The First Skill-Based Gambling Machine Makes Its Debut

It looks like an upright arcade machine, but it’s more than just that. Danger Arena, the first skill-based video game, is set to premier in Atlantic City this fall, and developers are hoping it’s a hit, especially with a certain demographic: young adults. After years of developing the game and submitting plans to review boards, the time has finally arrived – the time for casinos to take the next step and modernize their entertainment offerings for Gen-X and millennial adults. Continue reading

A Fruit Ninja Movie in the Works

It was never as popular as some of the top classic arcade machines from the 1980s, but mention Fruit Ninja and it’s likely that most people in the room will know which game you’re talking about. The game, initially released in April 2010, is one of the most downloaded games of all time with over 1 billion downloads. Continue reading

Classic Arcade Gaming…While You Shop for Eyeglasses!

When was the last time you visited an eyeglass store and they had a Pac-Man arcade machine waiting and ready for you? The answer is probably “never.” It’s rare that you look forward to a trip to purchase new glasses, but at Warby Parker’s new annex in Portland, Oregon, you might change your mind. Continue reading

GameStop Revenue Declines, But Shifting Business Model Holds Hope for the Future

While you were at home, busy playing your cocktail arcade machine, GameStop executives were desperately wishing you would visit their store and spend liberally. Their second quarter 2016 earnings dropped significantly, coming in lower than their predictions and falling below sales figures from last year at this time. Even though GameStop’s numbers didn’t come through for the company, the corporation isn’t losing hope yet. With a changing business model to adapt to modern gaming, they still have hope for the future. Continue reading

Kids Learn Essential and Fun Coding Skills

Ever wish you had the skills to create a game as addictive and fun as your Pac-Man cocktail arcade table? The next generation will be equipped to do just that if the majority of parents have their way and programs like CodaKid continue to grow. Continue reading

Why is the Console So Important? Take a Look at the PS4 Pro

As an arcade game lover, you probably thoroughly enjoy a cocktail table arcade game just as much as you enjoy conquering the next level on the latest mainstream title. You find a platform you like, find a game you like and start gaming. Continue reading

New Addition to the Tokyo Restaurant Scene: Storia, and e-Sports Bar

Look around a bar in America these days and you might notice an interesting trend. You’ll spot a tabletop arcade game or a Pac-Man arcade cabinet and you’ll realize you aren’t in any bar – you’re in a “barcade,” where video games and craft beer combined attract a wealth of patrons of all ages. Continue reading

Falling in Love with a Video Game – Is It Possible?

As much fun as you can have playing a Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table game, chances are good you won’t ever fall in love with the machine. Believe it or not, a large part of Japan’s mobile gaming industry is focused on otome games – games that are based around the gamer (typically a female) falling in love with one of the male characters in the game. Continue reading

Travel Back in Time: Play Joust on Xbox One

Of all the upright arcade games you enjoyed growing up, you definitely remember Joust. It was developed in 1982, published by Williams Electronics…and it was probably the first two-player game you actually enjoyed. Continue reading

Are Claw Arcade Games Skill or Chance-Based?

The reason you’re interested in a Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table for sale is because you’ve got game. You can challenge your family members, your friends and your co-workers and you always come out on top. Beating Ms. Pac-Man is a skill you’ve honed over the years and you’re proud of it. Ms. Pac-Man is a game that rewards gamers who use strategy and quick-thinking, but the same can’t be said of claw arcade games. Continue reading

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