Dave and Buster’s is Coming to Your Mobile Phone

Ever wish you could find one of Dave and Buster’s classic arcade games for sale? Well now you can – on your smart phone. Three of the gaming restaurant chains most popular titles, Speed of Light, Big Bass Wheel, and Tippin’ Blocks are now available for play on iOS and Android devices. Are the games intended to make you want to come back to the restaurant for live fun or simply another way for Dave and Buster’s to entertain you while you’re away? The answer is: both. Continue reading

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata Dies of Cancer at Age 55

Who does the modern public have to thank for bringing the excitement back to the video game sphere? A revolution took place in the past few decades, changing the public’s attitude towards the average gamer. Judging by the number of consoles and arcade game machines for sale, video games are no longer only for the lonesome nerd. And many point to Satoru Iwata as one of the main forces contributing to that shift in perspective. Continue reading

Pacman Makes Music Video Debut

In anticipation of Pixels, the new movie based on classic arcade titles premiering July 24th, rapper Waka Flocka Flame and punk band Good Charlotte released a music video for their track “Game On,” which will be on the movie soundtrack. Guess who makes an appearance in the video for the high energy track? That’s right, Pac-man. Continue reading

Anticipation Grows for Pokken Tournament’s Release

Most likely destined to become one of the most popular upright video game machines of the year, Pokken Tournament’s release is set for July 16th in Japanese arcades. Lately, Bandai Namco has been stirring up the excitement already overloading Pokemon fans who cannot wait to try out the long-awaited game, complete with Pokemon characters with fighting sequences modeled after the classic Tekken fighting game. Continue reading

Tekken 7 Test Locations Announced

Take a break from your normal selection of cocktail table arcade games and get your fill of the upcoming Tekken 7 when you visit one of the six test locations appearing around the U.S. this summer. The Tekken franchise was groundbreaking when it first appeared over 20 years ago, and Tekken 7 is expected to live up to the hype as the ninth installment in the series. Continue reading

An Arcade-Style Revolution is Coming to Las Vegas

Soon enough, slot machines won’t be the main attraction at casinos across Vegas. In an effort to increase slumping revenue and draw in a new generation of potential gamblers, casino moguls will soon be adding custom arcade machines to their gaming offerings. The Association of Gaming Manufacturers successfully championed a Nevada state law to allow gaming regulations to expand and govern new, skill-based games. Continue reading

"Gauntlet" Released 30 Years Ago

One of the classic multi-player arcade game machines of the time, Gauntlet caused a stir when it was released 30 years ago in 1985 by Atari. The first dungeon-based multi-player fantasy game would go on to win the title for Game of the Year at the 1986 London Golden Joystick Awards. In total, Atari sold 7,848 Gauntlet arcade cabinets. Continue reading

“The Marvel Experience” Comes to Philadelphia

It’s like stepping into a Marvel movie and custom arcade machine all at once when you visit “The Marvel Experience,” coming to Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field June 24-July 5. If you have ever dreamed about stepping into a Marvel superhero movie or classic video game and taking on the role of Spider-Man or the Hulk, this is your chance. It’s part thrill ride, part movie, part game, but it’s 100% hands-on and perfect for every member of the family. Continue reading

New Movie Based on Classic Arcade Game Rampage to Star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Out of all the classic arcade machines to base a movie franchise on, did you ever figure Rampage to be the one? Leave it to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to create the next arcade-lover’s dream disaster film with monsters attacking cities and people…well, if it’s truly based off Rampage the plot will include those elements, but New Line Cinema is not giving away any secrets about their script just yet. Continue reading

Delaware’s Firefly Arcades Set to Expand

One of the East Coast’s most popular and new music festivals is back this summer and this time offers an expanded “Beercade” featuring countless upright arcade machines for festival-goer’s entertainment. Firefly Music Festival, which takes place June 18-21 in Dover, Delaware, is in its third year and continues to grow, potentially contributing $100 million to the state’s local economy this year, along with two other festivals held locally, Big Barrel Country Music Festival and Delaware Junction Music and Camping Festival. Continue reading

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