Atari Is Bringing Two Classic Arcade Games to the Silver Screen

Atari has two blockbuster films in the works based on popular classic arcade machines that found major success in their original release: Centipede and Missile Command. Atari has joined forces with Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films (EFO) to produce movies based on the games. While the cast and crew have not yet been finalized, expect to be purchasing movie tickets in the next few years and learning more details as production begins. Continue reading

2016 Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Out of all the upright arcade games you enjoyed as a kid, there were some titles that live on in your memory. The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY agrees, and that is why they created the Video Game Hall of Fame – to honor the games that transcend time and spark innovation across generations. And now, the wait is over. Out of 15 finalists, six titles have been selected for the 2016 class. Continue reading

3 Surprising Ways Video Games Could Help You

Have you been considering taking advantage of the many cocktail table arcade games for sale and outfitting your game room with a new addition? Don’t hold back. There are many interesting benefits you could enjoy from playing video games, and these top three advantages might surprise you: Continue reading

Are Consoles Becoming Less Popular?

According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the percentage of homes in the U.S. with a gaming console is dropping. From cocktail arcade games to vertical arcade machines to modern consoles, the gaming industry has developed tremendously over the past few decades. If recent data is accurate, trends are beginning to shift once again. Continue reading

“Shinobi” Film Coming Soon

It may not have been one of the popular trackball arcade games you used to play, but remember the side-scrolling action game Shinobi? You will soon be able to relive Sega’s game in a new format – it’s coming to the silver screen. Continue reading

Untapped Potential: Using Video Games for Safety Training?

From trackball arcade games to mobile apps, video games have evolved tremendously over the past few decades. While their entertainment value keeps rising, video games also are developing other helpful uses. Earning your degree in video game development does not automatically mean you have to create action-packed “shoot ‘em up” games for your entire career. These days, you could use your skills to create games that train workers how to respond to emergencies, which is exactly what students at Miami University are working on. Continue reading

China Set to Rake in Most Video Game Revenue This Year

Even though a Pac-Man cocktail table for sale piques the interest of many consumers, it’s mobile games that are going to take the majority share of video game profits in 2016, with Chinese consumers spending the most. Continue reading

Older Adults Love Video Games Too, And It’s Not a Passing Fad

Recent studies show the number of aging adults that regularly play video games is gradually increasing, but the video game market doesn’t seem to realize it. Maybe they started gaming on a cocktail arcade table, but now they fully participate in console gaming as well. The only problem? Modern video games tend to cater to younger audiences, which make up a larger faction of the market. The preferences of older adults are typically ignored, but in time, as this demographic grows, it could cause a shift in the industry. Continue reading

GameStop is Expanding to the Publishing World

Even if all you play are cocktail table arcade games, chances are good you have heard of GameStop, one of the world’s premier video game retailers. The franchise currently runs over 6,900 stores in 14 different countries. Now, GameStop is expanding with the creation of GameTrust, an independent video game publishing label. Continue reading

Video Games Relieve Stress for Veterans

When active duty military members are engaged in team-bonding activities, they suffer less mental stress, one of the main contributing factors to developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Veteran Stephen Machuga knows firsthand the beneficial effects of having a video game hobby, and that’s why he founded While it might not be possible to transport an arcade cocktail table to Iraq or Afghanistan, Machuga has a dedicated mission: supply soldiers with fun, exciting video games to help pass the time. Continue reading

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