your favorite cabinet, like Space Invaders or Pac-Man, and get back to your roots. Continue reading

Was Your Video Game Christmas Ruined?

On Christmas morning this year, hundreds of thousands of excited gamers were most likely sorely disappointed when they plugged in their new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and powered up Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or Destiny only to find that the online gaming systems had been disrupted and all online play suspended. If there ever was a time to find arcade game machines for sale and revert back to the old days, where no malicious thugs could ruin your fun, Christmas morning was a good time to start. Continue reading

Sega’s Classic Arcade Games Are Coming to Life

When was the last time you enjoyed a Sega classic like Altered Beast or Golden Axe? If the last time you played one of these games was on an arcade cabinet or multi game arcade machines, you’ll be happy to know there’s going to be a brand new way to experience the sights and sounds very soon. Sega is branching out and planning productions of movies, TV shows and possibly even a digital series on a wide selection of their classic games. Continue reading

Welcome to the World of Competitive Gaming

Have you spent hours and hundreds of dollars in quarters on your favorite classic arcade machines and cocktail arcade games? Maybe your childhood was filled with neighborhood challenges, seeing which kid could set the new record on the local “Donkey Kong” machine. Kids of today have the opportunity to not only set a record in their neighborhood, but worldwide. And while doing so, they could win hundreds of thousands of dollars or possibly more. Welcome to the world of the future – the world of competitive gaming. Continue reading

6 Fascinating “Pac-Man” Facts

Ready to learn something new about your favorite classic arcade game? While you possibly did not know these interesting tidbits during your younger years playing your Pacman arcade table, this information will give you some context as to the overall success of this worldwide, groundbreaking classic game. Continue reading

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