“The Marvel Experience” Comes to Philadelphia

It’s like stepping into a Marvel movie and custom arcade machine all at once when you visit “The Marvel Experience,” coming to Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field June 24-July 5. If you have ever dreamed about stepping into a Marvel superhero movie or classic video game and taking on the role of Spider-Man or the Hulk, this is your chance. It’s part thrill ride, part movie, part game, but it’s 100% hands-on and perfect for every member of the family. Continue reading

New Movie Based on Classic Arcade Game Rampage to Star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Out of all the classic arcade machines to base a movie franchise on, did you ever figure Rampage to be the one? Leave it to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to create the next arcade-lover’s dream disaster film with monsters attacking cities and people…well, if it’s truly based off Rampage the plot will include those elements, but New Line Cinema is not giving away any secrets about their script just yet. Continue reading

Delaware’s Firefly Arcades Set to Expand

One of the East Coast’s most popular and new music festivals is back this summer and this time offers an expanded “Beercade” featuring countless upright arcade machines for festival-goer’s entertainment. Firefly Music Festival, which takes place June 18-21 in Dover, Delaware, is in its third year and continues to grow, potentially contributing $100 million to the state’s local economy this year, along with two other festivals held locally, Big Barrel Country Music Festival and Delaware Junction Music and Camping Festival. Continue reading

Benefits of a Classic Multi Game Arcade Cabinet

Are you thinking about purchasing a multi game arcade cabinet for your home, garage, office or even your bedroom? Before you make a decision, read about the benefits of buying a classic multi game arcade cabinet and you will have useful advice to assist you in your thought process. Continue reading

Highest Funded Kickstarter Video Game of All Time: Bloodstained

Have you heard of Koji Igarashi? You may know him by his nickname, “IGA.” The 47-year-old game designer has such a large and dedicated following, his Kickstarter campaign for production of a video game reached its funding goal in mere hours. That might not seem incredible, until you know the dollar amount: $500,000. We’re long past the days where kids had to wait for the next round of tabletop arcade games to be conceived, produced, manufactured and hopefully shipped to their local arcade. Now as long as you have funds to contribute, you can influence what games arrive on your favorite platform, thanks to the help of modern technology. Continue reading

The Strong Museum’s World Video Game Hall of Fame Inaugural Class Announced

Thinking about purchasing that Pac-man cocktail table for sale you’ve had your eye on? Now you can buy it in full confidence knowing you are about to own a piece of history. As one of the six finalists, Pac-man made it into the Strong Museum’s World Video Game Hall of Fame’s inaugural class, cementing it as one of the most influential and important titles in video game history. Continue reading

Remember When One of the Most Iconic Action Trilogies Became an Arcade Game?

Unless you are under ten years of age, there is no way you have never heard of Indiana Jones. Even then, many a parent has busted out their old VHS box set (unless they have upgraded to DVDs) and shown their children one of the most exciting and fun action trilogies to grace the silver screen in the 1980s. Maybe you even took a break from mastering the next level of the Pac-man cocktail arcade game to go see the flick with your friends. Continue reading

The Legacy of “Super Mario Bros.”

Take a deep breath. Are you ready for this? Super Mario Bros. was released 30 years ago this year. A little over three decades ago one of the most popular video games of all time had not made its debut, but since then, the world of gaming has never been the same. Now available as a cocktail table arcade game or accessed by the latest home video game system, the title continues to delight old and new fans alike. Continue reading

Design and 3D Print Your Own Classic Arcade Cabinet

It’s fun to browse through upright arcade games for sale, making plans for your future home arcade and maybe even treating yourself to a purchase every now and again. But what if you could create a classic arcade cabinet on your own? Continue reading

Pac-Man Gets a Reboot on its 35th Birthday

Yes, you read that right. “Pac-Man” is 35 years old this year. It might make you feel old, but it also might make you crave the old days of endless “Pac-Man” game play. While finding a “Pac-Man” arcade game for sale would be ideal on the three and a half decade anniversary of your favorite classic arcade title, you can also play the redesigned, rebooted version of the game set to come out later this year. Continue reading

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