Rare Sonic the Hedgehog Arcade Game Preserved for Posterity to Enjoy

An avid Sonic fan took advantage of the opportunity to own of the many arcade games for sale found in Japan on the internet. For only $350 – plus approximately $5,000 extra in shipping and costs – he shipped the cabinet to the U.S. and dumped the software so it will be available to play on the next version of MAME emulation. Continue reading

A New Donkey Kong World Record?

If you’re interested in finding a Donkey Kong arcade machine for sale, you will probably want to know how high of a score you need to reach in order to be considered the best at your favorite game. Since the game made waves in arcades back in 1981 when it was first released, gamers have been battling for the title of high score record-holder for years. Currently, you will have to beat a score of 1,172,100 to beat Robbie Lakeman, who recorded the score in September via Twitch. Continue reading

Google’s DeepMind Artificial Intelligence Program Excels Further

Google probably never thought they would be bested by a Ms. Pac-Man arcade game, but nevertheless, this is currently the case. Last year, Google’s DeepMind system, an artificial intelligence software, made the news due to its ability to completely trounce any human opponent in the classic arcade game Pong. Since then, Google has continued to work at developing DeepMind’s abilities, including their arcade game prowess, but there continues to be one title that outsmarts the program: Ms. Pac-Man. Continue reading

Remember the Old Classic "Mappy"?

When you browse through arcade machines for sale, you can’t help but think back to the days gone past when you’d spend hours in the dusty, dark arcade in your neighborhood, trying to best your friend’s high score. Maybe you remember waiting your turn for the next round of Pac-Man and trying out other games to keep you occupied in the meantime. Maybe you tried your hand at another old Namco classic, Mappy. Released in 1983, this arcade game never received the same level of recognition, but continued to be referenced throughout the years in subsequent Namco games. Continue reading

Minecraft: Story Mode is Coming Soon to Amazon

One of the most popular games of the past few years, with enough visibility to rival even the most talked-about classic arcade machines in the Golden Age of Arcade Games, is morphing yet again into another format: story mode. Coming October 27, Amazon is offering Minecraft: Story Mode on multiple gaming platforms, including PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Android and iOS and the title will cost $30. The game will be available in Europe three days later on October 30. The rise of the Minecraft brand has not slowed since the game’s first release in 2009. Continue reading

Mega Man is Coming to the Silver Screen

20th Century Fox has partnered with Chernin Entertainment to produce a brand new live-action film based on the Mega Man video game, yet another title in a long line of recent movies based on popular arcade machines of years gone by. No timeline has been reported yet for movie production, but with the constant popularity of video-game-based films, the title is sure to be a hit regardless of when it premiers. Continue reading

Classic Arcade Games and Music Videos: What Do They Have in Common?

Do you remember when a weekend consisted of playing upright arcade games at the local arcade then late-night sleepovers watching MTV with your pals and consuming large amounts of sugary snacks and caffeinated soda? If so, you came of age in the 80’s, when music videos and video games were all the rage. Believe it or not, those days are long gone and MTV is old news. These days, YouTube is where the kids hang out to catch the latest music video released by their favorite artist, and less and less of a focus is on arcade gaming since the console and handheld device has arrived on the scene. Continue reading

Nintendo Decides to License Amiibo Figurines to Third-Party Studios

For fans of certain arcade and video game titles, it’s not enough to simply purchase a tabletop arcade machine version – they may want to own additional merchandise as well. Or, in the case of a Nintendo Amiibo figure, another way to enhance game play and transfer information between devices. But while Amiibo figures and the technology behind it is licensed by Nintendo, they have recently allowed a third-party game developing studio to design and create their own Amiibo figure, a move that could prompt many other indie game makers to do the same. Continue reading

The New Apple TV: a Multi Game Arcade Machine?

At the unveiling event for the next wave of Apple products, improvements to the Apple TV were revealed. It seems as if the product could become the next version of the multi game arcade machine, if Apple and their partnered game developers have their way, though many industry experts don’t believe the Apple TV’s capabilities threaten PlayStation or Xbox in any way. Still, if the changes to the Apple TV are well-received by consumers, it could open up a changing market for console and TV developers alike. Continue reading

New World Record: Largest Arcade Game Ever Created

A Chicago man now can claim the title as creator of the largest multi game arcade machine ever constructed. Jason Camberis, a 44-year-old network engineer, spent about two years working on the project. The dimensions of the gigantic arcade machine are 14 feet 5 inches tall and 6 feet wide. The record-breaking size was confirmed by the 2016 Guinness World Book of Records: Gamer’s Edition, which will be available for purchase from your local bookstore on September 10th. Continue reading

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