Grab Your Phone: “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” Is Now Mobile

Notoriously difficult upright arcade machine “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” is now playable on your iOS or Android smartphone, anytime, anywhere. Capcom is taking advantage of the reemerging popularity of many classic games and releasing some of their best titles in modern formats. Obviously, “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” made the list. Continue reading

Atari’s Classic Arcade Games Are Becoming Board Games

Nothing beats besting your high score on cocktail table arcade games, but once you’ve had your fill, you don’t have to leave the game itself behind. You can break out a different kind of tabletop game – a board game – based on one of your favorite classic Atari titles. Continue reading

Federal Government Spending $1.5 Million on STEM Video Game Development

Your “Pac Man” arcade machine is an exciting source of entertainment for every member of your family, but you have to admit, it doesn’t teach your kids much in the way of science and math. Continue reading

Video Game Policy Used as Political Retaliation? China’s New Korean Game Ban

China recently banned the release of all upcoming South Korean-made video games. Why? The government isn’t happy with the brand new missile defense system South Korea is building. Did cocktail arcade games ever get this political? Continue reading

German Study Shows Video Games Don’t Desensitize

You’re not worried about your “Pac-Man” arcade machine desensitizing you to violence, but what about the intense, M-rated games you buy for your console? Continue reading

Video Game Sales Surge in 2017

When the first arcade game machines were first manufactured and sold, did the creators ever believe gaming would make such an impact, not only on the culture, but on the economics of so many countries? In modern-day 2017, the gaming industry is thriving and expanding all the time. The sales numbers from the first months of 2017 are simply further confirmation. Continue reading

Video Game History Foundation Will Preserve Gaming Culture

From trackball arcade games to the latest console release, video games have become a prominent part of the nation’s pop culture and technological history. No one understands that better than Frank Cifaldi, a video game journalist for Gamasutra and creator of Lost Levels, a website all about unreleased video games. Continue reading

Playing Classic Arcade Games on Your Wristwatch? “Gameband” Will Make This a Reality

Want to carry classic arcade games with you everywhere you go? While certain games are best enjoyed on an arcade cocktail table, many people believe that wristwatch gaming will be fun and enjoyable, if the number of people who have backed the “Gameband” Kickstarter project is any indication. Continue reading

“Contra” Turns 30!

Released close to the end of the golden age of arcade gaming in the 1980s, “Contra” was still one of the top upright arcade games for sale back in the day. Can you believe the game is already 30 years old? Continue reading

U.S. Gaming Industry Continues to Grow, Create Jobs

Ever since the first arcade machines hit the market, the gaming industry has been steadily growing. Today, hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers are employed in the industry, and in 2015, the industry added $11.7 billion to the U.S. GDP. This information, plus other findings from the Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA) recent report shows that as an industry, gaming is creating high-paying jobs in all 50 states. Continue reading

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