Dave & Buster’s in the News Again: Expansion is Coming to Ann Arbor, Michigan

Just in case Ann Arbor, Michigan residents feel they’re missing out on the chance to play a round of cocktail arcade games at an arcade geared towards adult (and kid) entertainment, Dave & Buster’s has plans to change that. The arcade-themed restaurant chain currently has 76 locations throughout the United States and Canada, and Ann Arbor is on the top of their list for Michigan expansion. The company is currently interested in commercial real estate totaling up to 40,000 square feet in the Ann Arbor area – quite a few arcade games could fit in a restaurant that big. Continue reading

The Strong Museum’s Happiest Hour Arcade Event

Want to have a chance to join up with your friends and challenge them to a game on your favorite arcade cocktail table at the Strong Museum of Play? The Rochester, NY-based gaming museum has devised an expert plan to raise money for its projects: invite in area adults and let them play the games in the museum to their heart’s content…for a fee of course. Continue reading

Dave and Buster’s Has Exciting News for Pokemon and Angry Birds Fans

The North American restaurant gaming chain Dave and Buster’s continues to spark the interest and draw the attention of gamers everywhere. They recently announced the release of their in-house popular custom arcade machine games on a mobile platform, with the ability to earn credits redeemable in person, but now they are back with more exciting information that will be of interest to dedicated fans of Pokemon, the pop culture game turned phenomenon, and Angry Birds, the mobile game installed on nearly every smart phone in existence. Continue reading

Spielberg’s Newest Movie “Ready Player One” Schedule for 2017 Release

Arcade game machines influence many areas of culture, but perhaps no area so strongly as the recent rise in movies based on classic arcade games and their popular characters. With the release of Pixels, Adam Sandler’s film was just another movie in a long line of titles like Wreck-It Ralph, Tron, and the Resident Evil franchise to find success showcasing storylines and graphics reminiscent or solely based on arcade games. Continue reading

Pac-man Bounce Released to Canadian and Australian App Stores

Do you live in Canada or Australia (or know someone who does) and can’t get enough of the local arcade’s Pac man arcade machine? Until you purchase one yourself, try your hand at the latest Pac-man spinoff released by Bandai Namco: Pac-man Bounce. Continue reading

FIFA 16’s Female Cover Stars Make History

You thought the Pacman arcade table at your local arcade was the most popular game ever? Well, as much success as that franchise found, FIFA may rival its renown in terms of profits and longevity. As one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time and the top sports game franchise in history, EA Games’ FIFA series is no stranger to making history, but it has done it once again. For the first time ever, FIFA 16 will feature a top female athlete on the cover of its next release, alongside Lionel Messi. Continue reading

Ronda Rousey Teams Up with Taichi Panda

If for some reason you have been ignoring the news for the past year and have not heard of UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, she’s about to invade the gaming world as quickly as she’s made national headlines for her skill in the ring and her statements on the red carpet. Taichi Panda is no tabletop arcade game, but its recent success has shown mobile gamers love the “hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler” game and Rousey loves it due to its connection to martial arts, which is why she’s been chosen as the mobile gaming hit’s spokesperson. Continue reading

Dave and Buster’s is Coming to Your Mobile Phone

Ever wish you could find one of Dave and Buster’s classic arcade games for sale? Well now you can – on your smart phone. Three of the gaming restaurant chains most popular titles, Speed of Light, Big Bass Wheel, and Tippin’ Blocks are now available for play on iOS and Android devices. Are the games intended to make you want to come back to the restaurant for live fun or simply another way for Dave and Buster’s to entertain you while you’re away? The answer is: both. Continue reading

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata Dies of Cancer at Age 55

Who does the modern public have to thank for bringing the excitement back to the video game sphere? A revolution took place in the past few decades, changing the public’s attitude towards the average gamer. Judging by the number of consoles and arcade game machines for sale, video games are no longer only for the lonesome nerd. And many point to Satoru Iwata as one of the main forces contributing to that shift in perspective. Continue reading

Pacman Makes Music Video Debut

In anticipation of Pixels, the new movie based on classic arcade titles premiering July 24th, rapper Waka Flocka Flame and punk band Good Charlotte released a music video for their track “Game On,” which will be on the movie soundtrack. Guess who makes an appearance in the video for the high energy track? That’s right, Pac-man. Continue reading

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