Arcade Game Money Goes to a Good Cause

The Red Cross is one smart organization. Fans of upright video game machines who also like helping people now have a new way of entertaining themselves at the Stockholm airport while making a difference. The Swedish Red Cross is a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the largest humanitarian organization in the world, and now they’ve united with a Swedish airport company to make air travel a bit more interesting. Continue reading

What is Amazon Game Studios Up To?

We’re past the days where you needed to find a functioning arcade or scare up arcade games for sale to enjoy the most popular recent gaming titles. In modern times, all you need is a smart phone, a tablet or a computer for video game entertainment. In years past, maybe you thought Amazon was simply a great online marketplace to purchase Christmas gifts. Well, times are changing. Amazon is entering the game development market and expanding every day. Continue reading

8 Facts on the Classic Game Missile Command

When purchasing an arcade machine for sale, you want to know all the facts about the classic game: how the concept was formed, to who holds the highest points record and everything in between. For those who weren’t caught up in the Missile Command craze, the gamer must defend their six zoned cities from destruction by launching a counter attack. When all the enemy missiles are destroyed, the player advances to the next level. If the player runs out of missiles and all six cities are destroyed, the game ends. Continue reading

Could Crossy Road Be the Next Flappy Bird?

Get this: the creators of the latest popular mobile game Crossy Road earned $10 million in 90 days. How did they do it? First of all, they based their addicting mobile app on the arcade classic Frogger. Even though it’s currently at 50 million mobile downloads, could Crossy Road cross over and become a custom arcade machine? At the rate of success the developers are having, who knows what may happen next! Continue reading

Will Your Favorite Classic Make it Into the World Video Game Hall of Fame?

Does a certain classic cabinet or cocktail arcade game hold a special place in your heart? If so, you might be able to share the love for your favorite with museum goers the world over. In Rochester, NY, the Strong National Museum of Play has a new exhibit in store. Continue reading

Can Your Computer Beat Your High Score?

You might have thought it was embarrassing when your little sister bested your high score at the classic vertical arcade games down at the local arcade, but did you know in today’s world, you have another competitive threat? Researchers have been perfecting artificial intelligence in computers for decades and computer scientist and former video game developer Demis Hassabis’ recent presentation shows how far computers have come. Continue reading

Sega Expands its Reach

In an investing move underscoring the company’s transition towards focusing on PC and mobile gaming development, Sega bought Deimurge Studios, a game developing company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Sega didn’t stop there – they also heavily invested in Ignited Artists, a startup based in San Francisco, California. Both studios are primarily focused on mobile game development, an industry projected to outrank console games in sales in 2015. Sega is still an arcade giant, the name behind many arcade machines for sale in high demand, but these new business acquisitions show Sega Networks is also a company focused on pursuing technological gaming developments in the ripe mobile app field. Continue reading

Capcom’s Newest Creation: “Attack on Titan” Coming Soon

At the Japan Amusement Expo, which took place on February 14 and 15 at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba City, Capcom revealed news that will excite anime fans everywhere. Branching out from their classic custom arcade machines, with titles like Street Fighter, the Japanese publishing company is looking to tap into two markets simultaneously: anime and arcade. Continue reading

The History of the Arcade Game Joystick

Do you miss the good old days? No, not when gas was $0.25 per gallon and you paid the same for a loaf of bread. We’re talking about the days when all arcade game machines used joysticks during game play. How was the joystick incorporated into arcade gaming and how did it become a symbol for all things fun during the golden age of arcade games? Read on to find out. Continue reading

Famous Atari Classic “Asteroids” Returns

Don’t say you forgot about one of the best-loved arcade machines from the 80’s! Actually, Asteroids was released before 1980…way back in 1979 is when the arcade machine made its entrance into the gaming sphere. It might have been 36 years ago, but Asteroids made its mark during the golden age of arcade games, selling over 70,000 cabinets and grossing over $150 million. The game has regained enough popularity throughout the ages that Atari is now releasing the classic title in a new, shiny package called Asteroids: Outpost. The main difference is the method of game play – instead of a classic cabinet, Atari’s latest Asteroids installment will be accessed through your PC. Continue reading

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