Nintendo’s 125th Birthday

If you’re old enough to recall fond memories of hours playing arcade game machines, you’re definitely old enough to remember the first time you played Nintendo. For years, Nintendo was synonymous with fun for kids, teens and adults everywhere. What you might not realize is how old the company actually is – 125, as of September 23, 2014. Wait - that means Nintendo was founded in….the 1800s? Continue reading

Bandai Namco Brings Star Wars Back to the Arcade

It seems like every week a new video gaming system is announced, and customers flock to the checkout lines in their rush to purchase the latest and greatest. In 2015, we’re going back in time. Star Wars fans – get ready to rejoice: Bandai Namco has created a new Star Wars arcade game, and they will have many arcade machines for sale beginning in January 2015. Continue reading

Tarpon Springs’ Replay Amusement Museum Brings Classic Arcade Games to Florida Residents

What if you could turn your hobby into a career? That is exactly what Brian and Becky Cheaney of Tarpon Springs, Florida have done. This past Friday, Replay Amusement Museum opened its doors to the public. From old favorites like “Dig Dug”, to rare finds like “Triple Punch”, the Cheaneys have collected a variety of upright arcade games and pinball machines for customers. Continue reading

‘Tetris’ Slated To Become the Next Sci-Fi Movie Sensation

If you anxiously awaited and enjoyed Mortal Kombat, released in 1995, you will be excited to know that Tetris is the next project of the same studio – Threshold Entertainment. While ‘Tetris’ is one of the most popular games of all time, Threshold Entertainment’s CEO Larry Kasanoff wants to take it to the next level. Continue reading

‘Join the Pac’ and Help Ms. Pac-Man Fight Breast Cancer

With the onset of October, breast cancer awareness month, companies and organizations are doing all they can to help combat breast cancer, a widespread and deadly disease. That includes Bandai Namco and Ms. Pac-Man herself. Continue reading

What Was Pac-Man’s Original Name?

Surprisingly enough, the character we all know and love as Pac-man used to have a different identity. The Pac-man arcade machine game was invented by three primary contributors. Toru Iwatani and two others planned and designed the game, along with creating graphics and music. Namco released the game in 1980 to moderate interest in Japan, but it soon took off in North America. Soon after its release, it became a pop-culture phenomenon, igniting interest around the globe. After Pac-man was out for 15 months in the United States, arcade enthusiasts had already spent over $1 billion in coins. Though the game originated in Japan, Pac-man would grow to be the most recognized videogame character of all time, according to the Guinness World Book of Records. Continue reading

New Home for the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas

If you think museums are boring, think again. The Frisco, Texas Discovery Center has opened its doors wide in welcome. The new National Videogame Museum now has a new home and can finally display its impressive, timeless collection of arcade machines for all to see. Frisco is located within the Dallas-Fort Worth region, convenient for tourists and locals alike. Continue reading

First Arcade Themed Bar to Debut in London

What are known as ‘beer arcades’ may have taken North America by storm, but now, it’s time for the British invasion. Cleverly named ‘Four Quarters,’ London’s first barcade will probably have patrons spending quite a bit more. No, you won’t … Continue reading

Many Classic Arcade Game Characters to be Featured in Upcoming Nintendo Title

It isn't surprising to learn that Nintendo is to due release yet another Super Smash Bros., sequel. Maybe that's because Nintendo has built its brand on the backs of its most popular characters, such as Donkey Kong and Luigi. While … Continue reading

Classic Video Gamer Never Wants to Leave the Arcade – So He Builds One in His Home

Remember the movie Big, staring Tom Hanks, that told the story of a boy who suddenly became a 30 something year old man? Well, Mr. Chris Kooluris, of Manhattan, New York, certainly didn't grow up overnight, but his recent perchance … Continue reading

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