Over 150 Million Americans Play Video Games

Remember the days when you were the only one taking on the next level of the Ms. Pacman cocktail table at your neighborhood arcade? Video games are no longer just for the nerds – everybody’s doing it. According to research presented by the Entertainment Software Association, over 150 million Americans play video games. Continue reading

“Ghosts ‘n Goblins” is Two Decades Old This Year

Out of all your favorite upright arcade games, chances are Ghosts ‘n Goblins gave you quite a bit of trouble and stole more than one pocketful of change. Commonly thought of as one of the hardest arcade games to master, Capcom and developer Tokuro Fujiwara’s 1985 arcade title turns 20 years old in 2015. Continue reading

Turn Your iPhone Into a Game Boy

If you thought retro gaming was strictly for classic arcade cabinets or tabletop arcade machines, think again. Old-school Nintendo titles could soon be playable on your iPhone 6 Plus. Hyperkin, a mobile hardware and accessories company, has launched a new product idea that is currently in development mode. It’s designed to attach to the mobile smartphone screen and give the cell phone owner the traditional Game Boy experience, only this time it’s called the Smart Boy. Continue reading

What is “Pacapong?”

Pacapong is a much different experience than you’re used to, if you grew up gaming on a Pac-man arcade machine. If you ever wished you could play three of your favorite classic arcade games at the same time, your wish is now granted. Only, that is, if your three favorite titles were Pac-man, Pong, and Space Invaders. Continue reading

Did You Play Pac-Man in Google Maps for April Fool’s?

Google continues to win at every April Fool’s joke. In this year’s case, their plan was less of a prank and more of an unexpected, much-welcome surprise. Instead of waiting and hoping to find a Pac-man cocktail table for sale to revisit the classic game, anyone with a computer and internet connection could play Pac-man to their heart’s content. Continue reading

Arcade Worker Steals to Support Friend’s Shopping Addiction

Saving up all your coins to play another round on your favorite Ms. Pac-man Cocktail Table? If you spent your money at British arcade chain Teddy’s Amusements, it might have funded an employee’s out-of-control shopping addiction. A 63-year-old worker at the arcade was convicted of stealing 58,000 British pounds, almost the equivalent of $86,000 and depositing the cash into his friend’s bank account. Continue reading

The History of “Rally-X”, Classic Racing Game

Maybe you were too busy adding to your score on the local arcade’s Pac-man cocktail table to realize it, but a different arcade game released at the same time as the famed Pac-man was making arcade game history. Continue reading

Atari Wants You to Exercise

This is Atari’s modern version of classic multi game arcade machines: the Atari Fit. It’s an app where users can work out, unlock points to play classic Atari games, and compare scores with friends. Wait a second…Atari is now publishing fitness smartphone apps? What is the world coming to? Continue reading

Arcade Game Money Goes to a Good Cause

The Red Cross is one smart organization. Fans of upright video game machines who also like helping people now have a new way of entertaining themselves at the Stockholm airport while making a difference. The Swedish Red Cross is a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the largest humanitarian organization in the world, and now they’ve united with a Swedish airport company to make air travel a bit more interesting. Continue reading

What is Amazon Game Studios Up To?

We’re past the days where you needed to find a functioning arcade or scare up arcade games for sale to enjoy the most popular recent gaming titles. In modern times, all you need is a smart phone, a tablet or a computer for video game entertainment. In years past, maybe you thought Amazon was simply a great online marketplace to purchase Christmas gifts. Well, times are changing. Amazon is entering the game development market and expanding every day. Continue reading

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