First Arcade Themed Bar to Debut in London

What are known as ‘beer arcades’ may have taken North America by storm, but now, it’s time for the British invasion. Cleverly named ‘Four Quarters,’ London’s first barcade will probably have patrons spending quite a bit more. No, you won’t … Continue reading

Many Classic Arcade Game Characters to be Featured in Upcoming Nintendo Title

It isn't surprising to learn that Nintendo is to due release yet another Super Smash Bros., sequel. Maybe that's because Nintendo has built its brand on the backs of its most popular characters, such as Donkey Kong and Luigi. While … Continue reading

Classic Video Gamer Never Wants to Leave the Arcade – So He Builds One in His Home

Remember the movie Big, staring Tom Hanks, that told the story of a boy who suddenly became a 30 something year old man? Well, Mr. Chris Kooluris, of Manhattan, New York, certainly didn't grow up overnight, but his recent perchance … Continue reading

Classic Arcade Gaming Fans Getting More Creative By the Day

Call it a novelty or an obsession with nostalgia, but arcade game players have been experimenting with modified versions of their preferred games since the late 1970s. It is easy to imagine the remnants of multiple classic Ms Pacman arcade … Continue reading

Mark Your Calendars - California Extreme Arcade Event Scheduled for July

California Extreme is one of the smaller scale classic arcade theme events that takes place every year, but that doesn't mean that exciting developments aren't on their way. The legend himself, Eugene Jarvis, has been slotted to come through and … Continue reading

New Galaga Arcade Games from Namco Bandai May be Coming Soon

After years of silence, the Galaga name was suddenly revived when Namco Bandai legally claimed three trademarked names that included the word Galaga in them. The three trademarked names, Galaga Wars, Galaga Defense, and Galaga Bandits sound like they could … Continue reading

New Sonic The Hedgehog Character gets Lukewarm Reception

Remember Sonic? Well, he may have Tails for a sidekick, but there is also a host of characters that helped to make the world of Sonic what it is today. Recently, the Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon series wrote a new … Continue reading

PlayStation 4 Gears Up for a Flurry of Vintage Arcade Releases

In the world of video game consoles, getting the most buyers often involves getting exclusive titles, and getting them first. It really doesn't matter if a home console maker focuses on racing games or arcade classics, but listening to the … Continue reading

Konami Entices Fans With Trading Card Dispensing Arcade Machines

So what does Magic the Gathering have to do with coin-op cocktail arcade tables? Before Konami got involved, absolutely nothing. Generally speaking, arcade games don't provide prizes, but a couple of new machines being produced by Konami are spitting out … Continue reading

Legendary Arcade Fighting Tournament Headed Back to Vegas in July

The Evolution Championship Series has been the place where the best fighting game players have gotten together and duked it out, sometimes for cash but mostly for the honor. Started in 1996 to give Street Fighter II players their own … Continue reading

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